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“Roar!” A furious roar came out of the God of War’s body which had extended about one-hundred-meter high. His body looked like a mighty majestic mountain covered with black and white furred embroideries.. A pair of tiger claws attacked directly to the God of Pride. However on his body, a glimpse of dark blue halo faded in and out at the same time.

The four Deadly Sin Gods’ strengths were formidable, they were all first-level gods, they had negative-side god combat force, which was much more powerful than the positive-side god’s one. These four gods united to dominate and suppress the God of Emotion, Butterfly God, God of War and God of Speed, making them unable to move.

That wasn’t any skill, instead it was  purely the suppression of the God Power. The union of four first-level gods created an enormous god power, which was extremely terrifying.

The seven-ring halo on the God of Emotion blossomed to the great extent. He was alone bearing all the pressure giving the God of War opportunity to resort to his power. Needless to say, the God Power’s suppression alone was enough to capture them all.

Many techniques were weakened depending on the god levels. If judging fairly, god power and god spirit were the ones weakening. Of course, suitable techniques would magnify the result

On the God of Emotion’s forehead, a vertical eye slowly split up, despite bearing all the pressure, his energy wasn’t weakened a little, still dominating.

The God of Greed looked at the God of Emotion eccentrically. The God of Emotion was full of zealous vigilances gazing at the Butterfly God’s long blue hair. The God of Sloth was still half awake half asleep. The God of Pride constantly launched attacks to the God of  War. The God of War and the God of Speed had to unite to be able to withstand his attacks.

This guy was indeed powerful, how many years had he become the god? Just over few past decades, he had actually possessed a humongous amount of God Power. No wonder back then, the Sea God had only appointed him as the first-level god, there would definitely a reason behind it. Many people were ordered to come here today, they wouldn’t spare anyone. At least temporarily, they couldn’t let news spread out. In Divine Realm, no matter it was the Sea God or the God of Destruction, or any other members of the Divine Realm’s committee, it would be hard for them to seize the whole Divine Realm.

“More power, sloth, you rascal!” The God of Greed annoyingly glanced at the God of Sloth, this guy in the beginning didn’t use any strength, his laziness made people’s bloods boil.

“No!” The God of Sloth harrumphed, his God Power suddenly outraged.

Among the seven Deadly Sin Gods inside, in term of overall amount of God Power, he could be considered to be extremely powerful. This lazy fat punk would go to sleep right away if he had nothing to do, but that was his way of cultivation, therefore, he accumulated the most God Power.

The God of Sloth caught up, a few sweat drops showed up on the God of Emotion’s forehead, he personally couldn’t fight back the God Power Suppression from the Deadly Sin Gods, but if he united with the Butterfly God, relying on each other’s God Power, the later Divine Power Fusion could erupt a superior force, which could surpass the normal level strength.

After entering the Divine Realm, he had lesser opportunities to fight Even though his fighting experience in the mortal world was abundant, this was the Divine Realm, there was a huge difference between the Divine Realm and the mortal world.

“Cannot keep going like this, we won’t be able to handle it anymore.” The Butterfly God said from the bottom of her heart.

The God of Emotion could easily understand, but if they didn’t keep fighting like this, how about their family!

The God of War once again went up face to face with the God of Pride, a blazing golden light burst out from his body, it was a White Tiger Protecting Barrier.

The God of Pride released a punch to the White Tiger Protecting Barrier, let a mountainous Golden Bell roar. The God of War’s body shook greatly, after that, his gigantic body reduced its size a little bit, then changed into dominating light in a form of a killing symbol.

A dark shadow sent out a ghastly light in a flash, which split the killing symbol while bringing along a snake-like poison. It flashed up then disappeared.

“What?” The God of Pride shouted, the dark blue light beside him turned into a curtain of light, which was trying to defend the God of War’s attack.

But that huge killing symbol was very sharp, generating little ear-piercing sounds. That dark blue light was crushed into pieces.

After that, that ghastly light arrived in front of him.

The God of Pride screamed out in pain, his chest had many wounds, although these wounds could heal in a second, his expression became brutal.

Injured, he had been injured unexpectedly. As a prideful first-level god, he was attacked badly to the point that he was injured heavily like this, this was unforgivable.

The God of Pride looked up to the sky, let out an intense groan. The dark blue seven-ring halo behind him instantaneously became mightier while two illusory loops of the Halo floated up. It was as if he got a nine-ring halo.

Even though it was just illusory, not to mention temporary, which clearly didn’t make him belong to the God King level cultivation,  he could still manage to generate such a power. His entire energy had transformed tremendously.

Formidable seven-layered sky! That was the God of Pride’s strength which could double his power in a blink of an eye.

A punch was sent out, in the sky, a group of dark blue thunder grumbled fiercely as if it was joining with the union of the four Deadly Sin Gods to smash the sky into pieces.

“Cannot kill!” The God of Sloth all of sudden opened his eyes widely, he finally spoke up the first sentence since he came here.
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