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That splendid yellow mud had a strong coercive force, the Golden Dragon Lance, which was thrown by the Butterfly God.  It emerged, then disappeared right away.

In the next blink, the earth shook a little, the splendid yellow mud whirled crazily upward, bringing the Butterfly God and the God of Emotion into the air.

Within the range of hundred meters, a splendid yellow light radiated from the soil inside the thick forest. Another low growl also resounded.

A gigantic figure rose up from the splendid yellow mud, which was fused rapidly.

A huge man was about ten-meter high, his face could not be seen, his body was all made of from that splendid yellow mud, the formidable “Earth” element emitted from his body.

“What is this?” The God of Emotion turned to the Butterfly God and asked skeptically. He hadn’t been in Divine Realm for a long time yet, moreover he was always with his family, didn’t usually come to the Divine Realm. But the Butterfly God was a daughter of the God King Sea God, her knowledge about the Divine Realm was obviously better than his.

The Butterfly God said: “It looks very like Morass Monster. How can this kind of Divine Beast exist? This Morass Monster is known as a formidable one, a Divine Realm’s xenogenesis. It has been existing since the Divine Realm was established. Itself is really formidable, can control the power of the “Earth” element. It has a normal second-level exceptional God Power. In the Divine Realm, if talking about the ability of controlling the Earth, it is only behind the “Earth” element God. How come it suddenly attacked us?”

“Roar.” The Morass Monster let out a low growl. It didn’t have a head, exposed its eyes.

These eyes were dark red, a streak of brutal aggressive energy appeared accordingly.

“What? Is this a Destruction intent?” The God of Emotion’s heart was shaken slightly. In a blink, he and the Butterfly had figured out what had happened to the Morass Monster.

This Morass Monster in Divine Realm always put temperance first. That year, it also didn’t join the Devine Beast Rebellion Forces, therefore, could be alive and have descendants. The gentle Morass Monster had a huge control over the earth, thus, it had discovered them through the change in the earth’s energy. And the reason why it wanted to attack them could only be the God of Destruction.

From an energy from the Morass Monster, its God Sense was definitely affected by the God of Destruction, therefore, became more brutal.

The Butterfly God’s right hand struck, the gigantic body of the Morass Monster momentarily shook, a streak of golden light from his chest ignited, covering the whole body of the Morass Monster in an intense golden color. Its low roar shrieked, got thicker and thicker, responded back.

The Morass Monster was struggling with all its energy, even wanted to put its hand inside the body to uproot the golden light, but that golden light still absorbed the God Sense steadily.

The splendid yellow light on the Morass Monster gradually got dimmer, but the Golden Dragon Lance on the contrary got more formidable.

The Golden Dragon Lance could absorb the vitality’s power, even the Divine Spirit. The Golden Dragon Lance continued absorbing from below, even though that Morass Monster had two second-level Exceptional God’s cultivation, how could it handle the alliance of the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God?

On the Butterfly God’s forehead, a vertical eye slowly cracked. A tranquil golden light was shot out like an electricity, fell exactly on the Morass Monster’s head.

The Morass Monster screamed out crazily, its gigantic body shook fiercely.

The vertical eye on the Butterfly God’s forehead became brighter and mightier. The pillar of yellow light on the Morass Monster’s head which shook along his body constantly changed its directions, locked tightly before and after its head tightly.

Bit by bit, the Morass Monster’s struggling motion became slower, the red light in its eyes became gloomier as well.

The golden light in the God of Emotion’s eyes got more formidable, his personal strong God Sense and Divine Spiritual Power helped the Morass Monster release the Destruction intent, then directly  absorbed it into his body, used his mighty Sense Power to dispel.

In the Divine Realm, the number of people who dared to use this method to drive the Destruction Intent away was counted on one hand.

“Wu Tong, take your hands back.” The God of Emotion turned to the Butterfly God and said.

Tang Wu Tong’s right hand struck, once again, the Golden Dragon Lance came back to her hand, she quickly caught it. Tthe golden halo on the Golden Dragon Lance blended in Tang Wu Tong’s body, slowly emerged unitedly with her. The abundance of God Power speedily transferred into her body and then shifted to him through the God Power’s fusion between her and the God of Emotion.. Their energy became much more powerful.

“Puff!” The Morass Monster’s body drooped down. At this moment, its mighty coercive force completely disappeared. A ten-meter body slowly turned into a five-meter one, the color in his body also got gloomier.

It was a while ago, a big amount of its God Power was sucked out by the Butterfly God, still, the Destruction Intent in its God Sense was completely destroyed by the God of Emotion as well.

“ What happened to me?” The Morass Monster’s voice sounded very vigorous, like a sound of a mighty bell.

The God of Emotion said in a low tone: “My greeting to you, senior Mud, you have been directed by the Destruction Intent. Have you met the God of Destruction yet?”

The Morass Monster was dumbfounded, deep in his thoughts, at this moments, his eyes completely changed to a brown color, the hidden splendid yellow color in his body became more obvious.

“Yes, it is. The God of Destruction has come to this forest’s mud, told us to follow the order of the Divine Realm’s Committee. We have always lived here to maintain our Divine Beast’s bloodlines, we could barely manage to survive, there are many Divine Beast’s descendants who have extremely deep resentment to the Divine Realm, they for sure didn’t comply. After that, God of Destruction has released a huge Destruction Intent, covered the entire forest. Again, I didn’t have any memory as if everything was normal, but it seems that I am eager to destroy everything. This feeling really sucks!”

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