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The figure of Ning Rongrong disappeared on the battlefield, left only a seven-meter-high nine-stories tower dazzling people’s eyes.


Observing this, Ning Feng Zhi, who was in the formation of Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters clenched his fists; his eyes lit up with joy and excitement.


No doubt this was the eighth spirit ring that no one of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had possessed. It enhanced the boosting ability of the six preceding spirit rings up to ninety percent; at the same time, this eighth spirit ring was the life-saving super ability of Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Spirit Douluo Ning Rongrong.
This eighth spirit ability was named Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light. Although it wasn’t an absolute protection barrier like the Invincible Golden Body, Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light could defend any attacks under ninth spirit ability, simultaneously, it could transform the spirit power from the attacks to the protection power contributed to the Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light. Moreover, when facing the attacks from the ninth spirit ability, it could directly stand up nine times.


Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light once used, it would be detached from the spirit master’s body, without consuming more spirit power of Ning Rong Rong; concurrently it didn’t affect her increase support skills performed on others. It was true that even the supreme spirit masters among Title Douluo could only operate three or four times the ninth spirit abilities.


That was also why Ning Rongrong told her partners not to worry about her.

That Agility System Title Douluo’ strike was so strong because he wanted to savage Ning Rongrong as quick as possible; he poured much spirit power to accelerate his speed. He thought that with his striking power, even though he didn’t use any spirit ability, still he could kill Ning Rongrong quickly. But no one thought that his attack would impact with Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light .
In the explosion, that poor Devil Panther Dark Trace spirit master was pushed back, all the spirit power he put in his assault absorbed by Nine Treasure Heaven Protection Light. He couldn’t even touch Ning Rongrong but hurt himself with the counter-attack force.

There was a mix-up on the battlefield now. Nine people from Tang San’ side fought against nine Title Douluo of the Spirit Empire. Recently, Tang San’s people had killed many enemies, and now they were totally confined.

Among nine spirit masters from Tang San’ side, officially there were only two Title Douluo, Tang San and Du Gu Bo. Du Gu Bo was confined altogether. Tang San’s opponent was  Empress of the Spirit Empire Bibi Dong, whose spirit power had reached level ninety-nine. Even though Bibi Dong couldn’t perform all her capacity, her absolute spirit pressure caused Tang San trouble to protest. Even with the additional increase physical boost Ning Rong Rong carried out on him, the gap between his spirit power and her spirit power was still huge.

On Tang San’ side, the Medicine Hall Master Yang Wudi was now the one who was in the best situation. Yang Wudi’ spirit power hadn’t reached level ninety yet but still, it was higher than other Devils of the Shrek Seven Devils. Moreover, enhanced with Ning Rongrong increase support skill, his spirit power wasn’t less than Snake Lance Douluo’s. They were fighting with equal chance to win. Yang Wudi’s Breaking Soul Spear had performed its excellent effect that it had never been before, causing big troubles to Snake Lance Douluo, especially some killing strikes that could kill both of them. These pushed Snake Lance Douluo in strain.

At the same time, even though they had lost their leader and his assistant, Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion now performed their keen capacity of a corps from Spirit Empire. More than ten thousand spirit masters crossing the battlefield moved toward the Heaven Dou Empire’s Great Force. They were about to get inside the range of spirit abilities’ attacks.

Marshall Golong uneasily looked at Grandmaster:

“Imperial Preceptor, is it the time for our spirit masters to release their spirits and strike back?”


Grandmaster shook his head: “Not yet. Easy Marshall, don’t be impetuous.”

While speaking, Grandmaster looked at the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s members standing in the middle of the formation. Ning Feng Zhi caught his gaze. Grandmaster nodded with Ning Feng Zhi. Ning Feng Zhi understood his implication, gave him the thumbs up with his right hand.

During a long roar, Sword Douluo Cheng Xin plunged into the air. Seven Kill Sword dazzling, enlarged in the middle of the air, simultaneously, six light columns projected from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile tower in Ning Feng Zhi’s hand, shone on Sword Douluo. Just in a jiffy, the Seven Kill Sword lengthened over hundred meters and widened thirty meters. The huge figure of the sword wiped out.


This strike wasn’t to attack the enemies; it hit the ground in front of Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion of spirit master.

Douluo’s soul strength ranked ninety-seven, under increase ability support up to eighty percents of Ning Feng Zhi, his spirit power had reached level ninety-eight in just a blink. At this time, his spirit power could compare to Bibi Dong’s, who currently couldn’t release all of her spirit power. The sword struck across the sky in the blast of radiant light, hitting the ground in front of Sacred Dragon Legion.


The sword spirit was extraordinarily strong, oppressed thousands of spirit masters of the Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion. Right after that, in the constant explosions, the ground violently cracked.

