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In the next second, a radiant jade-like golden red light flared up on his forehead. The big fire phoenix suddenly raised its head, a loud and clear phoenix roar came up, the golden red on his head spread all over the body.

His dark red body was like a melting ice, dissolving quickly like it had met a terrorist creature.

The dark red halo gradually faded out once again it turned into the God of Lust’s figure flying far away, her face was as white as a sheet, shockingly looked at the Phoenix God.

Although it couldn’t be said that the Phoenix God’s strength was stronger than hers, she knew, with just the last battle inside, she had lost, terribly lost. Because she was an expert in this field, however, she had lost to the Phoenix God’s persistence.

“Do you have sincere feelings in your heart?” The God of Lust surprisingly asked.

The Phoenix God said impassibly: “Seems like, you have only figured out the story about me joining the Divine Realm. Besides that, you haven’t known anything else about me. After arriving the Divine Realm, I haven’t left this place yet, I haven’t even left the hot molten lava lake either, do you know what the reason is?”

The God of Lust shook her head, she seemed like she didn’t want to impatiently surrender the Phoenix God, on the contrary, she was interested in him.
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A sharp pain showed up in the corner of the Phoenix God’s eyes. “That’s because, I resent myself, I resent myself for not trying before. If my strength was mighty enough, I would have been the heir of the Fire God position. But, I couldn’t achieve that, at the time that the Fire God’s inheritance battle happened, I was defeated. If I could go back in time, I would definitely take the Fire God’s inheritance position. Among all the Divine Beasts inside, except the existence of Dragon God, other Divine Beasts are just the second-level gods, and so am I. I am the second-level god, he is a second-level god, I myself don’t have enough cultivation to bring my family to the Divine Realm. My wife has forever remained in the Doulou Continent above, only me, here. But, with only me, what is the meaning of me living here alone? Therefore I resent myself, I resent myself for not trying, for not having enough strength to bring my wife into the Divine Realm, forever being apart from her.”

“Many years have passed, besides hatred, there is only my missing feeling for her in my heart, the lust before inside me has been long gone, the only feeling I have left is my deeper love for her! Even if you are the God of lust, what can you do to sway my heart? If I had a choice, If I knew that I couldn’t be the heir of the Fire God position, I would have brought my wife to the Divine Realm, like that, I would become a worthless god, grow old together with her, die together with her.”

Two drops of fiery red tears went down from the phoenix eyes of the Phoenix God. He turned his face to the sky, let out a shrieking roar. After that, he transformed into a big fire phoenix, charging toward the God of Lust.

The God of Lust silently listened to his story. At the end, her body shivered slightly, her attitude toward the Phoenix God also changed.

Seeing the attack of the Phoenix God toward herself, she slightly sighed,  The hot molten lavas on the lake started dancing crazily, a narrow piece of dark red ribbon floated in the sky, sweeping across the Phoenix God. She as a first-level god, was unexpectedlywell matched with the second-level god like Phoenix God.

Right at this moment, the dark red sky suddenly turned to a deep-orange color. Soon after that, a deadly cold noise arose.

“I haven’t thought, as a God of Lust, you can’t handle this little matter. If it is like this, let me help you a little.”

A dark orange light descended, changed into a tall skinny man covered in an orange robe. As soon as he showed up, the molten lavas in the lake started bubbling, unexpectedly turned into an extremely mournful face, opening its mouth, then biting the Phoenix God.

The dark red ribbon of the God of Lust flowed over, tangled the Phoenix God’s body like wrapping a pie.

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“Who asks you to help?” The light in the God of Lust’s eyes flickered, her breathing was unstable, was about to explode. In the air, the dark red air flared up,. The dark red light wheel became more powerful behind her, suppressing the opposite dark orange light wheel intensely.

“You can’t catch him, how can’t I not help? Looking at you right now, must you be the God of Wrath?” That dark red figure to a certain extent fearfully said:

The God of Lust’s breathing became stable little by little, but her eyes were frigid, she harrumphed, leaped her body up, opened the ribbon, brought the Phoenix God along, then flew up to the sky and left.

The God of Wrath groaned a bit, then turned into the dark orange light, quickly chased after her.

The bubbling molten lava lake calmed down again, now its owner had gone missing.

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