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Followed Hu Lie Na’s order, the Spirit Empire’s great force in Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass immediately took action. The generals were leading their corps. Even though they had some problems with the spirit masters from the Spirit Empire, they understood well that, if they didn’t unify at this moment, once the Heaven Dou Empire’s force struck them, the consequences would be very horrible. Especially those kingdoms and duchies which had betrayed Heaven Dou Empire, they clearly knew what they would pay for their betrayal. Joining the Spirit Empire, they had put themselves against the Heaven Dou Empire, just like water and fire.

Hu Li Han’s hands touched the wall, gazing to the opposite side like she was looking for something. Her eyes showed her complicated feelings, but very quickly, she became determined. She knew for sure that she couldn’t hesitate now.

The Heaven Dou Empire’s great force stopped at twenty li (=500 meters) away from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Now, their formation had changed a lot: all light cavalries were divided into two sides, all bows were ready, waiting for the signal. The main vanguard force today was the heavy-armed army. All siege machines were put forwards, the normal heavy-armed army stood in the central, heavy-armed army stood next to them. Behind them stood the spirit masters corps of the Heaven Dou Empire and Tang Sect’s Army Force. All Heaven Dou Empire’s heavy cavalries lined up from the middle to the end of the formation. Their chilly killing aura stormed towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San stood between the Shrek Seven Devils. Grandmaster, Frand, Liu Er Long, Sword Douluo, Bone Douluo, President Ning Feng Zhi of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Sect, Poison Douluo, all stood in front of the formation together with Strength Hall Master Tai Tan, Defense Hall Master Niu Gao. Right now they were not standing together with the spirit masters force. Leaders of the spirit masters force were Xue Beng Emperor of Heaven Dou Empire and Marshall Golong.

Obviously Tang San had to stand in the central of the crowd. The Seagod Trident was still dark, but it had become Tang San’ symbol. His presence had urged the spirit of the Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force. Each soldier watched him with enthusiasm in their eyes. It seemed like having Tang San there, they could never lose.

After they had arranged their formation, under close monitor from both sides, Tang San alone moved forwards, slowly rose his Seagod Trident. A transparent gold light projected from his forehead, shone on the Seagod’s Heart, simultaneously, each of the patterns on the spear was like it had been brought back to live, gold light twirling, plunged up high and had become central of the whole battlefield. Covered with the fierce holy breath, Tang San’s body turned to gold, tremendous energy wave as though it wanted to absorb everything around.

Tang San shouted, made those generals standing on Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass looked at each other, their faces were all paled. Tang San’s voice reverberated over twenty li (=500 meters), reaching the walls of Auspicious Hill and spread all over the hundred myriads of strong soldiers of Heaven Dou Empire.



Each time they yelled one word, the Great Force of Heaven Dou Empire moved one step forward. Soldiers were constantly yelling and moving forwards. It was as though after every word, their spirit grew stronger. The massive yelling seemed to form a powerful pressure, applied on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

No need to mention about the defending soldiers at Auspicious Hill, even five Title Douluos who were accompanied Hu Lie Na changed their expression completely. Last time, Tang San had given them a deep impression. Bibi Dong was truly a supreme spirit master, but she got wounded up badly. The Seagod Trident dug through the wall in just one strike. This impression could never be erased in their minds.
Tang San suddenly took action. The Seagod Trident glowed furiously in gold light, darting towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass like a shooting meteor. At the same time, many supreme spirit masters of Heaven Dou were escorting him, also moving closer. They were pushing forward. Just in a blink, they were far away from their formation.

With the super speed of the spirit masters whose lowest level at least reached Soul Douluo, they could pass the distance of twenty li (=500 meters) in just a jiffy. Observing them with bare eyes, one could see that they were very close to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

“Saintess, what should we do now?”
Seeing the Seagod Trident coming closer and closer every second, a panic feeling covered all Auspicious Hill. They all had an innate fear for Tang San.

