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Divine Realm’s Committee.


A radiant yellow light in the main hall was replaced by a purplish black color, which made the whole hall appear to be much more gloomy. The mighty Destruction Intent flooded inside that. Even they were first-level exceptional gods, seven Deadly Sin Gods couldn’t help but be apprehensively scared.


The God of Destruction hid his entire body under a cloak, his bloody red eyes were a little dreadful.


“What’s happened?” The God of Destruction asked coldly.


The God of Greed perplexedly replied: “God of Emotion, Butterfly God, God of War and God of  Speed’s strengths are beyond our expectation. Their individual powers are not much different from what we expected. But they have an ability to join forces. God of War and God of Speed, God of Emotion and Butterfly God, they all have same abilities. In a blink of an eye, their strengths surpass our prediction. Especially God of Emotion and Butterfly God, when they unite to deploy power, they could even reach to the Law Executor’s level, we aren’t surprisingly aware of that in time, which let them have a chance to escape.”


The God of Destruction frigidly spoke: “With four first-level exceptional gods, Greed, Laziness, Arrogance, Jealousy, all of you couldn’t block one first-level god who leads four god, what have you eaten?”


After retrieving the Divine Realm’s key, the God of Destruction’s power was clearly much more formidable than before. In front of his questioning, the Deadly Sin Gods didn’t dare to resist, that intense Destruction Intent made the Halos behind their head waver.


The God of Greed said: “My Lord, may you use the Divine Realm’s key to find out their location. We will immediately go find them, definitely don’t let them escape.”


The God of the Destruction responded: “Temporarily can’t. I’ve just retrieved the Divine Realm’s key, I need more time to implement suitable fusion. Their escape can’t raise any big storms at this moment. Just follow the original plan and act accordingly. Wait until we succeed, no matter what the God is, they can have any rejection to my domination.”


“Lust God.” The God of Emotion called with a deep voice.


Lust God immediately moved forward, paid respect, “My Lord.”


The God of Emotion said in a deep voice. “You cooperate with God of Damage, secure the place where those exceptional gods are kept. Even though all these exceptional gods are sealed, in case those two kids come rescuing them, we’d better be careful.”


The Lust God said profoundly: “Please don’t worry, my Lord, we definitely cooperate well with the God of Damage, don’t give them any chance.”


“Um. Off you go. ”


“Yes, my lord.” The Lust God respectfully bowed to the God of Destruction, then turned around and left right away. As soon as she left, in her head, there was a vision. There laid a fatty in a lava, which unwittingly echoed in her head. She somewhat surprisingly discovered that with her Deadly Sin God’s ability, of course, there was no way she could forget him after that look.


The sadness and grief in his eyes made her unexpectedly sink.


After Lust God left, the God of Emotion spoke in a deep voice. “Other people also start to act, no matter what situation, nothing can stop us from completing this time’s mission.”


The God of Envy said: “My Lord, what if the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked come back? If they come back, I am afraid…”


The God of Destruction shook his head, said: “At this moment, they can’t return, they only create troubles, prevent us from complete our plan. Moreover, one day in Divine Realm is one year on Earth. But this time, I have used Destruction Intent to make them encounter the time collapse on their way back, time will move backward a period. At least before we complete this mission, they have no way to return. After they return, they are impossible to affect what we’ve done.”


“Yes, my lord.” All Deadly Sin Gods’ expressions pretty much became calm again.


This time, their movements were very abrupt, all the Deadly Sin Gods could feel relieved a little. Including the God of Damage and the God of Destruction, inside the Divine Realm, they were the strongest force. But in the wide Divine Realm, there were many Exceptional Gods. There were more than ten first-level Exceptional Gods left. If the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked were against the God of Destruction, that would stimulate other Exceptional Gods.  If so, the God of Destruction’s domination would be shaken.


In the past time when the Sea God still controlled the Divine Realm, he had done a good job, a fight over power had never happened, the Divine Realm still maintained its structure, there was no formed cliques. At least among the Exceptional Gods, he still had a really high prominence.


Currently, Sea God’s daughter and son-in-law were fleeing outside, the news perhaps was passed on. The Divine Realm’s upcoming upheaval was imaginable. Even though, there was temporarily no issue since the God of Destruction had controlled the Divine Realm’s key himself, but in a long time, it would possibly be troublesome. For that, the God of Destruction was right, in a short amount of time, they needed to accomplish this time’s mission, which was to expand the Divine Realm,. Until that time, the Divine Realm could attract many Mental Powers, which would benefit many Exceptional Gods. As long as they were successful, there would be absolutely no worry about domination’s problems.


After all the Deadly Sin Gods left, only the God of Destructionstayed back alone in the main hall of the Divine Realm’s Committee.


A faint halo radiated from the God of Destruction’s body. His eyes became more thoughtful, he mumbled to himself: “Having done things like this, in the end, is it right or not?”


He seemed to be skeptical, but his look immediately got more frantic, “Definitely right, no matter what, I want to prolong our mission. The end of Destruction is the Creation. Didn’t you say this? If it is the case, I will let you see my creation’s ability. Only under my control, Divine Realm can become more powerful and control all the development in the future.”



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