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“Puff____” a light sound came from the golden barrier of the Golden Trident, which had gotten dimmer to some extent, they both felt that a layer of the barrier had been broken. After a moment, their bodies became lighter, then appeared in a room.



Even though looking from outside, this pointy tower was not big, it was a completely different world inside, there were definitely some space existing deep within.



The room was circular and about 100 square meter, being decorated with luxurious accessories. Everywhere was lit up by a sparkling golden aura.



The Sea God in a blue robe stood there. Not far from that, the Sea God’s wife, who was the mother of the Butterfly God Xiao Wu, was sitting on the bed. As soon as she saw them, she immediately stood up and almost danced in joy.



The Sea God hurriedly caught her body, grabbing her waist. He said to her while being a little angry: “Look at yourself, you are about to delivery, you should not act recklessly like this.”


Little Wu gave out a content smile and said: “Having my daughter and son-in-law here makes me really excited.”



Seeing her parents safe and sound, the Butterfly was able to let out a sigh of relief. She let go of the God of Emotion’s hand, immediately ran forward to the Sea God and embraced him.



The God of Emotion couldn’t keep his normal manner. He touched his nose, stood on a side, looking at their family reuniting and also sharing the same happiness with them. At the same time, he felt gloomy as his parents and grandparents had been all taken away by the God of Destruction’s people, he still didn’t have any news about their current situation.



The Sea God gently rubbed his daughter’s long hair, smilingly said: “All right, all right, nothing happened to us, don’t worry. Regardless of the God of Destruction’s intention, he won’t kill us quickly like this.”



The God of Emotion arrived, respectfully greeted: “Hello father-in-law, mother-in-law.”



Xiao Wu glowered at the Sea God angrily, rebuked: “It’s you. Who has been so ruthless to Yu Hao, you see, he  seems unfamiliar with us now.”



The God of Greed perplexedly spoke: “No pain, no gain.  He has to experience hardship to be able to climb to the top. If he hadn’t cultivated enough, how could he immediately become a first-level Exceptional God right after joining the Divine Realm? Moreover, he naturally must consider all the aspects carefully if he wants to be my son-in-law? Yu Hao, isn’t what I said right?” While saying, his eyes glared at the God of Emotion.



The God of Emotion was always scared of this father-in-law, he awkwardly said: “Yes, it is. Father, you are right. Father, mother, has anything happened to both of you?”



Hearing him call her parents ‘father’ and ‘mother’ lit Xiao Wu up, she smiled and said: “Nothing happened, this is really good, we have enough food and drink, isn’t it just like moving to another house? Moreover, your father doesn’t have many businesses to deal with, being able to accompany me is a good thing. This time is not bad.”



The corners of the God of Emotion’s mouth twitched, his mother-in-law had a really big heart.



The Sea God loosened his embrace, let the Butterfly God support his wife to the bed, he then went toward the window.



The God of Emotion hurriedly followed his father-in-law, waited for his instruction.



The Sea God closed his eyes, which  were blue and profound like an ocean, said in a low tone: “This matter is somewhat sudden, God of Destruction has definitely assigned someone to deal with all of you. Da ge and others, wer they all arrested?”



The Da ge who was mentioned was the God of Emotion’s grandfather, God of War Dai Mu Bai.



“Yes, they were.” The God of Emotion nodded his head, an anxious look unconsciously flowed out.



The Sea God patted on his shoulder and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to them. Even though God of Destruction is a little hysterical, but it’s not to the extent of murdering people. He still has his proper demeanor.”



The God of Emotion was in a daze, he suddenly felt somehow strange. The God of Destruction had imprisoned his father-in-law and mother-in-law. He had even found out the relation between his father-in-law and other Exceptional Gods, However, it seemed his father-in-law yet didn’t have any resentment for the God of Destruction.



The Sea God smiled faintly, said: “You are definitely thinking why don’t I resent the God of Destruction, aren’t you?”



“Yes, I am.” The God of Emotion lowered his head and replied.



The Sea God coldly said: “What if I resent him? And what if I don’t? Moreover, this matter is not simple this like.”



The God of Emotion shuddered a little bit, said: “Father, the God of Destruction has put a seal on your body. How can I help you to dispel it?” After meeting the Sea God, he soon discovered the enormous God Power deep in the Sea God’s chest had disappeared completely.



It was impossible to crush the God Power of the Sea God, unless killing him. If that was the case, there would be only one ,solution which was un-sealing the God Power of the Sea God.



The Sea God replied: “You can’t do it, the seal inside my body has been linked with the God of Destruction. As soon as the seal is unlocked, he will find out right away. By that time, you’ll have nowhere to hide.” In front of a mighty Law Executor of the Divine Realm, the God of Emotion’s first-level Exceptional God Power appeared to be insignificant.



The God of Emotion asked: “So what should I do?”



The Sea God replied: “The reason I want both of you to come here to see me is that I have something that I want to instruct both of you. Just follow what I say, you don’t need to worry about anything else.”


[1] Da ge: Chinese way to call an older brother


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