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Due to the attack of the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s God Soul Fusion Technique and Mind Storm, the Knot was loosened up a bit, temporarily had a newly formed crack inside it.

But the intense collision this time also brought the Netherworld White Tiger back. Its body was still in the sky, once again transformed into the God of War and God of Speed’s appearances.

The Goddess of Light wanted to confront them, but heard the God of War screaming angrily. “Go quickly!”

The crack, which had just formed in the sky, started to close up, it was basically impossible for the second person to step out from it.

The big vertical eye behind the Goddess of Light rose up, instantaneously, the vertical eye changed into a tricolor light with blue, purple and gold colors in it. After that, a tricolor ray fired endless beams like an electricity, suddenly attacked the crack in the sky, which was about to close.

This ray left behind an enchanting golden light in the sky.

Inside the path of this golden light, the Goddess of Light unexpectedly increased her speed, in a blink of an eye, changed into a golden light, flew away from that crack.

This was another Divine Spirit Fusion Techniqueof the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God, which radiated a lustrous light, called Golden Path!

Based on the Goddess of Light’s condition when she released the Golden Path, this was the strongest Divine Spirit Fusion Technique. Even if four first-level gods united, using their god powers to mend the Knot after the Mind Storm, they also couldn’t stop the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God from leaving.

The God of War and the God of Speed fell down from the sky, covering the God of Emotion’s parents., Faint smiles were revealed on their face.

The departure of the God of Emotion and his wife could at least retained a little hope for them.

. . .

Each glaring golden halo, which was like they were stored in the Heaven and Earth, blossomed and fell into the God of Destruction.

This was Sea God’s extremely powerful control technique, also known as the number one control technique in the Divine Realm, Spirit Windstorm!

Once the Spirit Windstorm was set, even a first-level god, could no way escape in ten seconds. As for the collision between God Levels, 10 seconds was already too long, too long.

As the highest nine-ring halo god, the God of Destruction didn’t dare to get hit by Sea God’s Spirit Windstorm. If in a short amount of time, he couldn’t escape from it, the result was absolutely not good.

The reason the Sea God could become a first-level god had an enormous relation with the Spirit Windstorm.

A slight roar came out from the gigantic purple black clouds in the sky. After that, each ring of the purple black clouds, one by one, turned into a seven-ring halo, the God of Destruction stood under the Halo, coldly looked at the Sea God Tang San.

Each purple black layer of destruction intent emitted from that. In a second, the sky turned completely into the same color, each purple black lightning descended, constantly hit on the golden halo above.

This was the Fading Divine Thunder. If this thing appeared in the mortal world, with just one round, it could easily destroy one city, one mountain, however, in the meantime, the Spirit Windstorm with a glaring golden halo could be knocked away, being kept away from the God of Destruction’s body.

In the sky, the purple thunder was like a boss, dancing around, two big gods were in an intense battle.

Tang San glacially looked at the God of Destruction, he wasn’t hasty, as compared to the Fading Divine Thunder, his Spirit Windstorm was not damaged much. The total God Power quantity, which he calculated himself, was not less than the God of Destruction’s. Being damaged like this, was  an unexpected advantage to him.

The mighty golden light flared out in the sky. Every time it changed, the sky also lit up brightly.

The God of Destruction’s red eyes flickered, at the same time, he couldn’t have anymore move, just like this, kept on fighting with Tang San.

Tang San had the key of Divine Realm in his hand. He also didn’t dare to do anything so aggressively. Although the Divine Realm’s key didn’t have any effects to the law executor, he could have an extremely formidable defensive power thanks to Divine Realm’s committee. Once Tang San had launched the Divine Realm’s key defense, even if it was him, he wouldn’t have any solution. This was something he wasn’t willing to see.

Obviously, if Tang San did, it would mean that he admitted his lost. With the title of Divine Realm Law executor, not to mention the one controlling the whole Divine Realm, he wouldn’t definitely do that unless it was absolutely necessary.

Watching the God of Destruction from a distance, Tang San’s head was full of thoughts, his face was still. The Golden Trident in his hand constantly sent out numerous Spirit Windstorms, increased the damage of Fading Divine Thunder.

The Thunder’s sounds in the sky were getting thicker and thicker, the golden ring appeared more and more as well. To be fair saying, on the contrary, the God of Destruction somehow seemed to be in a passive state.

“Tang San!” The God of Destruction suddenly screamed out loud:

Tang San’s look got frozen a little, “God of Destruction, don’t stubbornly keep on doing wrong things. Considering that your intention is for the sake of Divine Realm’s development, moreover, you are originally stubborn, I don’t want to argue with you. Give up on the attack right now. Ask the Life Goddess to come here. You are a law executor of the Divine Realm.”

In spite of the fact that he didn’t know how the relationship between the God of Destruction and the Life Goddess was, judging from the current situation, he would certainly use any means to keep the Life Goddess from arriving here.

The God of Destruction said nonchalantly: “Tang San, don’t pretend to be naive. If today I have started a rebellion, that means I have soon had a plan. There won’t be the tiniest chance. How many years have you been in the Divine Realm? I and the Life Goddess who have been with  Divine Realm since the beginning. Life and destruction exist together, which give Divine Realm as well as the mortal world many ripen fruits like today. Today, there is no one could prevent me from expanding the Divine Realm, no matter you or other gods. Even if the two God Kings were alive, I wouldn’t change my mind.”

“San ge1!” Right at this moment, an elegant voice suddenly came up. Tang San’s body was shaken, his body turned, looking toward the   direction of the sound.

He could only see two shadows, quietly, no sound came out of them, the black clouds surrounded a purple light-like figure. The one who just screamed, wasn’t that his wife Xiao Wu?
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[1] Ge: Chinese way to call an older brother

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