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Tang San had fought with Qian Ren Xue several times, but this was the first time he could smell death. Spirit Masters’ senses were more sensitive than ordinary people, not to mention Tang San was a supreme spirit master. The Sea God Trident was shivering, feeling the threat coming from behind. This showed how terrifying that attack was.


The distance of three thousand meters immediately disappeared. Tang San saw everything around him turn into a red-gold color, just like everything underground was burning at this moment.


They were at a depth of one thousand five hundred meters! Tang San was shaking hard inside. This was the first time he felt the tremendous feature of a god level spirit power.


He contracted his body, exploding eight spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor at the same time and pouring that incredibly massive energy into his body. Tang San felt a scorching heat come from every direction right after that. That horrifying heat made him feel like his body was melting.


The spirit power was boiling in his body. The energy he received from the Exploding Rings completely raised and dissolved into his energy. Tang San begrudgingly exploded eight spirit rings at the same time, boosting him to the peak status.


All of his energy wildly poured into the Sea God Trident. The black trident was covered with a blue-gold nimbus, now displaying the actual power of the Sea God’s divine weapon. Light burst out from the main blade and the Sea God’s Heart. The Vast Sea Wild Wave had completely united with Tang San into one entity. The blue ring enveloped his body and furiously separated that horrifying Solar Pure Flame.


Although the wild wave blue light had continuously been evaporating, the Sea God Trident instantly supplemented the power for it. No matter how tremendous the Solar Pure Flame was, it couldn’t touch Tang San.


However, all of a sudden, the mud and soil in front of Tang San separated. He felt nothing under his feet as all soil and mud around him disappeared. There was an ample space that appeared at one thousand five hundred meters deep down underground.


The Solar Pure Flame had caused this. Although this space could be maintained in just a short time, Tang San could see Qian Ren Xue wearing the Angelic Saint Armament flying toward him like a shooting and blazing red-gold meteor. In a flash, she arrived in front of him, stabbing forward. The Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand was combined with the Solar Pure Flame, making her look like a sharp holy sword.


Qian Ren Xue’s speed was rapid. Tang San had no choice but instinctively use the Sea God Trident to shield himself. Simultaneously, he activated the Gravity Control and applied it on the Trident, boosting the weight of the Trident to one million and eighty jin. With that massive weight, he continued to sink as he received Qian Ren Xue’s strike.




The Angelic Sacred Sword slashed down hitting the main blade of the Sea God Trident. Tang San seemed like he was electrocuted. He was shaking violently. Right after that, the blue and red ring erupted and exploded in an instant. The soil underground was melted, making a large space. At once, mud, soil, and lava above that space all fell down and vanished when touching the furious eruption of the two blue and red nimbuses. They couldn’t touch Tang San or Qian Ren Xue.

The blazing Angelic Sacred Sword had stopped above Tang San’s head as he used the Sea God Trident to hold it. Tang San was now facing Qian Ren Xue once again. There was a murderous intent which filled her red-light-projecting eyes. The terrifying Solar Pure Flame was devouring Tang San’s protective energy.


Both of them fell to the bottom of that massive hole. Tang San’s feet sunk into the solid lava.


The Angelic Sacred Sword steadily pressed down. The Sea God Trident that weighed one hundred and eight thousand jin could barely hold the strike. The scorching sacred sword was getting nearer and nearer.


At this moment, Tang San’s brain was blank. The power from the Exploding Ring had helped him to stand still when facing Qian Ren Xue’s bursting power. But the exploding energy was about to run out. Together with the enormous pressure that was constantly pushing down, Tang San felt Qian Ren Xue’s divine sense had completely locked his body. He didn’t have any chance to run away.


He had faced Qian Ren Xue three times. Three tremendous fights. Tang San always used all of his intelligence and advantages to counter his opponent. But at this moment, he had used up his murderous attacks. Facing an opponent who was equipped with a holy armor, even though his spirit power could double now, he couldn’t do anything. He widened his eyes, looking at the Angelic Sacred Sword steadily pressed down on his head.


Will I die? Tang San had used his entire capacity, but still, he couldn’t stop the Angelic Sacred Sword. He understood well that once the Exploding Ring’s energy pouring into the Sea God Trident was gone, this battle would end. Under the Angelic Sacred Sword and the Solar Pure Flame, there would be nothing left of me.


