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The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God glanced at each other, both could find a bewilderment look in each other’s eyes. In this extremely vast forest, there were numerous God Beast’s descendants living here. Although their strengths were not like before, they didn’t have even a single link with the first-level Exceptional God left, their quantity was really huge.


The God of Destruction was able to affect this forest for his own Destruction Intent. It was easy to say obviously how formidable his Destruction Intent was. He completely depended on his ability to rule this place.


The God of Emotion furrowed his brows. If through the Emotion, he wanted to make such a large impact like this, secure the control, and even keep this impact continuing, it would be possible for a short period of time, but in a long term, he wouldn’t definitely be capable of doing that. Regarding the God of Destruction’s ability, he knew he had underestimated it. This God of Destruction’s true strength might be yet higher than his father-in-law.


“You don’t need to be so courteous. If it is like this, we have to leave this place first, however, you shouldn’t leave your own territory but be careful. Since all the God Beast’s Descendants are under the control of the God of Destruction’s Destruction Intent, this marsh maybe very dangerous too.”


“Uhm, thank you. I am sleepy. Right now, I am quite sleepy, I hope when I wake up everything could be back to its original state.” The Mud Monster lowered its voice, its gigantic body slowly blended in, fused with the earth and disappeared completely. It was also strange, the whole vegetation of the Mud Monster’s territory completely had no sign of damage after the disappearance of the Mud Monster.


The God of Emotion gazed at the Butterfly God, he could clearly see a huge worry in her eyes.


“Don’t think too much, wait until we meet my father-in-law, everything will be clear. Let’s go.”


The Stimulation Divine Technique was released once again, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God vanished in the air once more.


All the God Beasts in this marsh of this forest were infected by the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction. If they  had not had any ability of stealthy environmental assimilation, they would have had encountered numerous battles earlier.


While flying forward, the God of Emotion became more careful. The strength the Mud Monster had shown was formidable, his emotion was influenced by the Destruction Intent, which was mightier than normal. Those Destruction Intents had fused with their God Senses, even became their nourishments. This was more frightening, no wonder the God of Destruction imprisoned  his father-in-law and mother-in-law here. But they had been sealed, how could they possibly run to this place?


As they were getting closer to the lake, the God of Emotion became more careful. He was very experienced. When he was in Douluo Continent before, the Spirit Beasts living in this forest became more powerful when getting closer to the Core Area, this place was also no exception.


His judgment was correct. When they were about ten kilometers away from the core area of the forest. Suddenly, the God of Emotion felt a numb sensation going through his entire body.


This was not the symptom of being poisoned, but it was  a feeling of being struck by a lightning.


In the thick forest, the mist silently turned into a light blue color. In the God of Emotion’s God Sense, this light blue mist had started to nurture a glittering electric blue color.


The Butterfly God’s expression became more serious,  The spirit power in her body and the God of Emotion’s body exchanged quickly.


The God of Emotion closed his eyes, the eye of destiny on his forehead opened. Just in this state, his God Sense could be able to reach its highest level.


“Come out!” The God of Emotion shouted in a low tone, his God Sense thickened to the past direction.


Right at this moment, the light blue mist unexpected transferred into Sheng1, all the surroundings, in a blink, vaguely turned into a thunder and lightning world. Or it could be called as a thunder and lightning forest.


The marsh in the forest disappeared totally. All transformed into thunders and lightning one by one. Pillars of terrifying thunders and lightning soared and attacked directly towards the Butterfly God and the God of Emotion. Thunders and lightning were as thick as mountain after mountain. The huge oppressive force and explosive force broke out at the same time.


What a powerful thunder and lightning.


The God of Emotion couldn’t help but sigh. This was the fist time he saw such intimidating thunder and lightning like this.

So, how would it be?


The formidable God Sense’s thought in a second burst out from his body, the seven-ring halo behind his head flew up, a first-level exceptional God energy abruptly emitted.


Without any gaudy, he used the mighty God Power to cover himself and the Butterfly God inside. The God Power strongly shouldered every attack from that intimidating thunder and lightning. The God Power was quickly consumed, but not a single lightning could break into the cage of light which was created by the God Power.


The God of Emotion squinted his eyes, a gleam of intimidating thought shot out from a deep corner of his eyes. He raised his right arm up. In a blink, a dark blue sword shot to the sky, unexpectedly cut through the thunders and lightning outside.


These thunders and lightning were flocking, wanted to reach to the God of Emotion’s body through the dark blue sword, but this sword seemed to actually swallow all of them.


Behind the God of Emotion, a figure of white light appeared and quickly condensed, emitting an extremely formidable god power’s wave from its body.


Her eyes were clear yet cold, her magnificent appearance appeared to be noble, her beauty level almost equaled to the Butterfly God’s.


The dark blue sword glowed up then disappeared. Each place it swept across had a thunder and a lightning left behind. It temporarily had no way to continue attacking the God Power’s Cage of Light, which was made by the God of Emotion.


“Dang” a crispy humming sound came out from the inside. The range of lightning and thunder in a blink had reduced several parts. Not far from that, a gigantic figure rose up.


[1] Sheng: The Chinese word “sheng” for “generate” incorporates several other meanings such as create, promote, nurture, support and enhance.


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