Concussed by the power of this massive sword strike, the leading spirit masters of the Heaven Sacred Dragon Clan and the Elephant Armor Clan were blown up dozens of meters high. The magnificently furious sword spirit gashed their bodies, even if it couldn’t kill them all due to the vast area, it peeled off their hair, scales, and armor scattering, making up a massive cloud of blood midair.


At the same time, Grandmaster swung his right arm: “Tang Sect’s army, SHOOT!”


Swoosh swoosh
Several ear-piercing sounds reverberated constantly, over ten thousand Tang Sect’s army soldiers used the Godly Zhuge Crossbow for the first time on the battlefield, shot out the terminating arrows.


Numerous black arrows formed a dense cloud on the air, departed separately from Tang Sect’ soldiers sitting on horses and standing on the ground. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow flashed a splendid deathly halo.

Pioneer disciples from the Elephant Armor Clan and Heaven Dragon Clan, whose bodies were sturdy and massive, couldn’t shield the spirit masters behind them. Agility System spirit masters moving at the wings of the formation now were facing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot by two branches of Tang Sect’s army force which were led by Strength Hall Master Elder Titan and Defense Hall Master Elder Niu Gao.
Over twelve thousand soldiers of Tang Sect’s Army Force shot their Godly Zhuge Crossbow concurrently; each of them released sixteen arrows whose head were made of pure iron. How terrific is that? Almost two hundred thousand of arrows just like a thick black cloud bloomed from the ground then soared toward the Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion just in a second.
To maximize their attacks and help the spirit masters to perform their maximum capacity, the attacking formation of Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion was expanding in a large area. Thus, they were attacked directly by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.


Deep inside the Great Force of Heaven Dou Empire, Emperor Xue Beng clenched his fists; he had been waiting for this moment for so long. Being the highest person who ruled the whole nation of Heaven Dou Empire, apparently, he understood the significant meaning of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in this battle.
Even though he was standing ten miles apart from the battlefield, the sound of over one myriad (ten thousand) of Godly Zhuge Crossbow shooting frightened his mind. At the same time, when that dark cloud impacted the formation of Sacred Dragon Legion, a shower of blood splashed in the air, imprinted in Emperor Xue Beng’s eyes. Numerous of extreme hurt screeches resounded constantly.
Wherever the black cloud formed by thousands of arrows shot from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow crossing over, Sacred Dragon Legion’ spirit masters fell just like a massive suicide. There were twenty myriads (two hundred thousand) of arrows that could penetrate the defending ability of four spirit rings! The spirit masters who were in the middle of Sacred Dragon Legion were power attack style spirit masters hadn’t been damaged much, so had the auxiliary system tool style behind them. But Agility System spirit masters that were on two wings of the formation didn’t have that luck.

Even Agility System spirit masters could speed up their pace, they couldn’t be as fast as the arrows shot from Godly Zhuge Crossbow. It seemed just in a blink of an eye, one-third of the Agility System spirit masters on the two wings whose defending ability was weak fell. Only spirit masters with higher capacity or fast reaction could dodge this human suffering.
Spirit masters in the central front of Sacred Dragon Legion, even though they were all power attack style spirit masters, found it very ghastly to defend such a thick ferocious attack. Each pioneer spirit master had to bear an assault of over hundred arrows. Sixteen arrows could break the protection of four spirit rings, but a hundred arrows shot at the same time, even a spirit master who had five spirit rings couldn’t defend it. Moreover, in the time that Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot, not many spirit masters had released their defense spirits.
A shower of blood that could blind people was emitted from over one thousand spirit masters, when they were falling down one by one in horrible screeches. Together with the damage of the Agility System spirit masters from both wings just in a round of shooting, the number of the Sacred Dragon Legion decreased one-sixth.
Emperor Xue Beng swung his arms in excitement. This was the first time Tang Sect’s Army Force had struck in the battle, the effect they brought amazed people. From a far distance, he didn’t saw the number of killed from the enemy, however, from the shower of blood splashed over there, he could guess how severe the damage was to his enemy. Furthermore, this was just beginning.
“Winding, on your horse.” Grandmaster’s voice was clear and cold as an iceberg. Under his command, Tang Sect’ soldiers started winding. Sacred Dragon Legion’ spirit masters were stunned because of that shot.

At the same time, Sword Douluo, succeeded with one strike of the sword, didn’t stop there. His body swirled in midair, spirit power emitted from his feet just like a meteor shooting, he plunged to the central of the battlefield, Seven Kill Sword pointed towards, its new target was that Devil Panther Dark Trace Douluo.

