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All was silent. With Tang San as the center, the red air faded into a transparent reddish color as it was made from glass. Under the shade of the tree, the sun shone down shimmeringly thousands of beams.

Not far from there, a giant silhouette gradually formed. There was a glimpse of fear in his cold eyes. Isn’t it the Pit Spider Emperor?

Tang San put his Trident into the ground. He then covered Xiao Wu’ sight, red light blasted from his eyes.


In a blink, a sharp bang resounded, echoing through the Sunset Forest. The mirror had broken, smashing the reflections in it. Seven hotshots of Spirit Hall, including three Spirit Sage, turned into a cloud of blood then vanished into thin air just in a split second. Their ability was not bad, but they were facing the Thousand Hands Dou Luo Tang San. A master at level Title Douluo performed the hundred thousand years spirit ability, even they were at level Title Douluo, it was uncertain that they could stand against him, no need to mention the big difference in their spirit power.

It was easy for Tang San to defeat a small troop of spirit masters from the Spirit Hall whose capacity was as good as his. After the trip to Sea God

Island, Tang San was officially transformed and become one of those at the highest levels in Dou Luo Continent.

The Pit Spider Emperor’s body wasn’t smashed into dust. It was certainly not because it could withstand Tang San’s a hundred thousand years eighth spirit ability; it was because it shouldn’t be crashed like that. If not, how could Tang San absorb its Spirit Ring? Even though the fifty thousand years old Pit Spider Emperor was already ground into small blocks and laying on the ground without breathing. Tang San felt a bit disappointed. This spider died in extreme fear state, but it didn’t leave any spirits bones behind. We could see how rare a spirit bone would appear.

“Wait for me, Xiao Wu.”

Tang San sat down, crossed his legs. Possessed such immense mental strength, he didn’t need any effort to extricate those spirit masters. A black halo flew out from the crushed body of the Pit Spider Emperor and embraced Tang San.

The Sea God’s mark on his forehead glowed. Tang San didn’t dare to relax because this was the fourth spirit ring. The Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi told him it would be okay. However, this was the first time, he should be careful when releasing the light of Sea God. To avoid unwanted matters, he also activated Blue Silver Domain lingered with his mental strength to cover the surrounding area. Now, any human beings or spirit beasts came near him

within one thousand tchi (1) would be drawn in the maze and no way they could get to where Tang San was.

The absorbing process was faster than he thought. And the method he had applied wasn’t wrong. With the support from the Sea God’s Light, his body was just like a whale drinking water, absorbed the spirit ring. The Sea God’s Light had threatened the Pit Spider Emperor’s spirit ring and ceased its recrimination. There would be no problem even if Tang San were taking up the hundred thousand years spirit ring now. With the spirit power ranked level ninety-one as a backup, the absorbing process took no longer than the time to burn half an incense (2). Another shiny pure black spirit ring appeared on his body. Five of the Blue Silver Empire’ spirit rings had been recovered.

When he finished absorbing, he stood up confusingly. He felt his body’s attributes were enhanced. One thing was, before detaching spirit rings to resurrect Xiao Wu from his own body, he didn’t feel any weaker! Could it be the double receiving attribute boost? Even though the boosting of those bygone five spirit rings was little, getting boosted again, even a little bit, was too terrific.

It just that, how smart was Tang San? It didn’t take him too long to think. In theory, when he provided spirit rings to Xiao Wu, his pep was already hurt. Not only the attributes enhanced by those spirit rings were gone, but also his body should get hurt seriously. In whatever way, Tang San was the God’s favorite, he kept the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bones that

healed those severe wounds on his body through the endless revival fire. This inner healing ability worked inside him in a while without his awareness and pushed his body to the best condition. The negative effects of losing spirit rings were gone like that.

