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“Husband, what are you doing?” A girl bounced up and down running out from inside  the wooden house, watching her husband splitting woods outside, her face was full of excitement.

“Splitting woods! Then make a fire to cook dinner, are you hungry?” The young man looked at the girl lovingly, caressed her faint blue light, his eyes were uttermost warm.

“No, I am not hungry.” The lively girl said with her smile eyes, “But I am getting greedy a little. Can you make something delicious for me today?”

The young man smiled and said. “Teacher has given me some recipes, today I plan to experiment some dishes for grandfather and mother and you to taste.”

The girl said with a smile: “Good! Good! You are still the best, husband.”

“Naughty!” After her word, the young man’s face changed drastically, he hurriedly ran to her to cover her mouth, looking around to confirm whether or not anyone could hear her word After making sure no one was there, he then felt relieved. “Honey, watch your words! If father-in-law hears this, he won’t leave me alone. Perhaps, he will treat me like a moth.”

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The girl laughed out loud, then said: “You are that afraid of my father.”

The young man smiled painfully and said: “Aren’t you scared? In the past, your father has left a seal on your body because you are seeing me, I also have gone through countless hardships. After we got married, I have spent so much time to remove the seal on your body. This results in our delay for having next descendant. You see, mother-in-law has had a second child, but we still don’t have any news.”

The girl harrumphed then spoke: “Why not? You don’t have with me, but haven’t you had one in the mortal world already?”

The young man was dumbstruck, his painful smile turned to a bitter one: “Saying those doesn’t help anything, we have been in the Divine Realm for more than twenty years, the mortal world has been through many vicissitudes, I originally should not have had a child there. I would never know how many generations have passed after that child.. One year in the Divine Realm was ten years in the mortal world, Douluo Continent has also gone through ten thousand years.”

The girl’s eyes became gentler, said apologetically: “I am really sorry! Husband. I didn’t mean to. It is that we haven’t had kids for a long time, I am really worried that I can’t give you a descendant. . .”

The young man covered her mouth, smilingly said: “It is no use to speak about those things, being with you is my  biggest gift from heaven. Moreover, if we want to have kids, we should listen to my mother-in-law, work harder. Kakakaka.”

After saying, his hands quietly reached out toward the girl’s body curve.

“Get out.” She pushed his hand away, her face was blushing. Although they had gotten married for more than twenty years, their appearances were not much of a different comparing to when they first came to the Divine Realm. Even the shyness was the same.

“Alright, wait for me. I’ll go cooking. The young man reluctantly said, went back to chopping woods. He was originally a god, if it wasn’t because he wanted their life became more realistic, he wouldn’t even need to waste his strength into cooking.

In a small yard, there was a three-room wood house, the young man and the girl lived on the right side. Right at this moment, the door of the center room opened, a big sturdy man came out.

This man was about thirty years old, his yellow hair was carefully well-groomed, his face was handsome, his two pupils were somewhat angry, emitting prestige aura.

“Rascal, are you bullying my girl again?” The yellow-haired middle-aged man directly arraigned the young man.

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The young man unwillingly said: “Grandfather, she is not someone easy to be bullied, I don’t dare to do that.”

The middle-age man laughed: “You are just a first-level god, our treasure is a second-level god, how can you bully her? Moreover, don’t think as you are the God of Emotion, you can do anything. If you dare to bully our treasure, I will kick your ass.”

The girl laughed happily, jumped toward the middle-aged man, grabbed his hand, giving a fake punch toward to young man, “Right, I let grandfather kick your ass.”

The young man scratched his head, that middle-aged man also laughed. At this moment, in the center of the wooden house, another twenty-year-old girl came out, smilingly said: “Every time I hear all of you talk, I can’t stand it. There was no order, no elder or younger, completely a mess.”

Yeah, the girl called the middle-aged man uncle, but her husband called the middle-aged man grandfather, what the hell was this order?

The young man smiled painfully and said: “Grandfather, we have no choice. When I am ranked the lowest here.”

Originally, before this young man became the God of Emotion, in the mortal world, this young man was the descendant of the yellow-haired middle-aged man, he was ten thousand years younger, so he naturally called the yellow-haired middle-aged man grandfather. But this young girl was actually a daughter of the yellow-haired middle-aged man’s good friend, meeting and dating the young man, their love story had created a huge stir in the Divine Realm. In the end, they both became God, got married in the Divine Realm. That was when the order in the family got mixed up a little bit, but it was in theory. Because of this matter, the God of Emotion had been tortured by his wife very much.

This time, the door of the room on the left side opened as well, a pair of a husband and a wife came out, the man was about fifty years old, the woman, on the contrary, was about twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old.

The Divine Powers on their bodies were not too strong.

“Father, mother.” The young man quickly ran over, supporting his father, the girl also hurriedly rushed toward, grabbing the hands of her mother-in-law.

Parents of the God of Emotion were not gods, because the God of Emotion was the first-level god, he could bring along two family members to the Divine Realm. Thanks to that, these two could come to the Divine Realm.

“Grandfather.” The God of Emotion’s parents headed to the middle of the wooden house, paying their respects.

The man, who was the grandfather of the young man, was the God of War, a second-level god, the other girl was the God of Speed, a second-level god as well. The God of Emotion’s wife was a Butterfly God.
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