Sea God, I failed you! Xiao Wu, I can’t be together with you anymore!


Tang San didn’t know that Qian Ren Xue’s mind was being tortured too. She firmly pressed down the Angelic Sacred Sword. Seeing Tang San was about to die in her hand, she didn’t feel a glimpse of pleasure or excitement.


Feeling that the Sea God Trident’s protest was gradually weakening, and the hopelessness in Tang San’s eyes, Qian Xue Ren felt extremely hurt deep down inside her heart. She couldn’t help but recall the time she had broken through her trial to receive the Angelic God’s inheritance, the elegant Tang San, and the scene when they were bonding as one. These images constantly flashed in her mind. At the same time, the power she had transmitted to the Angelic Sacred Sword was decreasing.


Qian Ren Xue’s mind told her that she was right. When she completed her trial to become the Angelic God, Tang San had become the biggest flaw in her heart. She had to kill him before anyone could know this secret. I just need to make him disappear then no one could take advantage of my flaw, no matter how big it is!


Nevertheless, her feelings told her not to kill this man. If I kill him, I will live in regret for the rest of my life. This regret will rot my heart so that I would never be able to feel peaceful again. Even though I have this god power, I would never be happy. If only this man were alive, I could have something that anchored my heart. Although what he has done with me is just an illusion, but still, he is my first man. (pathetic =_=)


The contradiction made Qian Ren Xue’s spirit power reluctantly pour into the Angelic Sacred Sword. If not, the sword would have soon slashed Tang San and killed him.


However, Qian Ren Xue was a smart person. Her mind won over her heart. She understood clearly that if she didn’t kill Tang San, later on, he would become her most dangerous rival and the entire Spirit Empire’s enemy. Anyway, Qian Ren Xue could confirm that if she let him become a god, she could never be his opponent. He was a tough opponent now if he became a god, would he be invincible too?


Eventually, Qian Ren Xue’s eyes became sharper. Her mind strongly oppressed her feelings. My grandfather had granted me my power. His last wish is to bring the Spirit Empire to the peak glory. I shouldn’t fail him.


Tang San could feel her murderous intent. His eyes were wide-open. Even if he wanted to shift to the Clear Sky Hammer spirit, he couldn’t do that under the absolute oppression. He didn’t have a chance to gather power.


Is my death coming? Right at this moment, the desperation and unwillingness gradually disappeared in his eyes. He became strangely quiet. If it has to be, what’s the use being depressed now? Tang San calmly peered at Qian Ren Xue. The blue-gold ring disappeared, and the Angelic Sacred Sword slashed down right away. But, suddenly, Tang San waved his wrist and stabbed the Sea God Trident forward, the energy he had held in burst out furiously as the blade jabbed Qian Ren Xue’s chest.


Seeing what Tang San was doing, Qian Ren Xue immediately recalled his saying: “Rather be the shattered jade than the unbroken pottery.” He didn’t forget to plan; even when his death was right in front of him. He turned and counter-attacked her.


The Sea God Trident’s piercing ability might not be as strong as the Guanyin’s Tear. However, it was a true holy weapon. The wound it caused couldn’t be easy to recover. Nevertheless, Qian Ren Xue didn’t even bother when she saw Tang Sang jabbing her with the Sea God Trident. It just raised the murderous intent in her mind higher. Although the Sea God Trident was a holy weapon, how much power could Tang San gather now? She was wearing the Angelic Saint Armament. She didn’t think that this strike could break her armor, not to mention hurt her.


Right at the moment she was about to kill Tang San; a soft sigh echoed from her inner soul. Then, Qian Ren Xue could only feel her body getting tense and a powerful surge of energy furiously rose, blowing Tang San away.


Not only did Qian Ren Xue get startled, but so did Tang San. There was a three-meter tall figure appeared in front of him and Qian Ren Xue. That gold shadow stood there silently. The Sea God Trident was in that person’s hand now.


The dazzling gold light burst out from the Sea God Trident. The Trident was excited, feeling it’s true power when it was in that person’s hand.


“Sea God?”