The Undying Body ability of Bibi Dong was extreme. But it could only work from the immortal aspect, unlike the function of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone’s, which was healing. Even though it couldn’t make the carrier immortal, whenever the carrier got hurt, as long as he still breathed and the spirit bone was there, he could be healed again. In fact, this was lower than the immortal body ability, but when Tang San reached Title Douluo, he could fully use all functions of the spirit bone abilities and applied those on others; at that time, the effects could be better than Bibi Dong’ Death Spider Emperor’s ninth spirit ability, the Undying Body.

“Ge, how is it going? Are you okay?”

Xiao Wu rushed after him, she even paid more care to the recovery of Tang San’s spirits rings than he did.

Since he exposed his talents in the spirit masters world, his life was naturally on top. Xiao Wu would never be willing to witness her man to lose spirit ring abilities because of her, especially after seeing the stagnation of Tang Hao the Hero, this feeling was getting even stronger.

Tang San smiled then embraced Xiao Wu:

“It’s okay, all is well. I have a feeling that your resurrection is not a lost but a big catch. We should wait until I collect all the spirit rings, my power will increase. When I fully recover, if we encounter Bibi Dong, I think I can fully confront her!”

Xiao Wu said:
“Then we should hurry to find the spirit rings that is suitable for you!” Tang San nodded:

“It’s easy. I think it only takes three days max to recover all spirit rings from the Blue Silver Emperor and reach the Title Douluo. Now I understand the advantage of twin spirits. It’s not easy for Title Douluo to kill a hundred thousand years spirit beasts. Anyways, a hundred thousand years spirit beasts are rare. But it’s easy to beat the lower lever spirit beasts, though it is not necessary to the regular Title Douluo because they have collected enough spirit rings. For me right now, I can defeat the Pit Spider Emperor, which has the spirit power as powerful as mine, in the state of lacking some spirit rings. It means I’m stronger than the other Title Doulou. More important, it’s easy to find the suitable spirit beasts in the jungle. The Blue Silver Domain can help me searched with ease, save time and even find the best ones.”

Indeed, it took a lot of time to find high-quality spirit rings. Using Blue Silver Emperor in the jungle was just like he got his eyes on every corner. It became much easier!

In the next three days, Tang San used his Blue Silver Domain together with the torrentially immense mental power to lead the trace. In such a place like the Sunset Forest, he quickly absorbed four spirit rings and fully added nine spirit rings for the Blue Silver Emperor. He also found a good spirit ring for Xiao Wu.

Spirit beasts with the cultivation level over fifty thousand years were not many but not as rare as the hundred thousand years spirits beasts. However, through Tang San’s slaughter, half of the spirit beasts whose cultivation levels were over fifty thousand years were gone. His Blue Silver Emperor recovered nine spirit rings, and the Clear Sky Hammer absorbed two spirit rings. All were fifty thousand years spirit rings.

It was not because there weren’t fifty thousand years spirit rings anymore in the Sunset Forest, but it was because there were no suitable spirit rings for the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer was the tool attacking spirit with the formidable strength. Being the second-ranked spirit, the recovery of Blue Silver Emperor was totally different. Tang San paid special attention to each spirit ring added to the Clear Sky Hammer. If there weren’t any pretty compatible spirit rings, he would definitely not touch it.

Thus, having two great spirits with a total of eleven spirit rings, his body changed again. Under the support of the Sea God’s Light, the attribute boosting wouldn’t harm his body. The gold halo outside became intense. His body even glowed at night (let’s use him as a light bulb – saving energy!). He could feel a halo of dark gold appeared on his bones. Those halos both on his skin and bones were gold, very similar to the gold halo of the spirit bone Xiao Wu had given him many years ago.

Grandmaster once said to him, the Paragon Golden Body had a limit too. It was just Tang San hadn’t met any hotshots to break this limit. Based on
his study, he thought that this limit was the difference between spirit power ranked level ninety-nine and spirit power ranked level one-hundred. Once he broke level one-hundred, might be this undefeatable golden body would be useless then.

