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There was a tall sturdy man behind Xiao Wu. His entire body was covered in an armor. He restrained Xiao Wu’s hand, made her unable to move.


Xiao Wu held her big belly, tears were welling up in her eyes. Obviously, she was completely controlled by that man.


Tang San’s calm face was finally changing, he turned to the God of Destruction and shouted furiously: “God of Destruction, you dare to order your Law Executor to enter the Divine Realm’s Committee secretly, aren’t you scared of God Punishment?”


The Divine Realm’s key was in his hand, he could drop the God Punishment anytime. Even though the God Punishment couldn’t aim at the God of Destruction, it was possible for the Law Executor. One facing the God Punishment must be very miserable.


The God of Destruction spoke coldly: “You dare to drop a God Punishment? Your wife and your kid are in there, even if you control the Divine Realm’s key, you aren’t capable of controlling the God Punishment to kill only one God of Damage. If you aren’t afraid of your wife and your kid getting hurt, then freely drop the God Punishment?”


Tang San’s mind was somewhat shaken, couldn’t seem to swing out the Golden Trident in his hand.


The God of Destruction suddenly yelled, “Take back your Spirit Windstorm.”


The purple black thunder and lightning happened to fall right on the God of Destruction and Xiao Wu who was standing not far away from that.


With the God of Destruction’s first power, the direct strike of lightning and thunder was nothing to him. But it was a huge strike for Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu groaned in pain, her body shivered.


Xiao Wu’s circumstance was quite special. She was at the same place with Tang San when constraining the Sea God and Asura God’s powers, but at that time, she couldn’t withstand the challenge. There was a huge gap between her and Tang San, therefore, she was, in fact, an exceptional God. In order to make her become like him, which including controlling two big God Positions, Xiao Wu, in the end, got married to Tang San, using the title of Tang San’s wife to get in the Divine Realm.


When it was necessary, she could help Tang San control one God position, but under normal situation, she only had a second-level God power.


After being pregnant, Xiao Wu’s body clearly got a lot weakened than before . Right now, she was unable to control a first-level God’s ability anymore, not to mention the full-of-massacre aura from the Asura God’s position.


When the God of Damage appeared with Xiao Wu, Tang San immediately understood. The God of Destruction had soon planned for this conspiracy. He was the one distracting the Fading Divine Thunder then using Destruction’s Order to let the God of Damage secretly sneak into the Divine Realm to catch Xiao Wu.


The Sea God lifted the Golden Trident over his head. The Spirit Windstorm turned into each glaring yellow halo, fell down, then returned to the Sea God’s golden trident.


“Destruction, I wouldn’t think you could be this despicable.” Tang San was somewhat growling when he said this.


Everyone in the Divine Realm knew the fondness between Tang San and Xiao Wu was extremely good, Xiao Wu was like Tang San, both dared to go against Heaven’s Will because of each other.


The God of Destruction said as if there was nothing happened: “Real men don’t mind small details while doing big things, even if it is your wife. Your daughter, the son-in-law, were all in my hands. You won’t have any chance. However, rest assured, I will revise the Divine Realm’s rules, won’t hurt any of you, I want all of you to see with your own eyes how I greatly glorify the Divine Realm. Until that time, I will release you but not under the position of a law executor. Go surrender yourself!”


Tang San’s expression changed drastically, slowly put down the Golden Trident.


A golden light flared up, the Golden Trident altered into a stream of light, blended in his body, disappearing without leaving any trace.


Almost happening at the same time, the God of Destruction had transformed into a stream of purple black light in a flash presenting in front of Tang San, punched him leaving an imprint on his chest.


“San ge!” Xiao Wu let out a shrieking scream from far away.


Tang San didn’t dodge, his luminous eyes stared at the God of Destruction attentively.


The God of Destruction’s right hand pressed against Tang San’s chest. Immediately, numerous purplish black light marks changed into strange symbols moving around Tang San’s body. These symbols were constantly created, ran into the God of Destruction’s right-hand again. An intense purplish black halo somewhat floated within Tang San’s body.


Tang San’s face gradually became pale, but he still didn’t budge, let the God of Destruction act freely.


“Humph!” Tang San groaned, his body shook, then flew back several meters in the air. The God of Destruction also took his right hand back. One could see clearly, in front of Tang San’s chest, there was another tornado of purplish black symbols. These symbols were covered by a bunch of lights, a purplish black aura pervaded whole Tang San’s body.


The Sea God’s Halo behind Tang San’s back had disappeared completely, so did the intimidating aura. Right now, he just looked like a normal person.


“Destruction, I hope you won’t become Divine Realm’s criminal.” Tang San calmly looked at the God of Destruction, deliberately said.


The God of Destruction’s body shook, “Nonsense, a hero will decide success or failure.” After finishing, he swung his arm up, Tang San had headed to Xiao Wu’s direction, flew till in front of her then stopped.


“San ge, San ge, how are you? It’s all my faults, I…” Xiao Wu urgently held him, his beautiful eyes dwelled in tears.


Tang San smiled, shook his head, as if nothing happened, held her hands tightly, then said: “Exceptional God is also good, Law Executor is good too. But in my heart, are they anything compared to my Xiao Wu?”


“San ge!” Xiao Wu threw herself into Tang San, Tang San’s God Power was entirely destroyed by the God of Destruction’s seal, he was not even half intimidating as before.


Tang San’s right arm swung up, an octagonal key was shot toward the God of Destruction.


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