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A young girl dressing in a long green skirt separated from the Snow Emperor was an Ice Emperor, she also used to be a Spirit Beast, named Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion, was one of the first servants of the God of Emotion.


The Divine Technique she had used was called: Ice and Snow Emperor’s Prides It was one of the strongest “Ice” attributed Divine Technique of the God of Emotion.


The blending of Ice and Snow increased the Absolute Zero, brought this “Ice” attributed Divine Technique to the extreme.


Any attribute which was utilized to the fullest could turned something ordinary into a magical one, let alone this “Ice” attribute was from the powerful transformation of the “Water” attribute.


Water had a supple characteristics, but after condensing into ice, its characteristics became bold. The transformation created an enormous energy during its process, which was called temperature.


That formidable Thunder Dragon still had to flinch when confronting the ruthless God of Emotion.


The strongest God Beast was equal to the best second-level god. The Thunder Dragon in front was exactly like this. No matter how hard it tried, it could never be able to break this limit.


A streak of cyan light flashed up, making everything at that time become clear, a gigantic ice statue also appeared in front of the Thunder Dragon.


The “thunder” element broke away from the control in the air, quickly returned to its normal state. The thunder sky silently diverged as well.


The ice emperor and the snow emperor turned into two streaks of light, once again integrated with his body, disappearing without a trace.


The God of Emotion took a deep breath, turned to the Butterfly God, nodded his head. Their bodies sparkled, fused with the air, once more, vanished completely.


After encountering two accidents, they had all ended the fight quickly. Even if that was the Thunder Dragon, the God of Emotion didn’t strike to kill it either, only used the Absolute Zero to freeze it. Of course, this freezing method was not different from the seal one, it was really difficult to hit from the inside.


However, with its fierce vitality, the Thunder Dragon’s life was definitely not threatened. In the Divine Realm, unless it was a deep hatred, otherwise, he wouldn’t kill the opponent, even if it was the God of Destruction.Therefore, when the God Beast rebelled, raised an uproar in the Divine Realm, they left such an implacable hatred on all the Gods in the Divine Realm.


Finally, they arrived near the lake, the God of Emotion pulled the Butterfly God to the side, then stopped. His God Sense scanned across the past image of this small lake.


The Lake was clear, but its bottom still couldn’t be seen, there was as if an endless abyss deep inside the dark blue lake.


After finishing scanning the area, the God of Emotion discovered that this small lake was extremely deep, with the power of his God Sense, he wasn’t able to reach to the lowest place of the lake. Moreover, the God Sense’s pressure constantly increased, the consumption also rose up sharply. With the God of Emotion’s cultivation, he didn’t dare to keep up searching anymore. Nevertheless, they came here to save people, they must preserve their energies.


Luckily, in the range that he had searched, about thousands of meters deep under the water, what made him surprised was that there was no God Beast’s existence inside this small lake, which was also a big fortune. The core was getting more formidable. If there was a God Beast existing here, even that individual’s strength was just like the Thunder Dragon, it would be intimidating enough to frighten people.


“Father is in there.” The Butterfly God’s emotion was obviously excited.


“Uhm, let get in.” The God of Emotion decided very quickly, then said. At this moment, even a little bit of hesitance was not allowed. They were pretty There were surely some dangerous characters in that castle although the castle just looked like a normal fort. If the Sea God had asked them to come here, it was certain that if there was a danger, they would also be able to cope with.


Right after that, the God of Emotion slightly adjusted his breathing, when he felt that his God Sense had reached the apex, he retrieved his God Sense’s inspection back. Then he lifted the Butterfly God up, together with her, flying toward the castle.


Their God Powers integrated with each other, ascended together, maintained its best condition, ready to accept any attack at any time.


It didn’t take long for them to reach that high stone pillar. Both the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God quickly arrived in front of that architecture.


“Follow me.” The symbol in a shape of the Golden Trident on the Butterfly God’s forehead unexpectedly radiated a golden color and became more formidable. The God of Emotion had to release much more God Power to maintain the Stimulation, protecting them from being exposed. But inside that golden light coating, he also felt clearly that they were completely isolated from the everything outside, their energies couldn’t diffuse outward either. Obviously, this was actually his father-in-law, using his power to protect him and his wife.


This time the Butterfly God turned into a directional arrow, dexterously slid passing the window, then used her force to leap, silently flew toward the castle.


In order not to get discovered, the God of Emotion didn’t use his God Sense at all to inspect this castle. Who knew what existed inside that castle? If there was anyone whose cultivation was higher or the same as him, with the first-level god sense, they would not be discovered easily.


Then, they quickly got to the window on the highest place of the castle. The window was opened, there was a dark purple aura flickering vaguely. Even though there was still a distance between them, the God of Emotion could instantly feel that was the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction.


“Use your fastest speed to dash in from the window.” Right at this moment, Sea God’s voice passed out from the inside.


No matter it was the God of Emotion or the Butterfly God, when they heard this voice, they momentarily could feel relaxed, like they had found their soul mate.


They glanced at each other, understood each other’s mind, at the same time, expedited the God Power to increase their speeds. The God of Emotion grabbed the Butterfly God’s waist, turning into a streak of light in a blink of an eye and  heading to the window which was created by the destruction intent.


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