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“Alright, I have talked about this earlier, it is the best to call each other by the name, among us, there aren’t any problems in presenting each other by their god name. Dai Hao, what exactly make you think not right?” The God of War angrily said.

Dai Hao forced a smile and said: “How can it be like this? We can’t mistake each other’s positions! You are the senior.”

“Fine. God of Emotion, quickly make dinner. There are many things today, I want to have some drinks.”

“Yes, sir.” The God of Emotion smiled back, then hurriedly went working. It was right that he had a high position here, but it was just a name. In this three-room wooden house, there were three married couples. On normal days, he was responsible for cooking, the Butterfly God was in charge of cleaning. They lived harmoniously together, in the Divine Realm, this could be seen as a rarely big family.

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“Don’t need to hurry cooking dinner. You guys follow us first.” A sharp sound suddenly rang up without any precedent notice. Four different lights coming along with that sound dashed out from four varied directions. Soon after appearing, these lights immediately covered the sky and several thousand square meter area around the woodenhouse.

These four lights respectively were: Light yellow, dark green, deep pink and dark blue. Four different lights filled the entire surrounding environment with an intimidating energy. In a second, every evil aura emerged. The sky was camouflaged completely.

“What? What is happening?” The God of War was somewhat surprised at the sky’s transformation. He had been in the Divine Realm for many years, but hadn’t seen such a situation like this.

In the Divine Realm, even though there were still conflicts, but it was very small. Each god had one’s own territory, they barely left their territories, unless something big happened to the Divine Realm.

But if that was the case, they just used words to fight, directly informed the Divine Realm’s committee, let the Divine Realm’s committee decide. Talking about fights, there weren’t very least here. This time, four-colored lights rose up, bringing evil energies, moreover, their auras were intimidating coming along with their arrivals.

The four light-like figured arrived in different directions, each one radiated distinct energy.

The God of Emotion, the kind-hearted man that had lowered his head and bent his knees, now had moved to the sideways, showed up in front of his parents. His parents, who could only be considered as lowest cultivation level God officer in Divine Realm, were basically not suitable for fighting in the Divine Realm.

The God of War, the God of Speed and Butterfly God also made their ways up, all four formed into a circle, surrounding the God of Emotion’s parents in the middle.

“Who are you?” The God of Emotion shouted with a low tone. At that time, each halo gradually went up behind him, his breathing started to become weird. That was a chain of heavy fluctuated waves, giving way for  the four lights descending from the sky.

Seven-Ring Light Wheel, the first-level god!

But when all four put their heads together, their light wheel also rose up from behind, it was seven-ring light wheel, it really was seven-ring light wheel.

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Four first-level gods?

A glimpse of surprise flashed up in the God of War’s eyes, one must know there were only eighteen first-level gods in the Divine Realm. The halos of these four guys had distinct characteristics, they definitely had respectful statuses.

“You are?”

The first man with a faint yellow light wheel was slender, but his head was unexpectedly big, a sharp manly aura emitted from his eyes.

“You are the Original Sin God, the God of Greed?”

The faint yellow light wheel faded out a bit, the God of Greed snickered, then said: “That’s right, it’s me.”

The God of War turned to other direction, looked at the owner of the dark green light wheel. He was a chubby man, his eyes were wide open, his body was swaying, if looking swiftly, he seemed to lack of a lot of sleep.

“The God of Laziness?”

“Uhh!” The chunky God of Laziness was half asleep half awake.

The God of War slowly stepped up, looked behind those two gods.

A deep pink light radiated. The deep pink light wheel had seven similar halos in it, it was a woman. She was frowning, there were endless jealousies in her eyes, her appearance was quite ugly, one eye was big, other one was small, her nose was flat, she was indescribably short,er shoulders were crooked.

“The God of Jealousy!”

The man with the dark blue seven-ring light wheel was greatly handsome, he had a long shiny blond hair. While walking proudly ahead, he gave a disdainful glance  at the God of War.

“The God of Arrogance!”

“Yes, that’s me, why don’t hurriedly surrender?” The God of Arrogance rampantly shouted.

The God of War coldly swept across the four gods, nonchalantly said: “Seven Crimes, seven big Original Sin Gods have made your time to visit our modest accommodation, this is an honor for this humble god. May I know your reason of coming here today? I haven’t had any relationship with all of the Original Sin Gods by far.”

The God of Greed laughed and said: “That’s right. We don’t know you. But, whose fault is it that you know that person? Uh, his daughter and son-in-law are here as well. Really good, really good. We will bring all of you back, giving you a chance to be all together.”

“You dare to go against my father? What a big gut!” The Butterfly God was angry, yelling coldly. A pair of giant golden purple wings on her back stretched out.

The God of Emotion’s eyes deepened, he didn’t say anything else, came and took the Butterfly God’s hands.

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The God of Arrogance spoke contemptuously: “However, there was only one first-level god here, Master has ordered four of us to come here, just me is enough, I will gather completely in one net.”

After hearing the group of Original Sin Gods talk, the God of War’s feeling dropped straight to the bottom, he had known the reason why these Original Sin Gods came here.

They didn’t want to go against only his family, but also the one who controlled the Divine Realm, good brother Sea God! Furthermore, they had guts to do this, which only meant that they had carefully planned out everything.

“Perhaps does the God of Destruction want to ignite a war? Such an enormous risk, isn’t he scared of Divine Punishment?” The God of Speed muttered angrily.

The God of Jealousy said scornfully: “We have to wait and see who will control the Divine Punishment.”

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