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Tang San had gone through the golden flame door created from Bo Saixi’s sacrifice to get to the Sea God Temple. But he was kept outside by the protective gold halo. He was thinking about the most violently direct method, which was breaking it to get in. Without the Sea God’s Heart, this was the only thing that he could think of now.


When Tang San was gathering power for his attack, the cold voice arose again, “Breaking the Sea God’s Protective Barrier will let the water destroy the Sea God Temple.”


The power he had just gathered had to be dismissed immediately. Tang San frowned. How come? I don’t have the Sea God’s Heart, if I can’t break this barrier how can I get into the Sea God Temple?


If there were someone else, the first thing he would have done now was to look back to see if the gold flame door was still there. At least he would have a way to come back. But Tang San didn’t do that. In his mind, there was no such thing as “backing off”. For this inheritance, Bo Saixi had to pay with her life. He would definitely not back off.


Looking at the light barrier in front of him, Tang San was trying to wake his mind up. He was worrying, but worrying was useless at this moment.


The Sea God’s Heart was the key to get through this barrier. No matter it was for the Sea God’s pledge or for the effort he had made passing the eight challenges to get to this space, he couldn’t be stopped here. Then, if he wanted to solve this, he had to find a way to prove to the protective barrier that he was the Sea God’s successor, the chosen one. If he could prove that, he didn’t need to have the Sea God’s Heart.
Upon this thought, Tang San started to focus his mind, condensed all of his mental power, pouring into the Sea God Trident’s Mark on his forehead.


The pure gold light from the Sea God Trident’s mark projected on the light barrier in front of him. It went as Tang San had expected. The barrier light was trembling, and the cold voice didn’t echo again.


This light barrier was tough, but Tang San had found that it was getting softer right where the Sea God’s Light was shining on. Although it didn’t affect the barrier’s ability to prevent the water, it lit up hope in Tang San’s heart.


The Sea God’s Light continued to shine. Simultaneously, Tang San started to manipulate the Sea God’s Light to cover his body. Then he slowly walked to where the Sea God’s Light had weakened the light barrier.


It was really tough at first. Under the Sea God’s Light protection, Tang San was entering the area of the protective light. Of course, one couldn’t breathe under the water. However, with the cover of the Sea God’s Light, Tang San could breathe again. Tang San didn’t think about breaking this light barrier. He still remembered what that cold voice said. When he could wholly get into that protected area, Tang San had put both of his hands onto the hole he just broke to fix it. Then, he poured the Sea God’s Light into it to seal the hole.


And that was how he could continue to move further, but the water couldn’t get in as the light barrier was still watertight.


After carefully checking the density of the protective light, Tang San vigorously poured the Sea God’s Light to cover his body entirely. This softened the barrier. At the same time, he poured his spirit power into the main blade of the Sea God’s Trident and pierced into the protective light.


This light barrier was extremely tough. If Tang San didn’t have the Sea God’s Light, he had to use the Exploding Ring to advance his power to God Stage to break it. Thanks to the Sea God’s Light, its defense was reduced significantly. Finally, with a strange ‘puff’ sound, Tang San could finally get out of the protective barrier, falling downward. When he looked back to see, the light barrier was still perfect as nothing had happened.


Wisdom is the endless mighty power. Tang San knew he finally passed this first challenge.


He immediately urged the flying ability of the Blue Silver Emperor’s right thigh spirit bone, descending to the front of the Sea God Temple.


From a distance, this Temple looked massive. When he arrived there, he still got astounded.


Standing in front of the Sea God’s Temple, Tang San felt that he was minuscule. The atmosphere was tranquil. Tang San then looked up to see the pellucid blue light shining through the barrier.


Taking a deep breath to adjust his mental powers, which were consumed to break through the light barrier, Tang San, with the Sea God’s Trident in his hand, started to walk to the Sea God Temple.


There were two hefty doors stood in his way. The Sea God Temple was over two hundred meters high; these main gates should be over one hundred meters, and its thickness was uncertain. Two massive prints were carved onto the gates. On the left door, it was a giant statue of the Sea God, holding a Trident, pointing forward as if he was attacking someone. Now Tang San was looking at the image of a Demon Whale plunging up from the sea, which was carved on the right door. This was exactly the Deep Sea Demon Whale King that Tang San had savaged and taken its spirit ring and spirit bone.


Standing in front of these two giant doors, Tang San felt that those prints had been touching his soul even they weren’t fine arts. Tang San had a feeling that he had been lost in a different world as if he could witness the Sea God was standing imposingly on the sea.


“Master Sea God, Tang San has come to receive your inheritance.”


