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Tang San stayed still for a while, he couldn’t feel anything in his spirit sleep like before. But this sound was very familiar, it indeed was the God of Destruction.

He squinted his eyes, the mental power of Tang San suddenly poured out, his expression changed as well.

Because he had seen clearly, outside the Divine Realm’s committee, an army of thick dark-purple clouds was coming, emitting an electric purple light. A terrifying destruction intent was formed under that cloud.

The ’s strength was indeed formidable, if depending only on Sea God or Asura God’s strength, Tang San would not be his match.

But Tang San was the complex of two Gods, if they really fought, even without Xiao Wu’s help, he would also win on his own.

But the thing was, what was the God of Destruction up to? In the Divine Realm, it was forbidden to display one’s ability.

A blue light flashed up, Tang San had soon left the Divine Realm’s committee, floated in the air, far away from the giant cloud block.

“God of Destruction, what are you doing? Do you really forget that we are forbidden from using God Power?” Tang San questioned in a blaming manner

The God of Destruction’s voice was as cold as an ice, coming up out of that dark purple clouds, “Hand over the Divine Realm’s kingbolt.”

“What?” Tang San’s pupils shrank, he would never think that the God of Destruction could give a blunt remark, which obviously was full of rebellion intents.

“You want to start a rebellion?” Behind Tang San, a blue halo bloomed dramatically. In a blink of an eye, it turned into a seven-ring halo, that was indeed the Sea God, a Golden trident appeared in his hand accordingly.

Even though he was just a mere first-level god, his double gods unification, in addition to the fact he had been constantly practicing diligently while he was in the Divine Realm, were the reason why his cultivation was extremely powerful. Let alone, he could switch to the Asura God anytime.

The God of Destruction replied frigidly: “If Divine Realm continues to be under your control, that will be really a disaster. Maybe, the disaster you have calculated is for youI don’t need to launch a rebellion, I just want to set things right. I will soon let the entire Divine Realm know who would be the best ruler for the Divine Realm’s development.”

Tang San released a long sigh, then spoke: “God of Destruction, I can understand your hasty action. I also do this for the sake of the Divine Realm’s development. But I have a premonition that crisis is too intense, it perhaps could destroy the Divine Realm. Therefore, I have to keep Divine Realm remain stable as best as I can. You should leave, take today’s matter as it never happened, you are a law executor of the Divine Realm, how about this?”

“Ha ha , ha ha ha ha !” The God of Destruction sent out a big chant of laughter, “Take back your hypocrisy. You make use of that fabricated premonition to prevent the Divine Realm from expanding as you expected, don’t you? Your foundation is insufficient, once the Divine Realm is expanded, many god positions will be created. Until that time, the amount of human beings from the mortal world who are qualified to be gods will increase consequently, the quantity of gods will rise up as well, which will threaten your position. How can’t I not know what you are thinking?”

Tang San said furiously: “You are using small mind to think of a great man. Not to mention I don’t fear of the occurence of this kind of situation. Even if it really happens, then what? You think that I am really earnest for this position? Furthermore, this kind of situation is basically impossible to happen. Your strength is ruined, the one you can rule will only be Demonic God, the Deadly Sin Gods, the negative-side god, but in this Divine Realm, the amount of negative-side gods forever couldn’t be a half of positive-side gods’, aren’t you clear about that? How can you be the one ruling the Divine Realm?”

“Back then, when the God Kings went down to the mortal world, they has entrusted the Divine Realm to me, which is also because of your position’s issue. That isn’t because you lack of qualities. Let alone, other intentions. And neither do I. If there is one way, I really resign from the ruling position of Divine Realm, I will then give this position to the Life Goddess, not you. God of Destruction, does Goddess of Life know that you come here?”

The God of Destruction’s face became slightly solemn, these two words “Life Goddess” had quite big affection to him.

“She of course knows, we have the same mind, how come would she take your side?” The God of Destruction said glacially:

Tang San replied unflinchingly: “Alright, then you go ask the Life Goddess out. If the Life Goddess insists on replacing my position, the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked agree as well, I will be willing to present this position to you, how is this?”

The God of Destruction wouldn’t imagine he would say  that, but he was very clear that situation would never ever happen. Although the God of Kindness and God of Wicked’s personal abilities were in the top five weakest gods in the Divine Realm’s Committee, their first-level god nine-ring halos were extremely powerful, if he was with them, today matter undoubtedly wouldn’t have a smallest possibility of success. Therefore, the God of Destruction purposely made them leave for the mortal world, separating them from him.

Until they came back, everything would be finished, they for sure couldn’t change anything.

Even including the Life Goddess. . .

Tang San slowly raised the Golden Trident up, each golden halo radiated from it, “God of Destruction, what’s about the Life Goddess? Is she your wife?”

The God of Destruction was abruptly in rage, screamed out loud, “That’s our business, you don’t need to mind.”

Tang San responded sharply: “Since you keep insisting on this, I have no way but catch you first, then find the Life Goddess.”

The seven-ring halo behind his back glowed, the Golden Trident moved in a circular motion in the air, then each group of yellow clouds formed together into a vast cloud sea after him, which began to surge to the direction in front of him.

. . .

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