Bibi Dong was fighting with Tang San fiercely. In the dazzling light of Devil Bloodsucking Spider ability of her spirit Death Spider Emperor, when it was about to hit Tang San, that was also the time the Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot, Bibi Dong suddenly slowed down her action without waiting for Tang San to dodge. Her eyes filled with astonishment.

It was such a chance Tang San shouldn’t miss. Right foot stepped on the ground, Deathgod Domain completely opened, red and white lights covered all the area just in a blink, pushing Bibi Dong’s Domain backward uncompromisingly, prevented the Deathly Domain’s toxic venom from spreading over there. Concurrently, a gold light shone at the Seagod Trident, brought it the halo it should have.

Previously, Tang San had killed two spirit masters just in a short time; then he was struck by Bibi Dong’s fast stealth, he didn’t have time to use the Seagod Trident that pushed him in difficulty defending Bibi Dong. Now when he could take a breath, he swung the Seagod Trident one round in front of himself to create a gold halo of the Unfixed Storm defending skill to neutralize Bibi Dong’s Devil Bloodsucking Spider.

After preventing Bibi Dong’ strike, Tang San didn’t move forwards but stepped back. Stepping on his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he rapidly withdrew. Furious blue and gold halo appeared again on his body, Blue Silver true body was released.
He was a control style spirit master, not a strong power attack style one. Under such a circumstance of guild war, he should perform his ability of control, not fight to death with Bibi Dong. In general, his side was weaker than Bibi Dong’s. The more time it took, the more danger they would encounter. However, on the other hand, they wanted to delay and prolong the time for the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters under Grandmaster’s command, as well as the Tang Sect’s Army Force.

Under her rage, Bibi Dong hurried to chase Tang San. Her resentment towards Tang San peaked. Even though her Sacred Dragon Legion had critical damage, she only wanted to kill Tang San. If she let this powerful young man live, she would create herself many troubles.

In constant sounds of explosion, Tang San’s face projected an extreme holy halo. He could use the true body of Seagod Trident now, facing Bibi Dong wouldn’t be so hard as before. Seagod Trident emitted waves of gold halo, launched towards Bibi Dong and covered her.

Bibi Dong paled seeing this gold halo. Last time they encountered at the Star Luo Forest, she got hit by this gold halo, which had restrained her from using her ninth spirit skill, Undying Body. Even so, she got severe injuries.
Thus, seeing the Unfixed Storm urged from the Seagod Trident, Bibi Dong paused in the middle of the air for a moment, both of her arms swung, a dazzling purple halo condensed in front of her, protecting her inside.

A chuckle appeared on a corner of Tang San’s mouth. The force that had restrained Bibi Dong wasn’t his true power, it was the Sea God’s strength. His spirit power had a big gap with Bibi Dong’s, the Unfixed Storm could succeed, but the chance was too small. Of course, he wouldn’t do a meaningless strike. The halo waves that were darting towards Bibi Dong suddenly split and covered the Title Douluo, which was Xiao Wu’s opponent, and the Porcupine Fish Douluo Ci Xie who was facing Du Gu Bo on the other side.

At that moment, the fourth spirit ring on Tang San’s body glowed. Nine gold light columns projected at the same time from the ground formed nine cages and imprisoned nine people from Bibi Dong’ side. Those cages were nothing to spirit masters at Title Douluo, they could only hold them for a moment. Under their tremendous strikes, they vanished without leaving any trace. But, remember that when supreme spirit masters fought, difference happened in just a jiffy. Right at that moment, Tang San performed an act that showed the pithy strength of a Control Style Title Douluo.

Their opponents suddenly ceased, Tang San’s spirit masters wouldn’t let this chance slide. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing always stayed close together, took this chance, both of them reacted, dazzling light condensed in the mid-air.


Extreme halo on Yang Wudi’s Soul Breaking Spear emanated, when Snake Lance Douluo just broke the Blue Silver cage that imprisoned him, it launched furiously with the biggest spirit it ever had toward him. This strike accumulated all soul strength of Yang Wudi, he basically didn’t do any prevention.

Snake Lance Douluo could feel clearly that he couldn’t dodge this lancer strike. Yang Wudi had restrained him so that he couldn’t hold it anymore. Under Yang Wudi’s pressure, he fiercely slid ten inches away, Snake Lance in his hand was like a saber hacked directly to Yang Wudi. Seemed like he wanted to die together with him.


Of course Yang Wudi would not back off. If he did back off, he wouldn’t be the Patriarch of the Breaking Clan.

A small “click” resounded, Soul Breaking Lancer pierced Snake Lance Douluo. At the same time, Yang Wudi darted, escaping the sharp head of the Snake Lance, but he got hit by its handle on his shoulder.