Qian Ren Xue coldly looked at the gold shadow in front of her. They were deep down underground, of course, there was no air, but it didn’t affect a god spirit master like her. It didn’t bother Tang San, either. This space was made from the bursting power of her attack when it collided with Tang San’s power. Right now, this energy had forcefully pushed the mud and soil on the wall so that this space wouldn’t collapse.


“No, you are not the Sea God. At worst, you are just a streak of divine sense that the Sea God had left behind in this world.”


Qian Ren Xue coldly smiled. The Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand slowly pointed forward as her six wings extended. Gold rings projected one by one from her body.


That faint gold shadow used a flat tone to speak.

“True; this is just a phantom from my divine thought. Each God would leave a streak of divine sense when they are about to leave this world. However, many people have touched the divine sense of the Angelic God, which you just inherited, that is why it had soon vanished. But him, he is the first successor that I have chosen since I had become the Sea God and left this world. I think from now on; I couldn’t find anyone as talented as him. Little girl, you succeeded your trial to be the Angelic God. But still, you have not used the true ability of the Angelic God correctly. Moreover, this place is not suitable for the Angelic God. Your arena is up there in the sky.”


Qian Ren Xue coldly snorted,


“So what? I have to kill Tang San. You are just a thought, do you think you could stop me?”


Sea God smiled calmly,


“Why don’t you try?” (Cool!!)


He slowly raised the Sea God Trident in his hand while speaking. A gentle gold light expanded like rippling waves. It didn’t attack Qian Ren Xue, but aimed for the space behind her, piercing into the soil and disappeared.


“A Sea God always has to remember how to use the power of the vast sea at the right time and in the right place. The vast sea is our true body and the fountain of our power.”


Of course, Sea God was talking to Tang San, who finally had some time to breath. A light flashed on his body as he had shifted his spirit to the Clear Sky Hammer so he could have some power to protect himself.


The red-gold halo was rising again in the narrow space. Qian Ren Xue had instantly turned into nine figures, standing in different places, using various methods to urge the Solar Pure Flame and the Angelic God power to strike the Sea God at the same time.


Tang San widened his eyes looking at the scene. This faint gold shadow had appeared once when Bibi Dong was about to kill him. It came, saved his life, then gave him the first three strikes of the Golden Thirteen Halberds. But at that time, he had told Tang San that his energy wasn’t much left, almost entirely drained.


But this time, he was facing a real god. He was just a thought the Sea God had left behind, would he be able to stop Qian Ren Xue’s attack? Tang San thought he should take this chance when the Sea God was holding Qian Ren Xue back to run into the sea.


Nevertheless, Tang San didn’t do that. His feelings had won over his mind. He couldn’t leave the Sea God’s divine sense. Although he was just a thought, he had come to rescue him. If I run now, maybe I could live, but I will never forgive myself later. Moreover, he swore not to leave the Sea God Trident behind ever again no matter what.


He didn’t leave. He stood behind the Sea God with his Clear Sky Hammer held tight in his hand, and focused on the shadow.


The Sea God’s shadow was gold, but now it looked vague, tricking people into seeing its real shape. Right when Qian Ren Xue started to attack, he launched his attack too. The Sea God Trident looked like it had fused with that shadow. The vague shadow flashed; nine gold spheres inaudibly emitted from his body, confronting nine Qian Ren Xue coming toward. When Tang San had first seen the Sea God using the Unfixed Storm, Tang San didn’t understand this ability thoroughly. But this time, he was concentrating. He could find many tricks from the Unfixed Storm. He realized that he had been using it in a wrong way. And the biggest mistake he had made was he hadn’t truly united as one with the Sea God Trident. Maybe because I haven’t become the Sea God yet, but it’s not the main reason.


Watching from aside, Qian Ren Xue’s surge energy was much more powerful than the divine sense of the Sea God. However, when she attacked, the power of the Solar Pure Flame collided with the Unfixed Storm, nine attacks immediately vanished.


Nine figures merged into one. Qian Ren Xue’s eyes flared with astonishment. She didn’t feel any barrier, but her attack was dissolved just like her opponent had used a unique method to do it. The Solar Pure Flame couldn’t destroy her enemy.


However, after confronting Qian Ren Xue’s attack, the shadow of the Sea God became more ethereal, just like it could disappear at any minute.


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