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The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God leaped their bodies up, turned to the thick forest and flew away. In the middle of the air, an outskirt of light twisted several times catching their bodies.  They immediately disappeared without a trace.


This was God of Emotion’s ability, stimulation,  which was being able to stimulate the outskirt of every situation. Its effect was similar to the stealth. Of course, some places were much stronger for the stealth, but again he had an ability to stimulate surroundings, not only for one, but both of them!


Advancing the thick forest, the God of Emotion’s sense was turned on entirely, bringing the Butterfly God away the Divine Beast’s energy as far as he could, heading to the deepest place in the forest.


The Divine Beasts seemed to be in a deep sleep. They constantly intruded without being detected by the Divine Beasts. This made their actions become more relaxed.


But the God of Emotion was still very careful. In the whole intrusion process, their feet mustn’t touch the ground, they were always three feet higher than the ground, drifting forward.


With his Spiritual Conscious Detection searching below, everything around was in his hand, really quickly, the area ahead became clearer.


The God of Emotion found that in the center area deep in the forest there was a small lake. This lake’s circumference was not too big, about five hundred meter, but in that forest, it used to have many small rivers, which all headed to this lake.


What made people feel weird was that the capacity of lake was impossible to hold such much water!


Above that small lake, there was a faint cast of mists. Those mists had a light blue color, contained an extremely huge breath of life.


In the center of the lake, there was a gigantic stone pillar, which was about twenty meters high. On the top of the pillar, it suddenly got bigger, turning into a building which was similar to a castle’s architecture.


When the God Sense arrived near that architecture, it couldn’t continue intruding, it was blocked by a ferocious destructive energy of a Divine Spirit. The existence of that Divine Spirit energy was as if it was unable to be passed through, even if it was a first-level exceptional God’s Sense.


Based on the personal Spiritual Conscious Detection and the communication between the Butterfly God and the Sea God, the God of Emotion had figured out that the Sea God was definitely in that architecture. Furthermore, judging from the scale of that architecture, there were absolutely many talents inside it.


The target had been discovered, next move would be definitely easy. The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God quietly accelerated, flew to the small lake.


In this extremely vast forest, with their speed, in at most one minute, they could reach to the nearby area beside the lake. Even though they knew very clearly there would be possibly many dangerous characters above that small lake, both the God of Emotion or the Butterfly God completely trusted the Sea God’s judgment. If the Sea God let them come here, they certainly had an opportunity.


Really fast, they had already come half way. Suddenly, the God of Emotion felt something strange in the unseen area ahead. He instinctively slowed down.


Yet, they still flew forward as planned. Without any signs, all of sudden, a huge attraction force transmitted from the ground. This strong attraction took the God of Emotion’s the powerful first-level God Sense by surprise, pulling them to the ground when they  didn’t have any preparation,.


However, the God of Emotion reacted really promptly, his body at the same time bended, gasped the Butterfly God beside him, his God Power in his body abruptly erupted, part of it spread through the leg to the ground, other part spread to the Butterfly God’s body, lifted the Butterfly God over the head.


The Butterfly God and her husband had been together for many years, coordinating in a perfect teamwork. A pair of faint blue Butterfly Wings expanded behind her back. The Golden Dragon Lance was raised high. The Butterfly Wings simultaneously opened, fusing itself with the God of Emotion, emitting the God Power which resisted the attraction force pulling them to the ground.


The ground of this area had a pure yellow color, a gorgeous yellow, the huge attraction force suddenly passed by. Although the God of Emotion was wholeheartedly resisting, he was still very calm and serious.


As soon as his feet were on the ground, that splendid yellow mud swept across, twined his body; not only that, it emitted strongly a suction force as if it wanted to drag his whole body to the ground.


Facing with a situation like this, the God of Emotion demonstrated a consistent mind. He didn’t waver even a little bit. His eyes in a flash had turned into an icy blue color.


A tyrannical icy blue light burst out from his body, pouring downward to his feet.


That huge suction force’s existence was as before, meanwhile the grand yellow mud in a blink hanged onto  a layer of icy dew. Moreover, it became more solid. The existing coercive force was harder than the earth, making the God of Emotion unable to escape.


The God of Emotion retrieved his God Sense, which only condensed a small range under his feet. In the next blink of an eye, his eyes lingered in a direction, the Butterfly God almost didn’t have any hesitance, threw out the Golden Dragon Lance in her hand.


The Golden Dragon Lance was sent out in a flash, a low and deep dragon roar resounded, a tiny golden dragon unexpectedly appeared, turned around the Golden Dragon Lance above.


In a blink of an eye, his God Power was spread out. The Golden Dragon Lance sent out a dazzling golden light, flashed up then disappeared, leaving behind a splendid yellow line on the ground.


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