Two flows of blood spouted at the same time from their mouths. Their spirits disappeared within a second. They got hurt badly in just a blink that they couldn’t urge their spirits anymore. The spirit power from the central of the impact pushed them backward.
Yang Wudi’s injury was very terrible, the Snake Lance crashed his left shoulder, it even broke four other ribs of his, his organs also damaged. But Snake Lance Douluo’ situation was worse. Even his dodge saved his heart, one strike from Yang Wudi caused a hole as big as a bowl on his right chest, through his organs to his spine. His body was projected backward, falling on the ground. He couldn’t get up again to join the fight under this severe injury.


The battle became so awful since that moment. On the other side, Ma Hong Jun transformed to Seven Headed Fire Phoenix with an extra head. This was an additional variation after he got eight spirit rings. The furious Phoenix Flame shrouded his enemies in front of him. Within Tang San’s Deathgod Domain and the wholly attribute boost provided by Ning Rongrong, now his capacity was at level Title Douluo. At this moment, the flame attribute of the robust spirit Phoenix totally emerged, tenaciously clutched to the opponent’s body, but he also got hit from one side, swirly flying away.
Oscar’ situation wasn’t better than Xiao Wu’s. Even though he wanted to kill his opponent spending all his life, he couldn’t do that. He could only take the time given by the Blue Silver cage to eat one Clone Mirror Large Sausage, hurriedly backed off, taking out one small transparent sausage that looked like a worm. There was a strange energy rippling on this sausage. He took it immediately, just in a blink, Oscar looked younger, his soul strength was fully recovered. He made another copy of his and turned back to strike again.


This was the eighth spirit skill of Oscar, Crystal Caterpillar with the effect of recovery all soul strength within the time of a jiffy. Feeling refreshed, he continued to eat a Golden Fly, and a Stimulating Pink Sausage. Suddenly there was a huge, furious shadow of a Phoenix appeared behind him. It was the Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike of Ma Hong Jun. It turned out, the Clone Mirror Large Sausage he ate was made from Ma Hong Jun’s blood.


It couldn’t be denied that Oscar’s capacity wasn’t so strong, even in case he used Golden Fly, he could only strengthen his skills. However, the Clone Mirror Large Sausage gave him strange but strong spirit ability. From an Attack Style Tiger spirit master, he could turn to the Phoenix spirit master, shifted from close distance combat to far-distance combat. It could make his enemies confused. Moreover, his Crystal Caterpillar could fully recover his soul strength. A strike by Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike pushed that Title Douluo flying backward.


The Title Douluo who was fighting with Xiao Wu had forced her to use Invincible Golden Body twice and continuously used Blink. Right now the Blue Silver cage restrained him, Xiao Wu took that chance to back off. Gold halo didn’t wait until he broke the cage, covered his body. He could only feel his body was tensed, he couldn’t move an inch.

On the other side, Porcupine Fish Douluo was also confined by Tang San’s Unfixed Storm but he was luckier. He only felt panic-struck, and then he got control his body again. He not only blew Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor Du Gu Bo away but also used his sharp thorns to hurt him.
Unfixed Storm was fifty percent succeeded. Even so, Tang San felt satisfied. No matter what, he was now receiving massive pressure from Bibi Dong, it wasn’t bad he could confine eight Title Douluo for eight seconds.

Xiao Wu soon got angry because of that Evil Bear Douluo with his fighting spirit, Vampire Wild Bear. Seeing him restrained by Unfixed Storm of Tang San, how could she let this good chance go? Used one Blink, she moved to behind Evil Bear Douluo, swung her braid to tie his neck, her right foot kicked his waist from behind, his body was immediately blown up into the air.
The sixth spirit ring on Xiao Wu’s body flashed, she turned to a shadow chasing Evil Bear Douluo in midair. This sixth spirit ring was the spirit ring of the ten myriads (100,000) of years spirit beasts, which was her in the previous life. While Tang San resurrected her, he returned this spirit ring to her body also; it was incorporated strangely. At this time, the ten myriads (100,000) of years spirit ability cooperated with her body, which wasn’t weaker than any ninth spirit ring of a Title Douluo. More importantly, she used to be the ten myriads (100,000) of years spirit beasts, she didn’t consume much of her spirit power.

Deadly Eight Stage Drop!
In the middle of the air, the giant body of Evil Bear Douluo was covered by a pink halo concurrently, spinning and falling to the ground just like a shooting star.