Tang San was delighted with the sudden change. He had a feeling that if his skin, bones, vessels and blood could sparkle in gold as of the Paragon Golden Body, the attacks from those under divine level couldn’t affect him. Together with the increasing number of spirit rings, the absorbing progress became faster. When he absorbed the twelfth spirit ring, it took him only several breaths. Although there weren’t any one hundred thousand years spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, Tang San felt satisfied. At present, he only needed to show his level and the number of spirit rings to scare people away.

Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit rings had these colors: black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, and red (five black ones and four red ones). The first spirit (Blue Silver Emperor) was even better than Bibi Dong’s second spirit. Tang San always claimed that he couldn’t defeat Bibi Dong, but just to hold a fight wasn’t a big deal. At least, his current capacity wasn’t less than the Sword Douluo ranked level ninety-seven Chen Xin. Of course, it included the Seagod Trident. Back to the day he had faced Bibi Dong, thanked to his specialized ability and his big luck together with the forceful domains from his two great spirit beasts he could remain.

Nothing less than that, Tang San deeply understood that from level ninety onwards, it became arduous to level up. Even though he had absorbed seven spirit rings, he could only break two levels. His current spirit power was ranked between level ninety-two and ninety-three. If he couldn’t absorb the hundred thousand years spirit ring, and his Clear Sky Hammer had nine spirit rings, his spirit power could be at level ninety-four for sure. It wasn’t a surprise that the Title Duolou could only break one level for each ten years.

During three days, the collecting of spirit bones also made Tang San happy.

The existence rate of spirit bones from fifty thousand years spirit beasts was not too low. If counted the spirit beast that Xiao Wu absorbed, they had killed eight beasts whose cultivation level were over fifty thousand

years. There were two spirit bones, one was very compatible with Xiao Wu. Tang San gave it to her immediately.

Xiao Wu broke through level seventy-six after taking the spirit rings and bones. Her spirit power wasn’t less than other members’ of the Shrek Seven Devils. Now Xiao Wu was an agility spirit master level Spirit Sage. The spirit bone she absorbed was the seducing condensation skull taking from a Three-eyed Devil Fox beast that possessed a sixty thousands years of cultivation. With this spirit bone, her second spirit ability of Seduction was intensified by several levels. Tang San had tried her Seduction ability, he immediately found out that the ability could affect the spirit master at Title Duolou. Just the effect varied according to different person’s capacities.

Moreover, this spirit bones not only strengthened her second spirit ability but also brought her another useful ability, along with Blink, Paragon Golden Body, the survival ability on the battlefield was even higher than other members of the Shrek Seven Devils. She was only under Tang San. The left spirit bone wasn’t compatible to both Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Moreover, Tang San collected a spirit bone from the Ghost Douluo, now he had two spirit bones to store. This was for his comrades later. One of the two spirit bones was suitable to Dai Mu Bai, the other was suitable to Zhu Zhuqing. No matter how well the spirit bones were, each could add different effects on different spirit masters. Being the Grandmaster’s disciple, Tang San always remembered that.

“Xiao Wu, look.”

Standing in the middle of the forest, Tang San smiled at Xiao Wu, pointing on his body. He was releasing the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, which was a mix of only black and red that caught people’s eyes.

Right then, a halo of lucid blue diffused from Tang San. An unusual scene began. The nine spirit rings that could scare his enemies away on his body were changing. The change in colors. Wherever the blue light reached, all spirit rings changed to white. Xiao Wu was amazed, she scrutinized and found that they turned to gold. Purple went after that. And black at the end.

The lights appeared again. One of the nine spirit rings disappeared, then the second, and the third. Eventually, all were gone. Certainly, Tang San was still releasing the Blue Silver Emperor spirit.

“Ge. How do you do that?”

Xiao Wu looked at him in awe of surprise. She realized that his breath was changed accordingly to the change of the spirit rings.

