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The fog moved unpredictably, sometimes it was raging like an ocean wave, sometimes it was quite like a goddess, its change didn’t follow any rule, but could bring people many beautiful sights.

A thick primary force of Heaven and Earth went back and forth between the clouds, if an ordinary human being came here and fearlessly took a breath, he could prolong his life by ten years. Of course, with the physique of an ordinary person, if they absorbed too much primary force of Heaven and Earth, this would not be a good thing either. Because this was God Power.

An ordinary person could come here? The answer was absolutely negativebecause this place was Divine Realm!

The halo of the majestic palace in God Realm emitted numerous faint golden lights, this place was the command center of the Divine Realm, controlling all the territories of the Divine Realm.


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The Divine Realm’s committee was in charge of checking on Divine Realm, keeping it being operated under the laws.

The main hall was built in an octagon shape, each wall surrounding it wasn’t decorated with luxury accessories but it flashed up and down with endless changing scenes. Each glowing scene represented a different mortal world. This place was where the Divine Realm’s Committee kept their watch on star territory and other galaxies.

In the center of the main hall, there was a round table made from unknown materials, but when looking closely, there were numerous hazy fogs formed on it.

At this moment, there were five people sitting around the table.

Sitting on the Master seat was a guy wearing a dashing blue robe, his long blue hair was fluttering messily behind his back, the long gorgeous blue robe floated like a rippling wave, if looking carefully, one would be attracted by that deep blue eyes, even souls could be drawn into them, which were like a deep blue ocean sucking people in.

On his left, there were two men, the man wearing black and white robe was a young guy with a short black hair, appeared to be energetic, in his eyes, there was a flickering flame dancing in it, the corner of his mouth pulled off an evil smirk.

The rest one was a woman wearing a white robe, her long messy red hair hung loosely on her back, her face was elegant, magnificent and pure, nothing could be compared to her beauty.

Sitting opposite to them, on the right of the man wearing blue robe, were a man and a woman, the man’s face was covered in his purple cloak, people could only see two red lights shooting out from that cloak, couldn’t see his face clearly, an intimidating aura radiated through his cloak.

Below the master seat, there was a woman sitting opposite to him, she wore a long light green dress, full of life, she wore a faint smile on her face, was an outstanding beauty, absolutely breathtaking, a faint golden halo, which was full of vitality, covered up her face, Her appearance was unforgettable, making people want to get closer.
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“Sea God, many human beings have reached the top level of cultivation lately, we need to verify and lead them to the Divine Realm. It is time to expand the Divine Realm.” A deep voice came out from the inside of the big purple cloak, a challenging red ray of light was directed at the man with blue hair.

The man with blue hair furrowed his brows, “The God of Destruction, Divine Realm has issued a law that year, which you think you can easily change it? In addition, expanding Divine Realm can destabilize the foundation of Divine Realm. It is basically impossible to do. Although many humans have reached the peak level, there are still many Gods that don’t want to give up their positions, want to explore other galaxies more, let the replacement happen naturally.”

The God of Destruction coldly said: “Naturally replace?” The replacement of God is very hard, many people, who weren’t qualified, had left their lives behind when going through the Gods inheritance test. But if the Divine Realm has more positions, promoting will be much easier. Expanding Divine Realm, how can’t it possible? With the Divine Power that Divine Realm has gathered for many years, the expansion will comply to the Heaven’s Will, allow the Divine Realm have more rooms to develop.

The Sea God frowned and said. “Expanding the Divine Realm is not a small matter, which will shake the whole Divine Realm, even affect our abilities to monitor the transformation of the entire universe, it is impossible to estimate its effects on the world of mortals, God of Destruction, you should consider it again.”

His attitude was very determined, after his words were sent out, eyes of other four people unconsciously turned on him, each of them brought different meanings behind their looks.

The voice of the God of Destruction said coldly: “One person is not able to solve this matter alone. After the two Kings reincarnated, each of us has one vote in each hand. I suggest voting. I agree with expanding the God Realm.”

The Sea God said in a low tone: “Even if we need to vote, we also have to extend the Divine Realm’s meeting, five of us alone can’t decide this matter. This should be put on hold.” With the resolute tone, he didn’t give the God of Destruction any time to ask, strongly dominating the God of Destruction.

The purple cloak of the God of Destruction flew around in the air, his red eyes flashed up then became calm again.

The woman in green skirt sitting opposite to the God of Destruction said: “We need to consider this matter thoroughly, devastation, we don’t need to hurry that.”

When she spoke, the look in the God of Destruction’s eyes also softened, he became quieter as well.
The woman in green skirt looked at the Sea God, said with a smile: “Sea God, you seem very healthy lately, maybe your family is having good news.”

“What?” The Sea God was dumbstruck, looked at her when saying: “Life Goddess, you said what?”

The Life Goddess smiled mysteriously, said: “Go ask your wife, she’ll let you know.”
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