Xiao Wu now was safe temporarily. But Tang San was in danger. Seeing the halo of the Unfixed Storm flying towards her Title Douluo, Bibi Dong’s eyes flared with dangerous light. Her spirit power was rolling furiously to its max. Just in a blink, the dark purple halo turned to dark blue. Spirit rings in the order of six black ones, one red one and two black ones glowed. She had released her second spirit, Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

Two giant emerald pincers nipped at once, the pure green striking light column hacked towards Tang San. Bibi Dong had poured all her spirit power into this strike. In the middle of the air, that pure green light column twisted, wriggling randomly that one couldn’t predict its striking direction. With Tang San’ spirit power level, he couldn’t approach it within the attack range, because that twisted green light had crushed all of his probing attempts.

The prodigious pressure made Tang San’s heart and lungs about to shatter. Even he held the Seagod Trident in front of his chest, he couldn’t ease this feeling out. His Trident continuously spouted waves of gold halo that got split in half when contacted with the giant pure emerald halo. They could only cease its pace a little bit.

Tang San understood that Bibi Dong were determined to kill him. No matter what the combat situation would be, she could be satisfied only if she killed him.

Under such a circumstance, even though Tang San had many abilities, he felt powerless in front of this absolute power. Right now Bibi Dong didn’t perform her Title Douluo capacity ranked level ninety-nine, but she had many supreme spirit rings that Tang San, whose spirit power just reached level ninety-three, couldn’t bear.

Tang San understood well the gap between a supreme spirit master and himself.
Gold light blasted, in just a second, gold halo from the Seagod Trident emanated to its limit. Mighty Sea God Light from Tang San’s glabella projected like a vastly immense ocean. At this moment, he poured all of his energy to the holy weapon in his hand.

The powerful twirling energy emanated to its limit. Gold halo covered Tang San, his body glowed in a dazzling gold light. Turned, spun, darted. Three simple moves were completed continuously. Just in a blink, it seemed like all strength and power of the sky and the earth accumulated in his simple move. Seagod Trident was launched just like a dim gold light, cut through the air. The dim light shadow plunged towards the emerald halo projected by Bibi Dong.
Bibi Dong’s eyes filled with malicious light, facing to the third strike of Golden Thirteen Halberds, One Goes without Return, she did a move that made Tang San panicked, his eyes show his desperation.


The emerald halo detached from Bibi Dong twisted crazily in the mid-air then crossing over the Seagod Trident, fiercely hovered to Tang San’s body. At the same time, Bibi Dong’s spirit Soul Eating Spider Emperor suddenly changed to Death Spider Emperor; meanwhile, her ninth spirit ring glowed.
Apparently, Tang San understood what Bibi Dong wanted to do. She wanted to use her supreme Undying Body to confront the One Goes without Return of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, while her assault would strike on his body directly.
After got severely injured by this strike, Bibi Dong had studied this tremendous holy ability that used to cause her to almost die. She wasn’t so sure that she could defend this ability with only spirit ability, she had come up with this idea. She would risk her life to get injured again just to destroy Tang San to prevent further problems. To her, even if all the Sacred Dragon Legion was killed, it wasn’t as important as killing Tang San. If she let this young man thrive, he would be life threatening to her.


Further from that, the Hell White Tiger was formed, blowing two Title Douluo away who were fighting deadly with Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing, flying to this location. However, Hell White Tiger was too far from Tang San, even their speed could be faster several times, it couldn’t be compared with the speed of Bibi Dong’s attack.
Ma Hong Jun and Oscar wanted to help but the two Title Douluo they were facing urged their attacks wholly, put pressure on them so that they couldn’t join other combat.

Ning Rongrong put all of her power on Tang San, giving him six attribute boosts, even though she understood that her support couldn’t help Tang San’s body to prevent such an attack.
Yang Wudi just made another Soul Breaking Lance to support himself getting up from the ground. Sword Douluo Chen Xin was using his sword to push off his opponent, but giving aid to another, he couldn’t be fast enough. No one had thought that Bibi Dong wanted to kill Tang San this way.
After Tang San had urged his A Journey Without Return of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, he had no power left. Under the focused attack of such a supreme spirit master like Bibi Dong, he couldn’t escape. To face such a tremendous strike, what he could do was waiting.


Although all happened just in a second, to Tang San, it was endless. Right at that moment, a group of large red light spheres was falling from the sky, bringing with them a splendid gold halo heavily struck on the emerald halo.


“Xiao Wu …”. Tang San heartbreakingly screamed.


BAAANG … The furious sound of crushing reverberated from the central of the impact, the whole space was torn. Innumerable space hair-cracks appeared at that location.
Blood and flesh shattered in the air, countless pieces were drawn and disappeared into those space cracks. A bloody body blown, impacted heavily to Tang San’s chest, shielding him and received the power left from the emerald halo.