Tang San smiled, retrieving his spirit:

“This is my Blue Silver Domain, I had obtained it when I was in Star Dou Forest. After I reviewed it, I think it doesn’t belong to domain ability. Thus, this ability is terrifically useful. Under my mental power control, Blue Silver Domain can camouflage all my spirit rings, and change their colors. It can even blind my enemies so they can’t see my spirit rings. Moreover, it helps bend my breath perfectly. I call it the Camouflage ability. At present, the mix of my spirit rings was dazzling, but when covered, besides strong people like Bibi Dong, even a Title Douluo can’t see through my camouflage.”

Xiao Wu agilely jumped onto Tang San, her slender thighs embraced his waist, her hands clutched his neck, she said:

“This skill is awesome! It can eliminate plenty of troubles.”

Tang San tilted his head to kiss her lips tenderly. Xiao Wu blushed, but she didn’t protest. These days they had stayed together. Through ups and downs, they became harmonized. They were as intimate as husband and wife, except the final step they hadn’t broken through. Of course it wasn’t because of Xiao Wu’s approval, Tang San wanted to save the best for their wedding night. He was so in love with Xiao Wu. He didn’t want her to regret anything.

Right at that moment, Tang San suddenly looked at the the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well. Xiao Wu turned to see it simultaneously. She could only see a

gold light rocketed to the sky. All Blue Silver Grass on the ground started to shake slightly. Just like they were trembling in excitement.

“Mom had succeeded.”

Tang San was surprisingly excited, but he didn’t let off her. One of his hands wrapped around her waist, the other took the Seagod Trident. He didn’t mind this was the spirit forest, he jumped and flew directly to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. From the middle of the air, the mental strength was forcefully pushing down, no single spirit beast in the Sunset Forest could protest it.

He was there just in a blink. But the luminous gold light was still blasting. The extreme familiar feeling made Tang San wanted to jump into the light. That gold light didn’t hold a lucid light of strength but an enormous breath of life.

When Tang San just reached the peak, he hadn’t get inside the cave yet, the pole of gold light suddenly vanished, turned into small gold beams in the air heading to the Sunset Forest.

When those light encountered Tang San’s body, he could feel an enormous breath of life integrated into his body. His mother’s mellow voice sounded in his brains:

“My dear fellows, I thank you for your detached sacrifice for my resurrection. This light of life is your reward, in the hope of your evolution to be taken place soon.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t hear the voice because Blue Silver Emperor’s blood didn’t exist in her body. She was still attracted by the light.

Xiao Wu stood steadily on the ground, Tang San held her with one hand. The two descended like the eagles. Up there, they saw a figure of a woman standing next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Her whole body was covered with the tender light of life. Her abnormal fine habitude was far different from her mortal appearance. The deep blue eyes were just like glass without any flaws. Her dress was made from the bright thin thread of golden ribbon gently flowing, a light aroma spread into the air.

She looked like she was in her thirties. Those beautiful eyes were dulled because of the feature in front of her. Standing in front of her was an amputee man, he only had one hand and one leg. It was quite a contrary. But only sentimental love could be seen in their eyes.

“A. . . . . . Yin.”

Tang Hao found it was very difficult to utter just two words. His complex made him bowed his head, he didn’t dare to take a look at that gorgeous beauty.

Right at the moment, a pair of mild hands touched his bearded face, lifted it up.

A familiar aroma. This familiar aroma in the memory, which was something back to several decades ago, took over his mind and body.

“Hao, you are my Hao ge, forever. The past several years I was busy with the sacrificed ceremony, and I had lost my life. You got hurt more than I did. Finally, we can be together again. This time we will not be apart. No matter how you look, you will always be my man. I love you, forever, forever love you.”