Tang San rose his voice, both of his hand grabbing the Sea God’s Trident as he was bowing down to greet.


“You have lost the Sea God’s Heart, do you still dream to receive my powers?”


A solemn voice that could shake people’s souls arose, but no one knew where it came from. Tang San was almost suffocated due to an invisible pressure pushing down on him.


Tang San bowed, looking at the Sea God’s Trident in his hands as his eyes sparked with shame, “Yes, I’ve lost the Sea God’s Heart. It has chosen me, but I couldn’t protect it. Nonetheless, I have to come here for your inheritance. I need your power to protect my family and friends. I want to use your power to take revenge, to hunt down the one who has broken it. Please give me another chance. As I let it be broken, I’m willing to receive any punishment that is to be set for me.”


“If so, you can get in!”


Clack..clack…clack… The one hundred meters tall gates slowly opened to reveal the interior of the Sea God Temple. Dazzling gold light vehemently radiated from inside that Tang San couldn’t even open his eyes. Being covered in this holy power, Tang San had felt that he was really minuscule, just like an insignificant sand grain in the vast sea.


Is this the God’s solemn? Tang San beamed a confident smile. He had faced a God once. Although Qian Ren Xue hadn’t been a perfect God, she was still a God. Tang San’s overall strength at that time was far behind what he got now. Still, he had survived. Now he was just one step away from the God’s power. Well, even if I’m just a grain of sand, so what? I can be the rebel grain that could stir up the whole vast sea!

With this thought, Tang San’s smile was filled with confidence. He sped up his pace. At this moment, his body was like an ant compared to the impressive Sea God Temple, but still, he wanted to turn himself into the center of this place.


There were thirty-six huge pillars supported the roof in the Sea God Temple. Between them was a thirty meters wide corridor leading to the great hall inside. A giant throne stood at the end of the corridor. A man, no, a giant was sitting on it.


Tang San paused, amazingly looked at that giant. He wasn’t different from a human. He was wearing a white robe covered with golden patterns and a Poseidon’s crown that had a deep blue translucent gem inlaid in the middle. He looked very similar to the Sea God’s shadow from the Sea God’s Heart that Tang San had met several times. At those times, Tang San had met a shadow, but now it was a real person.


Sea God?


The Sea God’s appearance was archaic, not good-looking but very somber. His calm but strict eyes studied Tang San, who was coming inside from the other end of the hall. A light was moving in his eyes. When he stood outside the hall, Tang San had already felt the massive pressure; now the pressure was getting even stronger. It was like the first time he had entered the Sea God’s Light when he had been taking his first trial on the Sea God Island. It was the pressure on his body at that time, but now, it was the pressure that was bearing on his soul.


“Greetings, Honored Sea God. I didn’t think that you would have chaired the inheritances ceremony yourself.”


Tang San immediately woke up from his short astonishment. He understood now, calmly looked at the Sea God sitting at the other end of the Hall, spoke loudly. His manner wasn’t arrogant or servile.


“Why didn’t you bend on your knees seeing me?”


Sea God spoke with his solemnly powerful voice that released more pressure to the place.


Tang San stolidly said, “I’m your successor, not your servant. Why should I bend on my knees?”


Sea God smiled, slowly stood up from his throne. When he stood up, he instantly gave other people a great pressure. This Master was at least one hundred meters tall!


“You are discontented because of Bo Saixi’s sacrifice?” Sea God asked with a smile.


“Not to mention Bo Saixi had helped me many times; she had protected your Palace and your Island with all her life. But her final result was that her sacrifice had ended her life. What is your advice for me then?” said Tang San.


Tang San understood that going against a God wasn’t a smart move. But his heart was filled with rage thinking about Bo Saixi’s death.


Sea God calmly said, “She was put under my protection. What if she had lived? What if she had died? Sometimes, it is a torture being alive. Even if you are a God, there are no exceptions.”


Tang San coldly smiled, “Thus you had decided her fate, right?”


Sea God shook his head, “No, you’re wrong. She decided her own destiny. Gods don’t have the authority to write one’s fate. It’s her choice. Everyone has his or her own choices, free will you could say. You too. You can come here, it’s your choice. Bo Saixi’s ancestors were my henchmen when I was ruling the ocean. They are guarding the Sea God Island now, not only to wait for you to receive your inheritance but also to protect the remaining memories. That is their choices, not my requests. What I have left there were just the methods to get to this place. It isn’t compulsory that she has to do so. However, if the great consecrator of the Sea God Palace thought it would be worth it, they would have done that. Do you understand?”