This strike of Bibi Dong was one of the best strongest spirit ability, also one of the most powerful abilities of the Soul Eating Spider Emperor spirit, the Abyssal Space Tearing Cut. Based on her spirit power ranked level ninety-eight, the power of this trike could destroy both sky and earth.


“BANG”, Tang San was blown thirty meters further, he could only stop when the Hell White Tiger caught him.


On the other side, Bibi Dong’s body was crushed under the tremendous powerful One Goes without Return from Seagod Trident, turned into numerous pieces of flesh scattered in the air.


Seagod Trident didn’t stop there but crossed over her, darted as a gold shooting meteor toward the formation of soldiers of the Spirit Empire, which was thousands of meters behind them.
Everywhere the gold light wiped over, all turned in to a ten meters-wide space of nothingness, stretching until it reached the main gate of Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. All heavy-armed soldiers of the Spirit Empire stood in the way of this gold light vanished.


That gold light eventually amassed at one point on the wall. In echoed sound of explosions, the one-hundred-meter-thick wall was broken through, formed a big cave of about five meters wide toward the inside of the checking point. Until then, the gold light stopped, Seagod Trident dropped in front of the wall, dug a deep hole on the ground.

Click … swoosh swoosh …


Godly Zhuge Crossbow shot the second round, another shower of blood scattered to the air. This time, the number of Sacred Dragon Legion’ spirit masters died under this Godly Zhuge Crossbow was even more than the first time. All Agility System spirit masters who were under level seventy got killed.


Grandmaster finally commanded to start the combat:

“Heaven Dou’s spirit masters GO! Tang Sect’s Army Force, GO! KILL THEM!”


Marshall Golong rose the long sword in his hand, opened his mouth, said only one word: “KILL!”. It seemed he had poured all of his spirit power ranked level eighty to his voice. Ten corps of heavy-armed cavalries, ten corps of light-armed cavalries outside Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass were like a furious tsunami, vastly torrentially rolling up.


In the front line, of course, there were Tang Sect’ soldiers, while they were on the horses, they started winding the third time. Inside their Godly Zhuge Crossbow, there were still sharp sixteen arrows.


In the purple fog, the crushed body of Bibi Dong gathered again. She shouted stridently:

“Sacred Dragon Legion, BACK OFF! Heavy armed cavalries, heavy armed army MOVE!”


To her, the death of those heavy armed cavalries or heavy armed army wasn’t so important. The key thing was the Spirit Hall’s foundation couldn’t be shaken. Now she didn’t know how much damage the Sacred Dragon Legion had to bear, but the number of killed was so many. She wasn’t sure how many would die more being chased by a strong force of soldiers like that. Moreover, their opponents were all spirit masters; she didn’t know what kind of weapon they were using, but many spirit masters of hers got killed.
“Fallen soldiers are just like the mountain collapses.” The Godly Zhuge Crossbow just shot two salvos that killed all combative spirit of the Sacred Dragon Legion. Moreover, their leaders died. Bibi Dong’s order urged them to withdraw faster than anyone else.


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    halo on Yang Wudi’ Soul Breaking Lancer = halo on Yang Wudi’s Soul Breaking Lance
    Yang Wudi had restrained him that he couldn’t hold it anymore = Yang Wudi had restrained him so that he couldn’t hold it anymore
    Yang Wudi darted, escaped the sharp head of the Snake Lance = Yang Wudi darted, escaping the sharp head of the Snake Lance
    Tang San understood that Bibi Dong determined to kill him = Tang San understood that Bibi Dong was determined to kill him
    even Tang San had many abilities = even though Tang San had many abilities
    that used to cause her almost dead = that used to cause her to almost die
    even all the Sacred Dragon = even if all the Sacred Dragon

    Thanks for the chap and have a great day and I hope that your work for tomorrow and after bear fruits

  4. Getting tired with the BS this author comes up with. Tang San launches the currently most powerful skill a God has taught him, and yet Bibi Dong not only launches her own most powerful spirit ability with full slirit power behind it, she also manages to take back her 1st spirit, change into her second one, and launch not a measely 1st or 2nd spirit ability but another OP skill with all of her spirit power once again (dunno where she pumps it from) from another f*cking 9th spirit ring??? And all faster than a blink of an eye cuz apparently the seagod trident atk is just taking its time??? Since when can people do that? What happened to logic?