A Yin’s voice was trembling with tears. She collapsed to his brace.
Tang Hao finally looked at A Yin, peering at her beautiful blue eyes, the familiar feeling was even more than before. The pressure of emotions accumulated in his heart for over twenty-five years burst out like a waterfall. He strongly used his only hand to hold her near, closing the gap between two bodies as much as possible. He cried.

In the spirit master world, the Clear Sky Douluo was always well known as the strong, vigorously spirit master. But at this moment, he was crying like

a child. Over twenty-five years, how much pressure had put on his mind and body!

When A Yin sacrificed for Tang Hao, she left only a lone Blue Silver grass and a newborn baby. Tang Hao was hurt badly.

How much he loved his wife! Finally, she was living again, standing in front of him. The strong mind soon turned into mild sentimental, exhaled vehemently.

Xiao Wu witnessed this scene, she couldn’t help but rush into Tang San’s embrace, tears rolling on her face. Tang San was crying too. But he cried with a smile. The family finally reunited. He had been waiting so long for this moment, so long. Having his parents, his beloved beautiful wife, he felt he needed nothing now, even the Sea God position wasn’t appealing to him anymore.

Tang San embraced Xiao Wu and sneaked out. Father and Mother must have much to say. They needed to love each other well, too. Being their son, of course, he had to spare this space for them. Never had a happy feeling made him that exciting.

That night, Tang San hugged Xiao Wu tight and slept soundly. He didn’t cultivate nor having any thoughts related to cultivating. He only felt happy inside.

Tang San woke up at the breaking dawn when birds were singing and the fog was cleared. Xiao Wu was still lying asleep on his chest. Her body was warm, and her hands cuddled his neck. Her face showed a hint of happiness.

Looking admirably at her lovely features, Tang San couldn’t help but give her a love bite on her nose tip. Xiao Wu budged, her drowsy eyes slowly opened.

She batted her eyes, looking up to meet Tang San cherishing her. Feeling shy, she buried her head into his chest again.

“Ge, why you look at me like that?” Tang San whispered:

“Xiao Wu, I’m afraid I can never look at you enough, even I have to spend my whole life, what should I do?”

Xiao Wu answered:

“I’ll let you contemplate me for my whole life, the next life and even the next life. Forever. Eternity. As long as you still love me, I promise to be your woman forever.”

Tang San didn’t say anything else. He answered Xiao Wu with a deep, deep, and passionate kiss.

When Tang San and Xiao Wu got back to the cave again, they saw Tang Hao and A Yin sitting together near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. A Yin was leaning on Tang Hao. She tenderly gazed at the fog that was released from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

And, it looked like Tang Hao had suddenly changed. His gray hair had become black again. Half of those wrinkles on his face had disappeared. His eyes were clear and cheerful; sometimes they sparkled just like they did when he was younger.

This was the first time he saw his father brightly and delightful face since he was a child, he couldn’t help but cry:

“Dad. Mom.”

Tang Hao and A Yin turned to see them. Tang Hao smiled at A Yin. He stood up bravely. His feature looked huge. He opened his hands towards his son, his voice trembled:

“Little San, Little San. Come here quickly, meet your mother.” “Mom…”

Tang San shrieked in excitement, he let off his hand, which was embracing Xiao Wu, put the Seagod Trident on the ground and stormed to his mother. He suddenly bent on his knees and hugged her.

A Yin held his broad shoulders tight, lifted him from his bending position to hug him. From the day he was born, this was the first time they were close together.

Tang San felt his mother was extremely warm, mild and full of love. Nothing in this world could compare to this. The mother and son kept hugging each other and cried. They cried out loud in happiness.

There was a touching feeling in Tang Hao’s eyes. He looked up to the sky and suddenly felt that, eventually, God didn’t trick him. His family finally reunited through so many struggles. He had the same feeling just like Tang San felt yesterday. Other things no longer mattered. He opened his hands and embraced his son and his dear wife. (a thousand words ago, he was an AMPUTEE, lol, see, love can grow hands though).