Tang San didn’t even think that Sea God would have explained it to him like that. Yes, it is true that everybody has their own choices. But the scene of Bo Saixi’s sacrifice would have never ceased in his mind.


Sea God smiled, “When someone dies, what will happen is just the separation between his soul and body. Tang San, tell me, to a human, body and soul, which one is more important?”


“From some aspects, the body is just the host for the soul. However, without a body, could there be a soul? I’m afraid that it would have vanished.” Said Tang San.


Sea God nodded, “You understood it now, it would be easier for me to explain. It is true that when human die, their souls would soon vanish. Spirit masters’ case is not an exception. However, when Bo Saixi carried out her sacrifice, she did die, but her soul didn’t vanish. My power had guided her soul to another world. When you become a God, your soul will go there too.”


“When I become a God, I have to go to another world?”


Tang San was dulled, looking at Sea God.


Sea God smiled and said, “There’s always a reward for sacrifice. How could I not know how much Bo Saixi had sacrificed for us? What I’m able to do is to grant her an immortal soul, which only gods could possess. Even though she couldn’t become a god for her whole life, after she died, her soul had reached the God Stage already. Do you still think that she had no rewards? Moreover, I know her feelings. When your great grandfather died, his soul had almost reached the God Stage; I did help him a little bit there. His soul is immortal also. Although they weren’t in the human world anymore, their souls would be last forever, as they would never be separated again. Now I’m asking you, do you think that it would have been better if Bo Saixi had lived or had died?




Tang San dropped his jaw, looking at Sea God, as he couldn’t utter. The resentment in his eyes had vanished.


“I think you knew it before. God, is just another stage when human could reach a certain level. Yes, you have guessed it correctly. Gods are humans; their lives have a limit. It is just longer than the mortals. After gods die, their souls wouldn’t be vanished, but turned into the Divine Souls. The Divine Souls can’t stay in the human realm for too long. Maybe only for several years. Then the Divine Souls have to go to another dimension. You should know that the path connecting Human Realm and God Realm is a one-way road. Only Divine Souls could travel through. Moreover, once the Divine Souls arrive at the God Realm, they could never come back.”


Upon those words, Sea God expressed a begrudging complexion.


“If I could reincarnate again, I would not choose to be a God. The life in the God Realm is so boring. You know, I’m jealous of Bo Saixi as she could find her lover in the God Realm after she turned into a Divine Soul. She is not alone now. Loneliness is the most dangerous thing. All people in the God Realm are the immortal Divine Souls. Power means nothing.”


Tang San couldn’t help but ask, “So you couldn’t find your beloved?”


Sea God burst out laughing, “Do you think it is easy to find one? Moreover, I can’t do that now because my God’s title hasn’t been imparted yet. I’m not a free Divine Soul. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. I’m glad that you didn’t fail me getting here. You are excellent. Much better than what I have expected. I thought that when you got here, you would do anything to take the inheritance. However, you had provoked me over Bo Saixi’s death. With this, you are eligible to take my inheritance already.”


Tang San looked at the Sea God’s Trident in his hand, “Regretfully, I didn’t protect the Sea God’s Heart well. Your divine sense had saved me not only once but multiple of times.”


Sea God sighed then said, “When I was in the Human Realm, I took the least time to become a God, spending my whole life to conquer the vast sea. But when I got to the God Realm, I have regretted since I didn’t have any friends who could cultivate together with me to the God Stage. Naturally, when you come here for the Sea God’s inheritance, we shouldn’t meet. However, it’s a good chance for me to talk with someone. Fortunately, that Asura God couldn’t steal you from me. The god power impartation is really extreme. Without the god’s aura to protect, a human body couldn’t endure this process. But you are not an ordinary human, you have two spirits. Your set of spirit rings amazed me. This helped you have a transcendent body. Nonetheless, I have to remind you that during the inheritance process, you cannot use the Clear Sky Hammer. Currently, it is full of Asura’s power. Obviously, it will affect my god power impartation. Your inheritance process has eight trials. Each offers different challenges and pains. With your current conditions, I think you will succeed. But you have to remember, always keep your mind sound. Only by maintaining the unshakable belief you could have become the newly elected God.”


If Qian Ren Xue could see this, she would cry. They all took the god’s inheritance, why she hadn’t been treated like that? When she had been carrying out her last trial, no one was there to help her. The Angelic God’s Divine Soul didn’t come to meet her, though. Although she reluctantly succeeded, the impurities had appeared in her heart, making them deadly flaws.