    And what’s with the annoying repetition of their gap in spirit power that the author keeps spouting? she’s @98 (not 99 for some mysterious reason thatll be revealed later) and he’s only 93rd? What happened to the fact that not only is he more powerful than any at the same rank, he also has 80% boost on all attributes from his Rongrong, so that has to make him at least on par with a 95th rank, or maybe a 96th, even with the exponential inc in spirit power diff from rank 95 and above. Yet this author seems to forget about this and makes Tang San look so weak and helpless after every other f*cking paragraph when their spirit power diff supposedly isnt that much and when he’s had a lot of exp fighting against opponents with greater handicap in the past. And what’s with all his whining and ‘oh no Im going to die’ when he also has his own OP lifesaving ability from his spirit bone that not only comes from a 100,000 beast but also the same one as his own spirit? Since she could launch so many OP abilities that fast why not him? He couldve just used his most powerful ability (dunno what it is at this pt since he has too many yet suddenly at this moment he doesnt) to weaken her atk and take the rest of the blow with just enough damage that his regeneration ability could manage since he already mentioned before that he could heal himself from any injury even near death esp after he reached Title Douluo level and all his abilities became mote powerful than ever. So what gives? Author just wants another ‘tragic’ scene due to mc’s helplessness and make a drama out of it and throw logic out the window?

    And don’t even get me started with the battlefield strategy and tactics in this story (or lack thereoff).

    1. IKR??
      and what about his skill that he got from the spirit true form, that he can change places with any blue silver grass? he has so much fighting experience and didn’t even saved a little spirit power to use this one skill that could prevent this situation?
      and WHY would he use all his power on a single attack knowing that bibidong had the immortal skill?
      and if little Ao have this OP sausage that recovers all spirit power why didn’t everyone get one for such situations?

      But that’s not the first time nor is going to be the last that we see some absurd, s let’s just pretend we didn’t see it comming

      1. Damn forgot about those! And about that other ability you mentioned, the ability to switch places with any grass within his domain. Honestly for me now it seems that it’s actually more OP than Bibi Dong’s undying skill since she isnt def oriented let alone agi, so even if she could revive she would take time to recover. But Tang San doesnt have to defend and doesnt even have to get hit (actually with such a skill he CANT get hit) and can just safely pop out somewhere else. Not even a 9th Ring ability of any supreme expert can instantly kill a thousand spirit masters in that battle, let alone wipe out all the grass in the entire battlefield. It’s basically an OP version of Xiao Wu’s but with much much greater range as long as it’s within the domain (which he can expand almost limitlessly by now), plus the fact that he can technically use it (and SHOULD use it) simultaneously with other abilities since it isnt a spirit ring ability itself, which may seem like a minor thing at first, but given the vast no of abilities he has he could have so many diff combos in his arsenal… yet once again that logic is out the window…


        I guess the author has been giving so many abilities not just to the mc but all the chars, and with so much variety of skills he now has in this story he’s having memory loss and forgetting about them already haha

        1. the pressure might got his way of teleporting to other area, remember the skill of the elephant armored clan shits back then, the Pressure Kill if im not mistaken, with this skill they used overwhelming pressure to pin down any opponent specially agility attack type and crush them after that. Since Bibi Dong have pressure with rank 98 its not impossible right?

          1. That actually makes sense. But then again his ability works with his own domain and not a spirit ring ability per say, so spirit pressure shouldn’t be a factor on whether he could use that special move or not. Besides, unless Bibi Dong destroyed his domain entirely thru her own poison domain then that’s only when he won’t be able to move since he wont have any protection from her pressure. I didn’t bother rereading the chap so I’m not sure about this one but I dont think his domain was wiped out, at most it was just pushed back due to her domain being supported by her more higher spirit power, but in the end it’s still there I think?

            And also I dont understand how it could even happen if ever it does happen and she is able wipe out his domain. His domain is reinforced with the divine aura thing from the Seagod so I how can Bibi Dong easily push Tang San around in terms of domains? I know her spirit power is higher but its not like their gap is that huge to make his divinely-reinforced domain that powerless. I mean its divine even if Tang San cant use the Seagod’s powers at full potential without being rank 100. Divine is and will be divine. And also, it isnt simply just a divine powerup but a holy attribute as well, which supposedly counters Bibi Dong’s right? Hers is evil or dark attribute I think?

            So that’s another thing thats supposedly working for Tang San in this battle which should have allowed him to maintain his domain (even if just barely) and maintain a path of escape, but I didnt see the author make it happen. He suddenly wanted Tang San to go all offensive even if he already knew that wasnt his task and also that an all out atk wont even kill her. He knew that he wasnt supposed to go head to head with her but to control her and the entire battlefield (and of course his own energy level) as a control type spirit master, and this was mentioned literally just paragraphs before he decided out of nowhere to atk with ALL his power. His life wasnt even at risk at that point!

            So his all out attack was uncalled for, and even after that ‘mistake’ him deciding he has no way to save himself is also uncallled for and another wtf moment. So in summary, this chapter from a cool headed battle of wits suddenly the author went full gaga with the mc, the same mc that’s supposedly smart and OP af.

