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The God of Destruction received the energy, the red light in his eyes became more intense. This was the key to control the Divine Realm! It was finally in his hand, he had been waiting for this for too long, too long.


“Xiao Wu will be delivering soon. Please  consider we were once comrades, send  us to a good place.” Tang San was holding Xiao Wu while speaking to the God of Destruction.


“Take them.” The God of Destruction waved his hands.


A silver light on God of Damage’s body lit up, covering Tang San and Xiao Wu, then they flew away.


Turning his body around, the God of Destruction faced the Divine Realm’s Committed, the excitement look on his face slowly turned into an insane one.


“Finally! I could  finally control the whole Divine Realm’s God Kings. God of Kindness, God of Wicked, and also Tang San, I want you to see that all of you are wrong. Only in my hand, Divine Realm can fully boom its most magnificent glory, can control more planets and retrieve more Mental Powers.”


After finishing, he turned to the Divine Realm’s Committee and flew inside, in a blink, he blended with it, disappeared without a trace.


Only a moment later, at the big fort of the Divine Realm’s committee, a purplish black halo slowly appeared. The clouds surrounding that halo also changed into a purplish black color, radiating Destruction’s Intent.



The God of Emotion and the Butterfly God flew for a very long time, till they reached  a sea of clouds, they stopped.


The God of Emotion’s personal God Power was not at the advantage as compared to the Deadly Sin God’s. However, when he united with the Butterfly God, in the time they created Divine Spirit Fusion, their combat forces were optimized to the extreme. One Deadly Sin God alone was absolutely no match for them, and so did the speed.


Because of that, they could run away eventually.


“Yu Hao, so what are we going to do now?” The Butterfly God turned to the God of Emotion asking. Her expression was a little panic. The God of Emotion was thinking about her, she was naturally thinking about him as well.


The God of Emotion’s expression was a little heavy, “Our current situation is not good, we have not spent much time in the Divine Realm, we aren’t even familiar with the Divine Realm yet. Do you any good friends of father-in-law? The stronger the strength is, the better.”


The Butterfly God said: “You want to find a back-up?”


The God of Emotion slightly stroked his chin, said: “Judging from the current situation, I am afraid the God of Destruction has probably made a move on  father-in-law. Once the Divine Realm’s key is controlled by him, our escape will be useless. Through the Divine Realm’s key, he may find us at once. For that, what we have to do now is quickly spreading the news about the God of Destruction’s doings, stimulating the Divine Realm, only till then we can have an opportunity.”


“No, won’t.” The Butterfly God yelled: “I don’t believe, my father is extremely mighty, even if the God of Destruction wants to go against him, it won’t be that easy. Father has the Divine Realm’s key in his hand! How can he be defeated under the God of Destruction’s hands?”


The God of Emotion hurried held his wife’s hands, said: “Wu Lin, don’t hurry. Listen to me. If the God of Destruction dares to start at this time, directly attacks us, that means he has definitely arranged everything thoroughly. Furthermore, he must have held strong forces in his hand to have gut doing that. Of course, father-in-law is not really defeated by him, but this possibility is not small. As soon as the God of Destruction seizes the Divine Realm’s key, we will definitely have nowhere to hide. After that, four Deadly Sin Gods return, our trouble will probably come. Until that time, we must stay calm.”


The Butterfly God furrowed her brows, and said: “The God of Destruction has controlled over eight Exceptional Gods, in addition to his personal strength, his power would be equal to about half of the entire advanced combat forces inside the Divine Realm. But the true ultimate power of the Divine Realm is still two God Kings and three Law Executors of the Divine Realm’s committee. Our father and God of Destruction are just a part of them; besides them, there are God of Kindness, God of Wicked and Life Goddess.”


“Life Goddess is kind and gentle. Before, the reason she wanted to married God of Destruction was to wash out his Destruction Tyrant Aura. If God of Destruction wants to attack our father, she definitely won’t comply. Although God of Kindness and God of Wicked haven’t been in the Divine Realm for a long time, they have inherited the God King’s positions, their strength  aren’t small. If they, husband and wife, integrate, regardless it is my father or the God of Destruction, no one can have enough strength to pair with them. Due to that, God of Destruction has no capability to control the Divine Realm’s key, even the entire Divine Realm’s committee.”


The God of Emotion slightly stroked his chin, said: “You are right, at the moment, keeping on guessing is no help. Should you try to contact father-in-law, to see if there is any response. If there is response, everything will be much better.”


Butterfly God’s eyes glowed brightly, “Right! How come I forgot this.” Right after finishing talking, she slowly closed her eyes, a purplish golden aura accordingly rose. On Butterfly God’s forehead, a symbol in the shape of a Golden Trident gradually floated up, little by little turned into a Halo, covered her body inside of it.


The God of Emotion also closed his eyes, his God Spirit pervaded, which radiated a mighty God Spirit’s power, embracing the extreme large area. Speaking of cultivating God Spirit in the Divine Realm, he was only lower than other five Divine Realm’s law executors.


The Butterfly God’s expression slowly changed, she unconsciously held the God of Emotion’s hands tightly.


The God of Emotion used his strength to respond her embrace, using his force to comfort her.


Golden Light restrained, the Butterfly God turned her head looking at the God of Emotion, her beautiful blue eyes were welled up in tears.


“Wu Lin, don’t cry. How is it?” The God of Emotion hurriedly hugged her, at this time, he was extremely calm.


The Butterfly God, Tang Wu Lin said: “Father is really in trouble, the God of Destruction uses mother to surmount him, father and mother are all captured by God of Destruction, father’s power is also sealed. He lets us go looking for him. Right now. Father has left behind power in his God Spirit, which can protect us from being detected from the navigation of the Divine Realm’s key for a short period of time.”


The God of Emotion gloomily said: “Wu Lin, we absolutely have to stay calm in this kind of situation. If father-in-law lets us find him, he definitely has solution to cope with the situation, we can’t be hasty, no matter what, we can for sure rescue father-in-law and mother-in-law.”


“Um.” The Butterfly God obediently nodded, the golden light on her forehead glowed again, the Golden Trident’s symbol shot out a soft golden halo, which shielded their bodies inside, decided directions then flew up in the sky.



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