Right now, the Sea God had instructed Tang San something. Even though he didn’t say many things, the discussion could still help Tang San get over his great grandfather and the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi’s deaths. He could totally concentrate on his accession now. Moreover, the Sea God’s Divine Soul had told him the whole process. This guided Tang San and made his mind become even more solid.


Well, if the god’s inheritance could be taken through the back door [1], it was Tang San’s case! Of course, Tang San didn’t know what Qian Ren Xue had been through in her God’s inheritance process. Now, he had more advantages.
Sea God thought that his advice wasn’t clear enough, he added, “Ah, yeah, I forgot to tell you to bring the Whale bead that you took from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain. You will need it at the last moment of your trial. It could help you stay away from many troubles.”


As Tang San listened to Sea God, his mind was touched, asked immediately, “Does the last trial relate to the Sea God’s Trident? Will that whale bead help me to recover the trident?”


Upon Tang San’s words, Sea God instantly changed his countenance. The tender expression was washed away.


“Is it you or me who is going to take the inheritance? No more words. The process begins now.”


The Sea God’s eyes suddenly lit up dazzlingly like two suns. Tang San felt his soul was dragged into them concurrently. Everything around him was blurry. A gold fog rose up in the air with some gold bubbles. After the space had been twisted for a while, he then went into a coma.


Light suddenly blasted; several light spheres appeared in front of Sea God’s chest. The shining light was shaking the entire hall. The vibration was so furious as if it wanted to purify the whole hall.




Tang San who was unconscious in the gold fog disappeared as those gold spheres exploded. The Sea God Hall came back to its normal condition when the gold light had vanished.


Sea God sighed, wiped his forehead, where no beads of sweat existed. He looked at where Tang San had disappeared, mumbled, “This little boy is so smart. Lucky you that this God reacted fast. Or else, your intelligence would harm you. Well, I didn’t give him any clear instructions, right? Even if the Divine Realm’s Law Executor knows this, he can’t catch me. Ha ha ha ha ha…”


If Tang San could have seen Sea God now, he would have dropped his jaw in remembering one of his comrades. The Sea God’s smile was as despicable as Uncle Oscar-the Sausage Maker. He had no holy solemn manners at this moment.


– Harrumph—


Suddenly, a cold snort arose. The whole Sea God Temple was shaken for a while. Sea God, who was laughing contemptibly, was immediately alarmed. He stopped laughing, then recovered his holy solemn manner once again, turning to look at the entrance of the Sea God’s Temple.


A figure, as huge as Sea God, covered with a dark ghostly scripture, was slowly coming in. The Sea God Temple was shaking with each step that he took. The dark scarlet light was constantly twirling around his body, preventing the others from seeing him clearly. One could vaguely see that he was wearing a scarlet armament, which was covered with dark red ghostly scriptures.


The ambiance inside of the Sea God Temple was like it had been condensed. The Sea God’s countenance then became unpleasant.


“Asura, why did you come here?”


The man that Sea God called Asura coldly answered, “Poseidon, what mistakes have you conducted, you know it!”


The voice of this man, who was covered in the dark red armament, was like the sound of metal pieces clinking with each other. Moreover, his voice made the surroundings much colder.


Sea God pouted, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”


“Don’t pretend to be innocent.” Asura vapidly said.


“You were hosting the inheritance yourself. You also gave him guidance purposely to reduce the difficulties he should meet in the god inheritance. You have violated the God Realm’s rules; you should know the consequences. The results will be annulled.”


Sea God changed his complexion, his voice became colder, “Asura, don’t spit your blood on other people [2]. It’s not because you are the God Realm’s Law Executor, you could slander a good God like me. Which ear of yours that heard I showed him the tricks to reduce the degree of difficulty of the inheritance process?”


Asura was five steps away from Sea God. The two giants were facing each other.


“What did you just tell that human? Oh, you forgot that quick!”


Sea God suddenly burst into laughter. This time it was more despicable.


“Ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha…”


Asura’s bloody eyes were colder, “What are you laughing at? Do you really think that you could escape the God Realm’s punishment?”


Sea God looked at the Asura God disdainfully, “Who told you that I’m going to be punished? Asura, what your brother did all are within the God Realm’s tolerance. Have you ever heard about the Surpassing Affinity during the inheritance?”


“Surpassing Affinity? You meant that Tang San…?


Sea God interrupted Asura, “True. When Tang San completed the first eight challenges of the Sea God Nine Challenges, he got one hundred and fifteen percent of the Sea God’s Affinity. But the Sea God’s Heart was broken, reducing his Affinity to ninety-five percent. The successor of the Angelic God had broken the Sea God’s Heart. The affinity was affected by a spirit master ranked God level; so we shouldn’t assess his process normally. Naturally, his Affinity is over one hundred percent now. Are you telling me you don’t know this, my Law Executor?”