Seeing the familiar figure, Hu Lie Na bit her tongue. She was using this pain to forget her special feelings for him. She coldly glanced at the main pillars of the Spirit Empire’s force standing next to her. Under such circumstances, the best thing to do, was to send those Title Douluo to lead a group of powerful spirit masters to attack Tang San’s group. But those spirit masters’ fighting was too low. If she let them encountered Tang San now, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Hu Lie Na wasn’t Bibi Dong, she didn’t have such strong power like her master. She didn’t have high credit and tough tricks, neither. Those Title Douluos were all Elders of the Spirit Hall. She couldn’t control them totally.

Thus, Hu Lie Na could only find another way, she lowered her voice:
“Be quiet and monitor their moves. Ready to defend in any minutes. Don’t let them climb on the walls.”
When Hu Lie Na finished, those supreme spirit masters stood there breathed out in relief.

Hu Lie Na looked further, Tang San was about to reach the river. She thought, “Tang San…Tang San… what do you want? Taking those people here, what is your purpose?”. She understood him pretty well. With his experience, apparently he wouldn’t do anything without a purpose. Coming here with just about a dozen of people; they should have some important purposes.

Hu Lie Na could see Tang San, of course, with his Amethyst Devil Pupil, he could see her too. However, Tang San didn’t have any complicated feeling towards her. He had a good impression of Hu Lie Na, but to him, the Spirit Empire was his enemy. Their resentment was too deep they couldn’t have found any way out except killing each other.

When they were about a mile away from Auspicious Hill, Tang San stopped as he had entered the effective range of the giant defending crossbows. The swirling gold light around his body became more furious, at the same time, his fighting spirit Blue Silver King was released. The nine spirit rings, which were in red and black, moving on his body. Right at that moment, five columns of light dazzled behind him, respectively projected the boosting ability of strength, speed, soul power, attack and attribute boost, from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower on Ning Rongrong’s hand, all poured into Tang San.

His left fingertip slightly touched the ground, a wave of pressure furiously emitted from his left leg, with his foot as the central, the ground cracked from there. It showed how strong his footstep impacted the ground. Using his left leg as the axis, he spun one round, stretched his right hand which was holding the Seagod Trident, extended his limbs, bones, and tendons to the limits. His whole body now looked like a bow that was pulled hard. Gold light sparkled. The Seagod Trident was like a giant spear that was launched.


Right at the moment this holy weapon covering in gold light was released, Hu Lie Na’s face changed to grimace. Gold light blasted and ceased, it struck the main gate of Auspicious Hill, created a loud explosion.

Last time, the Seagod Trident used the third strike of Golden Thirteen Halberds, struck the wall and couldn’t come back. Because it had hit Bibi Dong first, when it reached Auspicious Hill’s wall, it lost the accuracy. But this time, Tang San didn’t use that skill, but his power had already been enhanced along with his terrifying soul strength at level 93. Moreover, the Seagod Trident weighed 108,000 jin itself. The damage power of this strike was over any ninth spirit skill of any Title Douluo who was lower than level 95, especially when talking about power, even Bibi Dong’s super strong spirit skill couldn’t compare with it.

In the boom boom sounds, Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s main gate, which wasn’t a tough wall, was smashed into numerous pieces, scattered in the air. One of four main gates was broken through, the soldiers defended behind the gates, over one hundred persons, were smashed to death.

But the true horror was not yet to come. Tang San spun one round in mid-air. Between the gold light, there was a trace of white light which created a super strong sucking force. After breaking the gate, the Seagod Trident didn’t go through, but it drew a curve line in the air and was pulled back by the swirling energy in Tang San’s hand.

This was the first time he used it his all power to perform Tang Sect’ super skill Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. The Seagod Trident was plunging in the air, lingered with the spinning body of Tang San, after one round it darted once again towards Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

“Quick, all defend the wall. GIANT CROSSBOWS, SHOOT!”
Hu Lie Na shouted from the top of the walls. Auspicious Hill’s walls were very firm, a broken gate wouldn’t be able to shake it. But now Hu Lie Na realised what Tang San wanted to do. She immediately ordered to shoot the giant crossbows, looking at five Title Douluos standing next to her:
“You Elders, please take 100 spirit masters level Holy Soul and above from the Empire to stop him”

Five Title Douluos looked at each other but no one moved. Seeing the power of the Seagod Trident once again, they didn’t want to face Tang San.