      2. And I still dont understand how Bibi Dong reached rank 99. I do understand she brcame a title douluo at a young age maybe in her 30s based on the backstory hints. But its also mentioned in the story the diff from ranks 95 up. Shes still very young only a few years since she became supreme pontiff n reached 90, and she also had to manage the spirit hall ever since she was appointed (since it was mentioned time n time again how shes the most badass leader in the history of spirit hall so that means she put a lot fo effort in leading them to their glory now and logically speaking didnt have all the time to cultivate) and now she even manages an entire empire but at least now she delegates a lot of work. She also doesn’t have like a gazillion red spirit rings that couldve boosted her a couple of ranks higher than normal since it was shown that she only has mostly blacks so the boost to her power shouldnt be that significant (after all Tang San had a lot of red rings himself yet barely moved ranks once he became title douluo). And, even if this is only a minor fact, from what I can infer her meridians arent all open since only Tang San can do that. And finally, even if she did have the support of a god and that god’s trials, how can she be comparable to the protector of the seagod island whos spirit is even the f*cking seagod himself yet she took a long time to even reach rank 99 while Bibi Dong (if ever she does have a god) doesnt look like shes completed the trials and not to mention her spirits are motherf*cking spiders for heaven’s sake!?! Dont tell me her god (if she did have any) is a spider? I mean the only reason, if ever, why she could be that fast from 90 to 99 is because shes 100% compatible with her god right? Spirit hall having a seraphim makes sense on how they prospered all these years but a fucking spider as well behind the scenes? Dafuq? And if ever she did have the support of a god then why doesnt she recognize the trident as a divine weapon? For all her wisdom did she suddenly become stupid? Unless of course she hasnt finished the trial and hasnt seen her god’s weapon yet, but then again she’s already jumped to 99 how could she not have finished or at least near finished it to know about divine weapons? Even Tang San’s great grandfather showed some signs of being a chosen, albeit he failed, and he easily recognized the power of the trident. But Bibi Dong? Zilch. She just became that OP that young for the sake of having an opponent in the story that could match Tang San. The author put a lot of effort in trying to make sense of Tang San’s OPness but his main nemesis just seems to be even more OP without logic

        1. probably the quality of her trial if she really have one is 7 test trial compared to 9 test trial of MC which is make him able to use divine weapon. The other possibility i can think is maybe her god is a minor one, Raksasha compare to Sea God. It is easy to be evil right? that makes the story to reveal 2 evil gods. But Sea God is different he rules the Sea, much wider than the whole continent, its not an easy feat!

          1. That’s probable. But if I think about it this author is all about fairness and balance esp in cultivation, and that is mentioned throughout the story. So if her God really has only 7 trials allowing her to finish faster, 1. Her benefits shouldnt be equal to the benefits of the seraphim and seagod since if what your saying is true theyre the major gods and her god is only a minor one. And with that inference the benefits she received in her easier test shoulsnt have allowed her to jump from 90 to 99 at such a young age and at that fast of a pace, esp if compared to the seagod island protector. And 2. It still doesnt explain Why does she has no idea of divine energy and divine weapons when Tang San has been using them many times already? Honestly the only way for her to reach 99 is to take some god’s trials whether that god is a minor or major one, but shes already at 99 yet shes looks clueless about all those divine stuff

      3. the circumstances of Oscar’s new sausage is still not reveal, maybe because it’s too good that it can only consumed by himself or rather with least storage time among his sausages… But the fact that he is now Rank 80+ i think this is not the case.

    2. he clearly forgot the Blue Silver Domain’s Mystery, like fatty’s Seven Headed Phoenix Domain, he can rose as long as his BSDomain is not broken and further more add the Regeneration ability of the right leg bone, DAMN there’s nothing to FUCKING fear here!

      1. All true, and yet the Tang San we know and love suddenly became all mopey and hopeless in this chapter. So disappointing

  5. You did a pretty good job here, sticking with the old terms, i want to express my support once again. Many Thanks!

  6. we will post a newchapter tomorrow, and around end of next week we will start uploading douluo 2 3 and 4

      1. yea we are doing the name and glossary matches for users to have a better understanding, we will have a new chap tomorrow, and end of next week, douluo 2, 3, 4 will start updating

        1. Even though we will miss out a day that seems like a good idea in the long run.

          Btw thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait for the next chap tom! Keep up the good work!

  7. A few suggested changes for this and past chapters:

    Martial spirits -> spirit masters (this also extends to spirit power ranks, i.e soul douluo -> spirit douluo, royal soul -> spirit emperor, etc.)
    Soul Power -> spirit power
    One Goes without Return -> A Journey without Return

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