Xiao Wu stood not far from them. There was an unnamed sad feeling rising in her heart. She recalled the death of her mother, and Da Ming and Er Ming.

Right at this moment, a ribbon of gold light wrapped around her waist, just a second and she was dragged into the warmth of the motherhood.

“Child, don’t you be upset. From now on, I’m your mother, you will never be alone again. You have Little San, you have your father and me. We are your family.”

A Yin gently pampered Xiao Wu and told her.

In her ears, there were sounds of discontinued cry, the most touching sound in the world.

Even though she adopted Xiao Wu, Liu Er Long’s bravely hot temper was very different from her blood mother. Standing in front of A Yin, she felt like her mother had come back to life. The tender and warm feeling embraced her, wiping all her lone feelings away.


Tears of happiness were shed. Everybody had a certain feeling, but Tang Hao might have the deepest one. After the time of burning half an incense, he gradually stood up and rose Tang San up with him.

“Okay, today our family finally reunites. Don’t cry.”
A Yin nodded, wiped away the tears on Tang San and Xiao Wu’s faces. “Your dad’s right. Today is a happy day, we should be happy.”
Tang San got himself together asking his mother:

“Mother, how did you recover?”

This was his most concern. This was the second time his mother revived in a hundred thousands years anyway. It took a lot of external force. He was only afraid that there were some problems against this.

A Yin said:

“This was faster than I thought. I had not only reformed my human shape, but also my cultivation level. My spirit power just passed level seventy. The most important thing is it was the same with you, son. Because of the effect from your Blue Silver Domain, your Blue Silver Emperor blood was awakened. Now your soul strength just reached the Spirit Sage level, but your mental strength, when it interacted with Blue Silver Grass, is not bad compared to the hundred years spirit beasts. No matter what, this is good. With you guys’ assistance, mine spirit power at level seventy is enough.”

Tang San thought it was lucky that mother could return to her human form, she didn’t need to cultivate from the beginning again. If she had reborn under a newborn child form, his father couldn’t accept that, and he would feel weird anyway.

A Yin said:

“I’m completely getting back to life. Little San, shall we go to the Clear Sky School?”

Tang San apparently understood why his mother was rushing, nodding in agreement. But Tang Hao shook his head, he said:

“We don’t need to hurry. Our family gets together is more important. A Yin, you just came back, you should consolidate your strength again. My mind couldn’t be at ease without doing this.”

A Yin said begrudgingly:

“Am I not well now? Don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of myself, because of me, because of you, my darling, and our Little San and Xiao Wu.”

Tang Hao still persisted with his idea. The four stayed at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and enjoyed their loving family life. Every day, A Yin and Xiao Wu would cook. Tang San and Tang Hao discussed the cultivating methods that they had experienced. Tang Hao heard that Tang Xiao had given Tang San the Clear Sky Nine Abilities, he helped him to use under his advice. His wife was reborn, he felt alive again. Day by day, he looked younger; if needed to compare to the previous time, he was totally different!

Of course, Tang Hao wasn’t as strict as when Tang San was young. Looking at his grown up son, his eyes sparkled with pride.

It was already three days and there were no problems appeared with A Yin’s body. Under his wife’s urge, Tang Hao decided to bring the whole family out of the Sunset Forest. They headed to the Clear Sky School.

The Sunset Forest was near Heaven Dou City, not far from the Clear Sky School. To help his father recover his leg and arm, Tang San didn’t pass by the Heaven Dou City. The family of four headed straight to the Clear Sky School. Tang San wanted to go there too. Back to the day that the Five Great Elders of the Clear Sky School had given him three quests, he had now finished them all. At the same time, the strongest hidden weapons of the Tang Sect being cast there by the Divine Craftsman, Lou Gao.

(1) tchi: ancient Chinese unit measurement, 1 tchi = 0,33m = 13 inches.
(2) Half and incense: a way to measure time in ancient time, it’s around 15 minutes or so.

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