“You guys!”
Hu Lie Na widen her eyes. She had guessed that those elders would not completely obey her order, but the actual situation made her angry.


Porcupine Fish Douluo frowned, said:
“Saintess, we should protect the walls. We have the Angel Legion here and the Sacred Dragon Legion inside the city. Even if Tang San could break the gates, we are not afraid they would strike to the city. Quite in contrast, they will receive big damage.”

Each big arrow was shot from the walls, hissing along the way as they all headed to Tang San. The hissing sound from them threatened people, unfortunately, they weren’t enough to stop Tang San.

Waves of lights in numerous colours flashed on Tang San’s body. His comrades had used a shielding spirit skills on him. In front of Soul Douluo spirit masters, those arrows couldn’t make any threat. No arrow could reach Tang San within fifty chi (=1/3 meters). They were all stopped by the spirit skills.

BANG, at that time, the second explosion resounded, another gate was broken. Tang San didn’t stop there, when the fourth sound reverberated all around the battlefield, the four main gates of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass were completely shattered.

When Tang San finished four constant strikes, he retrieved his Seagod Trident, his breath was short and shallow. However, with the super strong recovery skill of the Mysterious Sky Method, while he was breathing hard, his soul strength was already recovered.

The suspension bridges of Auspicious Hill weren’t in front of the wall, but from two sides. Followed Hu Lie Na’s order, all big suspension bridges were broken.

With Xue Beng Emperor’s approval, Marshall Golong rose his long sword, signal to start the fight. The army in the middle of the formation didn’t push their siege machines forwards, they just stormed to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. There were at least two hundred thousand soldiers at the first attack. Army went first, each of them carried a wooden board around one point five chi (=1/3 meters) long on their back, didn’t know its function though. The martial spirits force and Tang Family’ soldiers took actions right after that, flying to Auspicious Hill.

Looking at the broken suspension bridges, Tang San coldly smiled. They had thought about this situation, they had prepared for it.
“Sword Douluo, move.”
Cheng Xin lowered his voice, shouted, and released his Seven Kill Sword. In a sudden, there were nine black light columns in the air, the Seven Kill Sword was surfing the wind, then expanded to a giant sword in just a blink. It crossed the sky, hacking down. But it wasn’t about to strike the city walls, it hacked down to the City Protection River (*the moat surrounds the walls to protect the city, when the bridges are broken down* – TL.)

BANG! The Seven Kill Sword first strike, the City Protection River seemed to be chopped in half because of the fierce sword pressure. Of course, it couldn’t cut water, but both sides of the City Protection River appeared a ditch about ten chi (=1/3 meters) wide, sloping down to City Protection River.

Cheng Xin didn’t stop there. Then, the figure of the giant sword flashed again. A total of thirteen strikes had left big ditches, each of them declined down to the stream on the City Protection River. The Title Douluo level ninety-seven performed his best, the power of these thirteen strikes weren’t less than Tang San’s four strikes to the gates.

On the walls, five Title Douluo of the Spirit Empire took a deep breath. They were the ones whose capacity were closest to the Sword Douluo, they understood well how powerful each of his strikes was. They were asking themselves, who could bear this strike? They felt luckier that they didn’t obey Hu Lie Na and encounter them.


After striking 13 times, the Seven Kill Sword returned to its original shape, fell into Sword Douluo’s hand. His face looked pale, holding the Seven Kill Sword, he started to breathe heavily. By the time he retrieved his sword, Tang San had struck his Seagod Trident the fifth time. However, this time his moved stunned both sides.

The Trident didn’t head to the walls, but up to the sky. The trident’s handle pointed downward and then felt directly into the City Protection River.

Tang San’s face showed a glance of insulting. He put his right hand’s index finger and ring finger on the Sea God’s mark on his forehead. The spirit energy in his body peaked in just a second.

Tang San didn’t even think that today’s combat was so smooth; they didn’t encounter as many difficulties as he had thought. The Spirit Empire’s force just waited and defended passively, they didn’t send any spirit masters out to fight back.

