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A creature was over twenty meters tall, his body was presented with a dark blue color, behind it there were numerous horn-like living beings extruding. On its forehead, there were three big horns, each one was about more than one meter long, being surrounded with electric light.


However, at the place where a horn had been slashed down, another horn immediately grew up. A mist of dew covered the whole area.


That year when the God of Emotion participated in different combats across the Douluo Continent, he used mainly two abilities which were mental power and ice! The Ultimate Ice.


In the Divine Realm, there was no God position for the Ice God, only a position of the Water God whose origin was from water which was considered the same as ice. If there was an Ice God, the God of Emotion would have been the one who occupied that position without a doubt.


The previous sword movement of the Ultimate Ice was called: Snow Emperor Triple Cut.


The one reappeared behind the God of Emotion at this moment was one of his partners when he was in Douluo Continent, who had practiced the 700,000 year level of the formidable Spirit Beast, Ice Heavenly Snow Woman.


The Spirit Beasts were influenced by the Divine Realm’s rule, couldn’t cultivate into God to join the Divine Realm. However, the Ice Heavenly Snow Woman and several other Spirit Beasts, for some reasons, fused as one with the God of Emotion, became part of his strength. In a situation like this, they finally escaped the limit of the mortal world to enter the Divine Realm and had a position in the Divine Realm.


They were now independent individuals. Even after leaving the God of Emotion, they could also exist in the Divine Realm. Of course, their origins shouldn’t be discovered by the Divine Realm’s Committee. Their positions right now were equivalent to the God Beats anyway.


However, if they were discovered, nothing would happen as long as the God of Emotion could prove their strength control, the Divine Realm’s Committee would unwillingly approved as well.


Of course, the one who had the power of controlling the Divine Realm’s Committee was none other than the Sea God.


The God of Emotion had displayed the Incomparable Ice, which was one of the big threes that the Ice Heavenly Snow Woman had given up studying before. The Ice Heavenly Snow Woman had another pleasing-to-the-ear name, which was called Snow Emperor.


When they were in Douluo Continent, she was the spirit of the God of Emotion. After joining the Divine Realm, she had become the God of Emotion’s partner.


“Thunder Dragon?” The Butterfly God surprisingly looked at that huge creature, almost blurted out.


Thunder Dragon? The God of Emotion had heard about this creature, they were thunder and lightning’s babies; moreover, they had Dragon Tribe’s bloodline. When the Dragon Realm led many God Beast in a rebellion, the Thunder Dragon had presented some mighty characters, which had caused quite a great damage to the Divine Realm. After that, the Thunder Dragon was killed by the Earth God using the strength of the Earth. This type of original God Beast only existed at that time. After the war with Divine Realm, it was somehow extinct! How could the Thunder Dragon appear here?


A bad feeling surged from the deepest place of the God of Emotion’s heart, it turned out the action of the God of Destruction this time was not simple.


The Thunder Dragon in front of their eyes right now was not too big. There wasn’t much of a difference between this Thunder Dragon and an individual first-level God.


The Thunder Dragon roared, behind its back, single horns one by one started to condense a huge thunder ball, which had a dark purple color. The electric light inside was drifting cloud, fluctuated intensely, intimidated the God Power wave. In a blink of an eye, it floated up. Even in this area, the sky had turned into a piece of thunder cloud.


The God of Emotion’s expression changed. As the first level God, he definitely wasn’t afraid of this Thunder Dragon, but, the distance between the core area and here was very close. If he and the Butterfly God were discovered, that would be very troublesome. Even using his toe to think, he also could figure out the one was watching his father-in-law and mother-in-law must be at least at the first-level.


They needed to win the fight fast! The God of Emotion shot a strong light from his eyes. He and the Snow Emperor behind him were with the same mind; her figured fluttered, instantaneously flashing.


In a blink of an eye, the Snow Emperor appeared in front of the Thunder Dragon. An aquamarine figure unexpectedly separated from her, two women held each other’s hands, turning around. An aquamarine ice and a blue ice fused together, shooting a big pillar of light instantly.


The temperature around reduced tremendously, the spongy mud at the same time froze. All the flora in the range of thousand meters were covered completely by a layer of icy mist. The incredibly low temperature without any delay reached to the extreme.


The Halo behind the God of Emotion at this moment had turned white fully, Absolute Zero! His “Ice” ability belonged to this most formidable range.


The Thunder Dragon could sense the upcoming trouble, shot out thunder balls rapidly, attempted to oppose the God of Emotion to release the attack of that two women’s collaboration.


However, when those thunder balls collided that huge cyan pillar of light, this intimidating thunder and lightning instantly froze, the space appeared to be as if it was congealed as well.


In the Divine Realm, the ability to break space didn’t exist, unless one want to leave the Divine Realm, one had to accumulate an enormous amount of the God Power to perform this ability.


But only the first-level God could be able to carry out this order to freeze space and time.


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