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The Sea God’s expression changed dramatically, a hint of delight flashed on his face, then disappeared, he turned to the Life Goddess and said: “Thank you.”

Sitting opposite with the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess, two of them simultaneously smiled at the Sea God, nodded their heads, said: “Congratulations.”

The Sea God smiled and paid his respect back.

The voice of the God of Destruction was somewhat frigid, he said: “Congratulations.” Even though there weren’t any intentions of congratulation in his voice, he still spoke it out loud eventually.

The Sea God said: “Recently, many main lands on Earth have had remarkable talents, I suggest intensifying Angles Hunting Patrol to monitor, if there are talents, we could lead them to Divine Realm. We can also change the process to approve God alternatives, how about this?”
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After hearing the Sea God said, the God of the Destruction’s eyes froze for a few seconds, then still nodded his head with other three people.

The God of the Destruction said: “Let’s stop here for today, I have to go handling several second-grade God disputes.” He stood up right after finishing talking, turned around and walked away.

The Life Goddess leaned a little toward the Sea God, but then she stood up,  turned to all three people and said: “The Sea God, the God of Kindness, the God of Wicked, I am leaving too, I need to check on him, in case he is being too serious.”

At this moment, the Sea God’s mind was not right there anymore, he stood up smiling and said: “Go quickly.”

The Life Goddess quickly followed the direction that the God of Destruction had left.

In his black clothing, the God of Wicked stood up, turned his head to the Sea God, said with a smile: “Looks like the God of Destruction still has many resentments. After all, he is really in to the development of Divine Realm.”

The God of Kindness in the white clothing rose up on his feet, said: “He is being a little emotional today, the Sea God, please don’t mind him.”

The Sea God smiled and said. “Right now, I don’t have time to pay attention to him, I just want to catch up quickly with my wife to see her current situation.”

The God of Wicked laughed evilly, said: “So you should be hurried, you have to inform us immediately if there is good news.”

The Sea God waved his sleeves, then turned into a streak of blue light, flew away.


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After the Sea God had left, the beautiful God of Kindness leaned on the God of Wicked’s body, gently tugged her head into his shoulder and said: “The God of Destruction has gone over the line lately, his conflict with the Sea God has shown more clearly, how are we going to do now?”

The God of Wicked sighed slightly and said: “We are not God Kings like before, right now, we are just juniors. We just can quietly watch the situation. The God of Destruction has found me several times to persuade me to support him. He just wants to make a move for the sake of the Divine Realm, there is nothing wrong with that. But the Sea God is not wrong for being cautious, either. It is not appropriate for us to choose any side, we could only stay in the middle, I hope they don’t cause any trouble.”

The God of the Kindness said: “The Divine Realm’s Committee only has five Gods, both the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess has had a long history, the Sea God is just sooner than us a little, but not much. There is nothing to say about us, if two God King leave, if it isn’t for the absence of the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked, we wouldn’t qualify to be here. In terms of strength, among the five God Kings, the Sea God is the strongest, as he is the Asura God as well, after him is the God of Destruction, the Life Goddess, then us, we are the weakest. You are right, staying in the middle may be the best choice right now. If they really fight, the Divine Realm can’t be out of control, this is the only choice we have.”

The God of the Wicked said: “Divine Realm currently has eighteen first-level gods, two hundred sixteen second-level gods, 1847 third-level gods, approximately ten thousand God officers and Angels Hunting Patrol. Just like us, many of them would choose to stay in the middle, they are gods after all, the Sea God and the God of Destruction have different opinions, to be frankly, I hope those two will finish their visit to the world of mortals and come back sooner, with their presences, there wouldn’t be many problems.”

The God of Kindness reluctantly said: “Those two, have dragged on their stay in the world of mortals, they have reincarnated many times, every time they all got to the top level of cultivation, and when they got their memories back, they weren’t willing to come back. They really know how to give others hard times.”

The God of Wicked laughed evilly, said: “Thinking is useless right now, my dear, we are free anyway, why don’t we give it a try again? Look at the Sea god, he has had a daughter, this time he has successfully harvested another again. It is extremely hard for us to have a baby, but others have already had two. But we don’t have even the slightest news. We have been left behind so much.”

The God of Kindness’s face got red, she glanced at him, and said: “Whose fault is it, yours or mine? I want to drink! Give me some drink.”

The God of Wicked strongly lifted her off, said: “Alright, I give you some drink, burning flame crimson lips, how is it? After done talking, he turned around and left while holding the God of Kindness in his arms, leaving behind a trace of his black shadow which covered thousands of eyes from the word of mortals.

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