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Across a mountain range, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s speeds slowed down.


“In this place?” Standing on the top of the mountain, the God of Emotion looked at a distant place. Behind this mountain, there was a dense forest from far away.  In the dense forest, there were some rivers running through, thick mist and hazy fogs hovering deep inside the forest.


The Butterfly God slightly nodded her head, said: “Father has given his location, moreover, he is not far from here. There are mainly forests. Yu Hao, did you say we can save father and mother this time?”


The God of Emotion embraced her shoulder, said: “Don’t worry, we definitely can.”


The Butterfly God slightly nodded her head, her eyes expressed a gentle look. With him by her side, even though in a great calamity, she wouldn’t be panic like before.


The God of Emotion’s eyes suddenly changed to a golden color, this was not a normal metal golden color, but a transparent crystal golden color.


This golden color was full of emotion, which showed people an indescribable beauty.


The God Spirit remained calm, but the far-away forest had showed up like what had been in the God of Emotion’s head. It was completely exposed neither big nor small. At the same time, he transferred completely what he had sensed to the Butterfly God.


This was considered to be the God of Emotion’s most powerful ability when he was in the mortal world, spiritual investigation sharing. After joining the Divine Realm, his Spiritual Conscious Detection sharing had evolved day by day. In God Sense, in terms of God Spirit, he was definitely not weaker than the Law Executor. This was what he excelled the most.  In addition to God of Emotion’s inheritance, he had constantly transformed, that was a result from merging abilities harmoniously.


With his strong Spiritual Conscious Detection, unless the opposite party had a higher God Sense level than the God of Emotion’s, he wouldn’t be discovered.


In the rivers inside the dense forest, mist filled the air fully. At some places, the mist was colorful, obviously was combined with many unknown elements, maybe toxins.


On the ground, plant grew lushly and verdantly, but through the God Sense’s careful observation,  inside this dense forest, it was easy to recognize that the ground was extremely spongy; after a quick look, it was seemingly bog. In the bog, there were many intimidating auras.


“There are Divine Beasts in this forest.” The God of Emotion said in a low voice.


Divine Realm’s Divine Beast was like mortal world’s animals, but it produced incredibly strength from absorbing the Primary power from Heaven and Earth. Normally, Divine Beasts didn’t have anything special, but among Divine Beasts, there were still several outstanding powerful ones. For example, right after joining Divine Realm, Dragon God had seized the first-level exceptional God’s power.


As for this matter, the God of Emotion was familiar with this because Dragon God was from the same place with the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God, which was called: Douluo Continent.


In the ancient period of Douluo Continent, Dragon Clan was the one governing. The ancestor of Dragon Clan, Dragon Long used his innate ability from Heaven care to cultivate into God, joined Divine Realm, simultaneously created the Exceptional God’s position.


Because the Dragon God’s power was too strong, the Divine Realm’s committee wanted to constrain him. However, Dragon God’s personality was egocentric, didn’t want to compromise; it united with other Divine Beasts to launch a war against the Divine Realm, fighting against other Gods.


At that time, various Devil beasts and Spirit Beasts in the mortal world were allowed to cultivate to the god level to enter the Divine Realm. At the same time, they controlled an Exceptional God’s system of Divine Beast.


Divine Beast was always under the control of Exceptional God, under Dragon God’s leadership, Divine Beast’s brutal personality erupted, wanted to unify Divine Realm.


The war was spread out really fast in the entire Divine Realm. Finally, five big people who were in charge of the Divine Realm’s Committee that year, God of Kindness, God of Wicked, Asura God, God of Destruction and Life God united together to command Exceptional Gods, fought a big battle with God Beats.


Finally, they defeated the Dragon God who led the Divine Beast’s gang, but the Exceptional Gods were also at loss. At that time, among seven Big Elements first-level gods, four of them died in Dragon God’s hand. It was the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked’s collaboration that defeated the Dragon God.


Dragon God’s God Sense and God Spirit had been destroyed completely, but he had used his strong body to transform into a Golden Dragon King and a Silver Dragon King. After his God Sense was completely crushed, once again turned into Spiritual Sense. Its flawlessly powerful abilities were inherited by the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King separately.


The Golden Dragon King inherited the boldly mighty body of Dragon God, his power was extremely huge and invulnerable; its speed was unmatchable. On the other side, the Silver Dragon King inherited Dragon God’s ability to control elements’ energies, simultaneously controlled water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness, six big elements.


While Dragon God was separating, he had generated a huge power, in order to get deep to its root, the Divine Realm’s committee used their full force to slaughter. Finally, the Golden Dragon King was beaten and killed by the Divine Realm, only left behind its God Power, which was sealed inside by the Divine Realm’s Committee. But the Silver Dragon King had used the time when the Divine Realm was in chaos to run away, disappeared without a trace, still hadn’t had any news until now.


But luckily the Silver Dragon King had been heavily injured when escaping, moreover its God Sense was ruined entirely, once again turned into the mortal world’s spiritual sense. Even he hadn’t died in that upheaval period, he wasn’t also considered to be a worry.


That time Dragon Clan’s rebellion had brought many casualties to the Divine Realm and made more than half of Exception God’s potions empty. It had taken more than hundred years to recover its original state.


One must know, some hundred years in the Divine Realm were several hundred thousand years in the mortal world! In the several hundreds of thousands of years , while the Divine Realm was making up the loss of the Exception God’s positions, many events had happened in the mortal world.


After going through that grievous experience, the Divine Realm’s Committee had come up with the most severe God Punishment in the history. Since then, they didn’t allow any kind of beast cultivation to enter the Divine Realm. Shutting down completely the way for beast to join the Divine Realm, series of Exception God’s positions were completely erased.


After that event, the Divine Realm controlled all types of beasts, no matter how strong their cultivations were., they were all in the end suppressed in the Divine Realm, absolutely couldn’t find their ways back to the Divine Realm. Lastly, they could be the top beast till death.


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