Asura kept silent. Apparently, he couldn’t protest against Sea God’s evidence.


Sea God continued, “The candidate, before he takes the inheritance, if his Affinity with the God could get over one hundred percent, that related God could meet him at where his inheritance would be taken place to advise him within the rules of its limitations. So, I came here in accordance with the rules. But, as far as I have concerned, even though you are the Law Executor, you can’t leave the God Realm without permission. This place is in between the Human Realm and the God Realm, without a special purpose, Gods are not allowed to be here. You are the Law Executor. You know the rules, but you are violating them. Watch out, or else I’m going to tell the Divine Realms Committee!”


Asura coldly looked at the Sea God, “You shouldn’t be talkative like that. What you told Tang San, I heard it all. Don’t you dare to tell me that you didn’t cross the line? What you told him was too obvious.”


Sea God tried to palter with him, “Who said that I had revealed many things to him? I sent him to the inheritance place right when he hadn’t understood yet. Asura, don’t you really think that I don’t know the true reason why you have come here? Isn’t it for Tang San? Your god power couldn’t conquer his body. You come here on purpose. You are waiting for him to struggle because of the shattered Sea God’s Heart. Then you would help him and make him take your Asura’s inheritance. Correct me if I’m wrong! I’ll tell you this. It’s not going to happen, even in your dreams! It’s been so many years. It isn’t easy to find a candidate like him. Tang San has completed my eight challenges, and now you want to take him? Daydreamer! Who told you that without the Sea God’s Heart he couldn’t start the process? It would only be a little bit more dangerous. Moreover, there’s something you don’t know yet. That little demon whale, who used to bother me, got killed by Tang San. He took its bead. With that miraculous thing, it is not a big deal recovering the Sea God’s Heart.”


Asura God coldly glared at the Sea God, “Did he kill that Deep Sea Demon Whale King with your Sea God’s power?”




Sea God now recalled that Tang San had savaged the Deep Sea Demon Whale King thanks to the mutated Death God Domain. At that time, he could have used the powers of the Asura God to subdue the demon whale and kill it. In fact, even if Tang San’s Sea God’s Affinity could be over one hundred percent, Sea God had done all what he could. He knew that Asura God wanted to steal Tang San, he then came here as fast as he could. He didn’t expect that anomalies would happen during his inheritance that gave Asura God his chance.


Gods shouldn’t exist in the Human Realm. Only when they officially became a god, they could leave a streak of their Divine Sense to support their candidates. But they had to be absolutely fair. If not, Sea God could have been using his formidable strength to confront Qian Ren Xue when she was threatening Tang San’s life. What the Sea God had thought was in helping Tang San complete the inheritance as fast as possible. At this time, even if Asura God held a high position in the God Realm, he couldn’t steal Tang San from him.


“What if he has been using your power? You know that he is my successor, but you still want to take him! Asura, we are both the real Gods. Even if we have to bring this to the God Realm’s Committee, I’m not afraid of you. What are you looking at? You don’t like it? Don’t use that dead fish eyes to look at me! This is my Sea God Temple. Even if you want to fight, you can’t beat me.”
Asura God didn’t move. His voice was still like the frosted metal pieces rubbing on each other.


“Are you discussing with me about first comes first served?”


Sea God proudly threw out his chest.


“Yes. First come first served. Orderly! You want to take Tang San when he has completed my Sea God’s Eight Challenges. Being a Law Executor, didn’t you know that it violates the rules?”


Asura God slowly nodded his head.


“Good. You and I should go to the God Realm’s Committee to discuss what is first come first served. I will ask you only one question: Why Tang San could urge my power when he killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Gods from God Realm can’t pour their powers into the Human Realm. Is it me who gave him the powers? Poseidon, see you at the God Realm’s Committee.


Upon his words, Asura God coldly turned around, plunging out of the Sea God Temple.


As Sea God listened to him, he was surprised at first. Then he immediately got it, couldn’t help but swear, “Shit!”


His countenance became ashamed.


He used to think that the Asura God was waiting until Tang San had about to finish the Sea God’s inheritance before whisking him away. But then, he remembered that Tang San had had the Death God Domain before he met the Sea God’s Heart. That domain brought along with it the deadly murderous aura of the Asura God. Of course, it meant that he was one of the Asura God’s candidates.



[1] Chinese slang: To take advantages of a relationship with the authorities/employers.

[2] To spit blood on someone (Chinese slang): to slander, accuse someone of something they didn’t do.


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