His right arm swung, three fingers on his forehead pointed towards the City Protection River. A super strong dazzling gold light condensed and burst in just a blink. It shot directly into the water of the City Protection River, right where the Seagod Trident fell down.

Right when the gold light shone into the water, an enormous gold light shadow appeared behind Tang San, the solemn breath suddenly controlled every spirit masters either outside the checking point or on the walls. They all felt something strange. It looked like Tang San who was standing there, had merged himself with the City Protection River. In other words, the City Protection River and he had become one.
Thirteen strikes of Sword Douluo had made water splashed, looked like the river was boiling. Suddenly the boiling water became quiet. Just like a flat mirror. Waves expanded inaudibly one by one. They weren’t waves to be exact. They were light and gold halos.

After a minute, Hu Lie Na looked down from the walls, she was terrified, seeing the entire river in front of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass turned into gold.

Tang San said in his ironically love voice that only his comrades could hear:
“Even though I’m not the Sea God yet, but using water to defend us, are you blabbing in your sleep?”
After speaking, his right arm swung forwards, a gold light separated the water and plunged up. The Seagod Trident which was submerged under the water, had now vertically hovered in mid-air, radiantly glowing with a holy-like gold halo.

On Tang San forehead, where the Sea God Light projected suddenly changed. From the straight light, it turned to round waves of pulses, inaudibly projected. The Sea God’s Heart on the Trident furiously emitted light that could blind people. Tang San’s right arm pointed towards Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. In the middle of the air, the Seagod Trident leant towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.


People dropped their jaws with eyes wide open in fear. The water in the City Protection River had turned into gold, and was struck again by the spiral waving light, boiling violently. In a short moment, all was plunged up to the air.

When they were at the Sea God Island, Douluo Protectors who protected the Sea God Seven Holy Pillars used to use the power of the holy pillars to control the sea. Tang San held the Seagod Trident in his hand, his capacity now was over those protectors. Even now, he was already able to control a large scale. In fact, the area of the City Protection River wasn’t too big; to him, a descendant of Sea God wasn’t a big deal.

Sea God was the God that held water power. The water in the City Protection River was still water. It wasn’t much compared to the vast sea. This was the reason why Tang San ironically smiled when he saw the Spirit Empire using water to stop him. Isn’t it funny using water to stop the Sea God’s descendant?

All water in the City Protection River rose up in mid-air, even the thin liquid mud at the riverbed was sucked up. The Seagod Trident pointed straight forwards, all water in the air was like a big tsunami striking to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s walls.

Tang San had used the power of water controlling of the Seagod Trident with Sea God’s Heart, plus the Vast Wild Sea. This was a special skill used in area attack. Even though he was controlling a massive flow of water, the power of this strike wasn’t weaker than the previous strikes.


All water of the City Protection River was poured into Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. There were many high levels spirit masters on the walls, but they got scared of Tang San, and the gold water furiously pouring down. Suddenly, all they could think about was to protect themselves. They didn’t think about gathering to fight the torrentially splashing water. All had happened in a sudden.

Furious waves were everywhere; most of the normal soldiers were washed away, fell down the walls, into the city. The walls of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass were about one hundred chi (=1/3 meters) high, falling down from such high place, plus the force of the water, many soldiers was dead. Moreover, Tang San used all of his power to control the water striking deep over the walls, this also eased the threat from the giant crossbows on the walls. After the water was washed away, there was only one-third crossbow remained.

After Hu Lie Na activated her soul skill to prevent the water, she couldn’t feel anything; her mind was empty. This was the first time she had to encounter such massive footage. The first time she commanded such great war. Facing Tang San with his tremendous capacity, hundreds of myriads of soldiers, and the water from the river suddenly struck up; she just couldn’t hold it anymore.

With the flying skill from the right leg spirit bones Blue Silver King, Tang San plunged up, holding the Seagod Trident, hovering in the air, he then pointed to Auspicious Hill, shouted:

The Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force sped up; looking from above, the great force’s killing spirit was even stronger than the water, heading straight to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. On Auspicious Hill’s walls, there was no one to control the giant defending crossbows.



