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After the God of Pride attacked, he was in a daze shortly. Right! No matter what the conflict was about, they couldn’t murder anyone. Fighting in the Divine Realm was just to take the control power, if they broke the rule and murdered anyone, they were brought directly to the God Punishment, which was no joke.

However, it was too late to retreat now, that incredibly formidable nine transcending heavens Divine Thunder had arrived in front of the God of War and the God of Speed.

The space surrounding the God of War and the God of Speed’s bodies was distorted into numerous thunderous lightning, their bodies were glowing like a dark blue light.

But for an unknown reason, four Deadly Sin Gods didn’t see any hint of fear on their faces.

The God of Speed dodged and moved like a nimble kitten, snuggled under the God of War’s embrace.

After that, a boundless white aura erupted from them.

The God of War and the God of Speed’s energies in a blink of an eye became more powerful, two big five-ring halos behind them merged in front of four Deadly Sin Gods.

The mighty nine transcending heavens Divine Thunder was covered in a boundless white color which appeared in front of their eyes. He then unexpected stopped moving. After that, four Deadly Sin Gods startlingly saw a big white tiger head emerging in the middle of the sky.

Behind that White Tiger, there were three pairs of wings, a flawless gigantic body, a pair of pitch black like ink eyes, which was deep like an abyss.

A huge Tiger palm was shot out fiercely beating that haughty nine transcending heavens Divine Thunder into pierces. Although the tiger claw was burned into a black piece, this thunder god was also crushed eventually. More importantly, at this moment, behind the huge body of the White Tiger, a nine-ring Halo had bloomed.

A first-level god?

How could the two second-level gods unite and  , create a first-level god power? This was too inconceivable.

But not matter how unimaginable the situation could be, it had happened.

The huge White Tiger unexpectedly growled angrily, the God of Emotion felt a slight tingling emotion running through his entire body. After that, a low-toned sound drifted through his ears.

“Leave quickly, bring Wu Tong with you and find father-in-law.”

The intense white light suddenly exploded. That white tiger abruptly changed into an incomparable mighty white light, shooting up to the sky through the barrier.

“Can not.” The God of Greed shouted, at the same time other three Deadly Sin Gods started to move simultaneously. All blossomed their God Powers, wanted to block that God of War and the God of Speed from turning into the White Tiger.

They were four first-level gods anyway, the God of War and the God of Speed temporarily got the first-level God Power, but it was still no match for four of them.

But, right at this moment, huge vertical eyes came into sight.

The vertical eye seemed to have had gone through many hardships. Seven emotions flared up at once in the eye. The pupil in the glaring yellow vertical eye had a dark blue color, numerous blue gleams were sent out from that yellow vertical eye.

A bunch of sharp lights gathered together, then transformed into a small hammer, flew away. This little hammer was divided into four, springing a surprise attack towards the four Deadly Sin Gods.

With the four first-level Deadly Sin Gods’ strengths, there was no way for them to escape but used their own God Power to strongly fight back.

On the other hand, when this little hammer was coming close, the four Deadly Sin Gods’ expressions changed, because this basically wasn’t the attack from the God Power but the God’s Soul Power.

The God of Emotion had never shown his ability in the Divine Realm. People only knew his ability was all from the mortal world. Four Deadly Sin Gods certainly knew he was still in Spiritual Sense Time, his Spirit Power was extremely formidable. But they wouldn’t imagine after becoming God, his spirit could be that intimidating.

Joy, anger, anxiety, pensiveness, grief, fear, fright, all seven different emotions rose up inside four Original Gods Luckily, they could manage the Original Sins, their emotional resistances were much stronger than other normal gods. Even it was like this, that strong God Spirit yet changed into a hammer, swatted aggressively onto their souls.

Not only couldn’t four Deadly Sin Gods mend the Knot in the sky, but, on the contrary, their power transfer was also interrupted, weakened to some extent.

A true word in nihility, Mind Storm!

This was the attack that was released by the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God’s collaboration, which was the same like the God of War and the God of Speed’s collaboration, the God Soul Fusion Technique.

Normal techniques were no use here., However, two different God Soul Fusion Techniques were piled up together by two God’s powers, enhanced each other than erupted away. A moment ago, that Mind Storm had blocked four first-level gods from releasing their God powers.

The vertical eye evolved unexpectedly, only Butterfly God’s shadow showed up ambiguously. Right now, she was a little different. Her blue pupils turned into black ones, more importantly, a pair of butterfly wings behind her back was replaced by a dim cast of rime fog.

Back then, when the Butterfly God and the God of Emotion had been in the mortal world, each one of them had two kinds of Martial Souls, therefore, the quantity of their God Soul Fusion Techniques was different from the God of Speed and the God of War, who had only one. They had even four.

This time, this was the second fusing as usual. Austere solo dancing, a Seduction Light.

The Butterfly God wasn’t the same Butterfly God as before, but was the Goddess they created from God Power Fusion. Goddess of Light!

In the sky, the Goddess of Light turned her head, glared intensely and glanced at the ones standing in the same place with her. But she gave out a gentle look toward her parents, she clenched her teeth, fidgeted her body,  changed into a light, headed to the sky and flew away.

The God of Emotion was very clear if they insisted on bringing their parents along, they wouldn’t be able to leave, they could only escape from four Deadly Sin Gods first, then saved their families.

Not to mention, in the Divine Realm, the God Punishment couldn’t be decided casually. Only the public trial of Divine Realm’s committee had an authority to decide. Even a God King couldn’t be able to change this point. Therefore, at least right now he didn’t need to mind his family’s safety.


In the sky, the God of Speed was with the God Soul Fusion Technique: Netherworld White Tiger. They had wanted to get close to the Knot in the Sky.

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