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The four Deadly Sin Gods all gathered at the God of Emotion’s secluded accommodation, creating a dominating atmosphere and making everyone in the God of Emotion’s house harden
The God of Envy said frigidly: “That Tang San Sea God, I don’t know what exactly is his qualification suitable for the position of the Divine Realm’s ruler ? He basically doesn’t deserve that position, after the Divine Realm has been given to his hand, it doesn’t have any advancement. It’s time for a change.”

The God of War sighed deeply, tears welled up in his eyes. The ambiance around was full of war color. Then a powerful aura burst out from his body, immediately made the air move quicker, a slight growl came out, his body also started to inflate.

As thing had turned out to be like this, no word was necessary anymore. They should go out, and do the talking later.

The father of the God of Emotion was extremely calm, he patted the God of Emotion’s shoulders, steadily said: “Child, you don’t need to interfere between us .We have lived for many decades with all of you around, those have been the best time of ours.”
The God of Emotion’s body trembled, his eyes became more persistent. His mind was extremely resolute. He had gone through many hardships before to cultivate successfully into a God. No matter how hard the situation he  encountered, he didn’t even flinch a bit.

Four first-level gods, let’s fight!

The seven-ring halo behind his back glowed, the intense emotion rose and gather around his body, then suddenly flashed out. Not only him, but also did the Butterfly God, her golden purple halo went up, then together with the God of Emotion, they constantly sent out divine illuminations, one after one, these illuminations seemed to vaguely merge with each other.

Back then when they accompanied each other to fight in Doulou Continent, their abilities could be merged with each other. After their cultivation had reached to the God Level, because their bodies couldn’t afford this level of fusion, they had no way to continue. But soon after they became Gods, they were baptized by the God Power of the Divine Realm, their past abilities which they had wanted to get back had been recovered.

The God of Destruction had appointed four first-level gods to catch them, it was indeed logical. The God of Emotion was just a mere first-level god, the God of a top second-level god, and more importantly, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God, the God of War and the God of Speed, they all brought the same abilities from Douluo Continent, that was the Martial Soul Fusion Technique.

Of course, right now it must be called the God Soul Fusion Technique.

Because there weren’t many conflicts in the Divine Realm, even though, as the Law executor of Divine Realm, the God Of Destruction didn’t know what actually their Divine Soul Fusion Technique’s levels were.

A gentle light emitted, the air was slightly distorted. Four Deadly Sin Gods’ halos moved as well. They didn’t only need to capture all these six people, but at the same time they also couldn’t let people from outside know about this. Obviously, when they carried on their plan, other locations simultaneously started the same as well.

. . .

Divine Realm’s Committee.

Tang San was silently handling office business, over the past few days, maybe because his premonition was about to come true, he somewhat became more sensitive.

Because of that unknown premonition, moreover, Gods had different feelings, he didn’t even know which method he could use to prepare for this.

After all, his base in the Divine Realm was still too shallow. Many years had quickly passed by, although he still governed the Divine Realm and the Divine Realm had been in peace so far, every God was independent, it would not be easy to order them unless they were willing to.

To deal with the upcoming unknown crisis, he could only rely on his experience that had been accumulated in the Divine Realm for the past years.

Even though that crisis was intense, its weight was like a huge mountain, Tang San had yet a vague feeling about it, he could still see some little survival hopes from it. It was just that there was no way he could have a more accurate judgment.

“I hope this crisis would happen a little later.” Tang San’s heart sank, at least, waited after his son was born. At that time, Xiao Wu could help him a little bit.

For the last half year, the Divine Realm had been at peace, the God of Destruction had as if retrained himself a lot, he barely spoke at the conference, didn’t remind or say anything provocative anymore.

Still, Tang San obviously didn’t think this Godfather of the Divine Realm would be this calm, he perhaps was calm because of Tang San’s agreement for him. There was a half year left until the due date of the agreement, until that time, if the crisis didn’t happen, he could only support the God of Destruction in expanding the Divine Realm.

Let’s hope that he would be right. At the moment, Tang San in fact hoped he had especially made a mistake. Furthermore, he knew once the God of Destruction’s plan successfully passed, his position in Divine Realm would fall straight to the bottom. Until that time, he would maybe no longer have Divine Realm’s power in his hands.

However, even if it was like this, Tang San would be willing to accept it as long as the disaster wouldn’t occur.

The God of Kindness and the God of Wicked were not in the Divine Realm’s committee, there were several problems once they were in that world . However, the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked would not face less troubles, which they might not be able to cope with while reincarnating to another life.

According to the Divine Realm’s rule, one mustn’t meddle with the mortal world’s business. In the end, they were once two God Kings who had made a quite contribution to the Divine Realm. It was reasonable to help them, but there was a limit.

For now, Tang San could only pray for both of them, the God of Kindness and the God of Wicked. After all, these two now were in the election process, had been going through many hardship, Tang San yet couldn’t bear seeing them suffering.

Of course, he wanted to test his son-in-law with his consecutive  usual tricks. Who said the son-in-law would take away his dearest daughter?

A foolish smile appeared on Tang San’s face when thinking of his daughter and his son-in-law. After his daughter got married, she was much more  mature. Although she did not stay with him anymore, she usually came home begging for a younger brother.

Uhm, tomorrow he would ask them to come home to have a family meal.

As the one ruling the Divine Realm, Tang San couldn’t easily leave the Divine Realm’s committee, but he could allow other gods to come here, especially family members, this small matter was no problem.

“Tang San!” Suddenly, a low-tone voice came up.

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