Hu Lie Na shouted, this was the only thing that she could say now; compared to Tang San’ shout that was full of murderous intent, her shout was so fragile.
Tang San didn’t rush to reach Auspicious Hill, there were many Spirit Empire’ spirit masters were there, anyway. He was just hovering in mid-air, coldly observed the chaos inside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. He couldn’t ease the boiling feeling in his heart. The revenge had begun. The Spirit Empire finally paid for what they had done.

Soon, Heaven Dou Empire’s great force rushed up; coming in from the front line were army soldiers who carried wood boards. Now they understood what it would be used for.

Each of wooden board was thrown into the river, which, didn’t have water anymore. They followed the paths formed by thirteen ditches from thirteen strikes of Sword Douluo, climbed on the slope to reach Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and rushed inside. Lan Hao Wang was standing in the middle of the air just like a real god. Each soldier’s eyes were filled with enthusiasm. Pink and white light of Deathgod Domain from the sky pouring down, covered a vast area. To spirit masters, it couldn’t affect them much, but to normal soldiers, its effect was serious.

They were already panicked, now, being covered by the Deathgod Domain, the Spirit Empire’ soldiers were even more panicked. In contrast, Heaven Dou Empire’s great force’s high spirit was promoted more. Inside the Deathgod Domain, they forgot the pain, dead or alive, just kill and kill.

Five Title Douluo stood behind Hu Lie Na had released their fighting spirits. Seeing Tang San hovering in the air, they didn’t have any intention to fight. All stared in silent, doubt was shown in their eyes.

“If you don’t take action now, Auspicious Hill will go down. Even in death, you must stop Tang San. With him here, our defence will collapse.”


Hu Lie Na became crazy, she wildly shouted at the five Title Douluos.

The Five Title Douluos glared at each other, at this moment, they didn’t know how to act. Last time, they were many, but they couldn’t win. They had Bibi Dong with them at the time, now they had only 5, should they risk their lives? How hard is it to reach the Title Douluo, who is willing to die?

“She’s right, this is order, you guys go there!”


A husky voice came; five Title Douluos’ faces changed suddenly, turned back to look. It was Bibi Dong. Her face was still paled.

Didn’t wait for the enemy to take action, they had already reached the walls. Following Tang San to the front of the formation, all supreme spirit masters had struck to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s walls. Who could fly, then fly up directly. Who couldn’t fly could plunge with Oscar’s held.

Approaching the walls, over ten spirit masters rushed there at the same time.

Right now, those Title Douluo understood that if they didn’t take action, their consequences would be even worse. All shouted and released their soul skills.

This is what we called enemies meet up in a narrow alley. One side had only five supreme spirit masters but they got backed up with many spirit masters level seventy– eighty. The other side had around ten supreme spirit masters, and Tang San, who could face the max level Douluo. Both sides had just encountered, but sparks were already scattered everywhere!


Poison Douluo once again sought for his old enemy, the Porcupine Fish Douluo. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat this guy.

Sword Douluo swung his sword, directly fought two Title Douluos. Bones Douluo laughed out loud, sought two to fight. Under the boosting ability by Ning Feng Zhi, although they fought two at the same time, it was not difficult. Five Title Douluos were stopped directly.

Ning Rong Rong performed all her capacity in boosting attributes for Dai Mu Bai, Oscar, Ma Hong Jun, Zhu Zhu Qing, Xiao Wu, Frand, and Liu Er Long. With her support, they were fighting against other spirit masters at levels seventy– eighty. Soul skills were constantly used, sparkled beautiful lights on Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San and Grandmaster were facing Bibi Dong and Hu Lie Na, who was standing in front of Bibi Dong. They were master and disciple. Tang San held the Seagod Trident, stood in front of Grandmaster, furiously stared at Bibi Dong. Looking at her, he couldn’t help but think about his partners, Da Ming and Er Ming.

Hu Lie Na didn’t back off. She shielded Bibi Dong, whose face was still pretty pale. Her eyes gazed at Tang San, her heart was complicated, but very determined.

Bibi Dong was paled. Her eyes, which used to be very dominant, now looked a little bit blankly. Her weak soul also made she looked weak.

