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When the God of Emotion was still in Douluo Continent, he had encountered this powerful beast. In his world, it was called Spirit Beast. There was a king of Spirit Beast, which was honored as the Beast God. It had cultivated for a long period of eight hundred thousand years, but it had no way to enter the Divine Realm. It was a subordinate of the late Dragon God. With the hatred between the Divine Realm and Dragon God, there naturally wasn’t a smallest chance for it to join the Divine Realm.


The Divine Beasts in the Divine Realm right now were different from the Exception God’s Beasts before. These Divine Beasts didn’t have the Exception God’s positions, they just had some bloodlines, which naturally produced the Divine Beast’s descendants in the Divine Realm.


Because there wasn’t any Exceptional God’s position, their primary power of Heaven and Earth’s absorption rate was one tenth the Exceptional God’s. In a situation like this, it was impossible to cause a turbulence in the Divine Realm.


This only remaining of the great Divine Beast only existed in some specific places in the Divine Realm. He didn’t think the Divine Beast’s energy would appear in this place, moreover it was very strong.


Even though the Divine Beast didn’t have that year’s glory, after all, its cultivation was not a weak existence, at least in this dense forest. The God of Emotion had discovered more than one hundred of Divine Beast’s energies, which made him more alert.


With his Exception God’s cultivation, he absolutely wasn’t afraid of these Divine Beasts. But these Divine Beasts definitely didn’t have even half favorable impressions with the Exception God. Once they encountered the Exception God, the possibility of them fighting would be very high; if that was the case, this would startle his father-in-law and mother-in-law.


“We will stealthily enter.” The God of Emotion turned to the Butterfly God and said.


Because the influence of Divine Beast’s energy was very great, his Spiritual Conscious Detection had no way to inspect to the deepest place in the forest.  He could only have to intrude to examine. Until that time, the connection between the Butterfly God and the Sea God would not be found.


The Butterfly God said: “Divine Beast’s sense is very sharp, perhaps they can’t find your God Sense, but they can easily discover our energies, what are we going to do now?”


“Right now, maybe, we have to start taking action.” There was a glacial look flashing out of the God of Emotion’s eyes.


He and the Butterfly God’s minds were interlinked, both nodded their heads, faint smile emerged on their faces, their eyes slowly became blunter, the God of Emotion said: “It’s been a long time since you and me fought together.”


After she and the God of Emotion got married, she had devoted her time to fulfill her responsibility as a wife in the Divine Realm, when she and the God of Emotion were still in the mortal world, she was one of the supreme generation, her fighting power was extremely formidable.


Back when they fought with four deadly sin Gods, because it happened suddenly, moreover four first-level exceptional God had united, their strengths at that time were incredibly intimidating, which made her somewhat terrified. But right now, everything already calmed down, the fighting spirit in her chest unconsciously rose up.


While talking, the Butterfly God raised her right arm up, struck a summoning movement to the air, a streak of gold light in the middle of her hand suddenly flared up, the light extended to both sides, turning into a lance in Butterfly God’s hand.


Both sides of this lance were sharp, its body was made from metal, which sent out an intense golden aura. Vaguely inside, there was as if a dragon moan resounding.


There was a story about this lance’s origin. Initially, when Dragon God fell down, being divided into Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King, the Golden Dragon King was killed by the Divine Realm, one of its ribs transformed into this lance. After that, it was passed through many hands till it fell into the Sea God’s hand, which he gave to the Butterfly God.


When the late Dragon God left for Douluo Continent, there were many legends about the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King, in fact, there was no one who knew about their where about.


However, when the Dragon God died and split into projections of Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King, they re-appeared in Douluo Continent, and had been seen by many creatures, which was also the start of two Dragon King’s Legend existences.


The lance in Butterfly God’s hand was called Golden Dragon Lance. Even though no one could estimate the power of the Golden Dragon Lance, there was an incredible destructive power hidden inside of it, which could absorb all the living creature for its personal use, supplementing for its consumption and strengthening its vitality.


The Sea God had once told the Butterfly God, there was actually a seal existing inside the Golden Dragon Lance. Only did a person inheriting the Golden Dragon King’s power could open it. The power of the seal was extremely strong, which came from the Dragon King; even gods from the Divine Realm’s Committee couldn’t be able to open the seal.


The Butterfly God and the God of Emotion had carefully researched in their idle time, the God of Emotion had got only one conclusion, which was that there were total nine layers of seals inside this Golden Dragon Lance. But this seal was very unusual. From the outside, the seal didn’t seem to be formidable, but when he used the God Power to penetrate, this seal immediately disappeared without a trace. He guessed this ability, which was exactly like what the Sea God said, needed the Golden Dragon King’s power to release.


Later they also didn’t try to taste anything, in contrary, they came back to the Divine Realm, the possibility of the battle happening had reduced tremendously. Who knew, the God of Destruction suddenly launched a battle, which made them face the current situation.


The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God held each other’s hand. The Butterfly God’s right hand held the Golden Dragon Lance, her left hand held his hand, but in the God of Emotion’s right hand, there was an object, which had a small bunch of dark blue rays.


If looking closely, one could discover a small saber, which was about seven cuns1 long, sparkling a dark eerie light. Sometimes, it was as if an imprisoned ghost’s face could be seen in it.


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[1] Cuns (chinese measure unit) about 2.5 cm

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