“Why is that?”
Grandmaster’s eyes turned red completely, his fists clenched. Compared with Hu Lie Na and Tang San’s, the look in his eyes was more complicated. He looked intensively at Bibi Dong, asked. Just three words, he had wanted to ask her for a long time. But only until now that he could have a chance to ask her directly.
Bibi Dong laughed, her laughter gave people goose bumps.
“Of course, it’s because of you. Don’t you forget how your family have slighted you, insulted you? They looked down on you, they even kicked you out of the sect. You should thank me, I killed all of them. Liu Er Long should thank me too. Without her family’s barrier, nothing could stop you guys to be together, right?

“You bastard! No matter how my family had treated me, they were the ones who brought me to this world, I’m always a member of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family!”
Grandmaster’s eyes were furious with fire, he said in anger.

Bibi Dong was still laughing, but her laugh became more mournful, with some strange ironic taunt.
“So what? Now the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family has vanished to ashes, What’s the use of saying that? It’s funny, really funny! Ha ha, ha ha ha ha”

“You crazy!”
Grandmaster shouted angrily.

Bibi Dong’s face turned cold. She looked at Grandmaster, her eyes became strange, even more insane.
“Yes! I’m insane, I’m crazy. So what? I want to take revenge. I’ll take revenge on every one of you, to each one living in this world. I want to be the cruellest villain on this Douluo Continent. All of you are cruel. They are the same! I don’t care how you judge me, I’ve done all the evil things, so what? I heard that you are the Imperial Preceptor of the Heaven Dou Empire. Xiao Gang, don’t rush, wait until I defeat Heaven Dou Empire. I’ll make you king, how about that? Come, kill me. Don’t you want to kill me? Come, kill me!”

Hu Lie Na strongly stood in front of Bibi Dong, used her body to stop her.
“Grandmaster, don’t. I will protect you. Tang San, if you want to kill my master, step over my dead body!”

Bibi Dong dazed:
“You silly, you are so naive. You think that I don’t know you?”

Listening to Bibi Dong, Tang San and Hu Lie Na was stunned. At the moment they were facing each other, Tang San knitted his brows, Hu Lie Na was both surprised and frightened. Grandmaster was blank.

“Master, I don’t…”
Hu Lie Na explained fearfully.

Bibi Dong smiled. This time, her smile was mild. Her feelings changed too sudden, it could startle people.
“Silly little girl, I’ve been there. From the way you look at him, I can see many things. I used to use that look to look at one man. The only man of my whole life. How could I not understand? Yeah, Tang San, this little rascal is very excellent. More brilliant than me. You have good eyes. Unfortunately, you are my disciple, you and him are just like Xiao Gang and me that day. Even though you want it, do you think he would want it too? We are the women that were never loved.

Tears were rolling down from her gorgeous eyes. Hu Lie Na wanted to press it down, but she couldn’t help it. However, she didn’t move. She stood still in front of Bibi Dong.


Tang San took a deep breath, slowly rose his Trident, facing Hu Lie Na.
“You back off, I don’t want to fight with you. You should know Bibi Dong has done many crimes. She must die. If she dies, this world will be more peaceful.”

“No, no matter what, she is my master”
Hu Lie Na gloomily looked at Tang San. From his eyes, she could see he had nothing but mercy for her. Not a bit of love. When he heard her master’ words, he turned and glanced at Xiao Wu. That look was what had she always desired, but she would never have it. She understood that in Tang San’s heart, there was only Xiao Wu.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with pain.
“If you want, just kill me. I’m begging you, please spare my master. I’m begging you, please…”

Tang San suddenly closed his eyes, then opened it quickly. Hu Lie Na’s mournful eyes had shaken his heart a little bit. Her fighting spirit was a natural super strong seduction one. Now she was expressing her true feelings, her seduction became even more intense.

Tang San snorted coldly and strongly compressed his feelings. His right foot stepped forwards, left arm swung at Hu Lie Na, his hand was like a sharp gem.

Facing Tang San’s attack, Hu Lie Na didn’t dodge. Her gorgeous eyes brought with them a disconsolate look, and somehow it looked like it was an escape to her. She stretched her generous curves, faced him directly.

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